Sony Online Entertainment Becomes Daybreak Game Company

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Feb 2, 2015.

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    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here goes. With the new owners, are our websites going to change? For instance, had a problem with my launchpad and the link it had went to "could not find server" I have no idea if this ahas been address elsewhere or not
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    Leveraged buyout: buying existing companies with money mostly borrowed from banking institutions using the newly bought companies' assets as collateral, then taking steps to improve the companies' value, and finally selling those companies once their value peaked, usually within a few years.

    the death of everquest.

    the heart of EQ fired. , development offices closed. discontinuation of old games , etc , etc. all in the name of "increasing profits".

    I see zero future development and support for the everquest franchise.
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    Are you on probation ... again?
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    Well i don't know...the "new silence" is troublesome again.
    Holly had the community listening and on her side, but are they really falling back to ignoring pressing issues already?

    Everyone wants the stupid exp nerf removed, and it's not happening.
    These are not signs of a healthy new start.

    Just to give you an example why time is running & 2 buddies thought about playing Eq again. But no way if we need to buy TDS and get nerfed as little bonus.
    Now instead we will try Skyforge, and while you can make fun of these new games all that you want...something is happening there. Unlike here.
    You don't care, i know...but it's an example.
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    Not exactly true. All investment firms have a person or department that goes around with an Axe and starts hacking jobs and departments. They are all about money and not the customer. There is usually a way to do both, if SOE went back to the beginning and began fixing Everquest so that the game was like it was in the beginning i think they would see more players return and make it more profitable. It is kinda of like Dead Island, first two games were great, then the third one came out and it went downhill. They changed the formula of the game. Sometimes these changes are good some are bad.
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    @EQ team:

    Repairing the POK NPCs would go a long way toward repairing Daybreak's demolished credibility. Then start addressing the problematic public tone of your Customer Service team. Until then, you deserve every bit of negative feedback you will receive. This sort of backlash is precisely what happens when you go out of your way to ruin your customers' faith. We all feel terrible about what happened to your teammates, but it's no excuse for the mistakes that are being made. Please reconsider the terribly misguided course that has been decided upon.
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    Scarey stuff...hope this means good things and not more sunsetting?
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    Welcome (back?) to the forums. There's hundreds of pages and dozens of threads regarding the change.

    TL;DR? Customer Service department is now pretty barren, EQ1 and EQ2 are pretty much sharing a dev team, there will be a time locked server (or 2) in July, and the upcoming expansion will probably take awhile (if we even see one) due to a cut in resources. Lots of bad people were fired, so let's give Daybreak a chance and see what happens.
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    I've had an account here since 1999...but seems I am counted as a new member? lol.. Anyways came back because I heard of the changes, and I suppose its good to separate the wheat from the chaff, but its still a scary prospect, not knowing how deeply the cuts must go and what must die to keep the company afloat.
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    After giving this some thought... about a month, and seeing the layoffs of some really charismatic and intelligent people, i am greatly concerned for the future of Daybreak Games and more concerned for the future of EverQuest as a franchise. I can only hope they don't just max profits and sell everything off. I'm hopeing that more funding will go into the EQ franchise especially EQNext but i'm not getting a good feeling about this at all. A massive chunk of online gaming history could be going up in flames.
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    This month's patch was a very positive step.
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    All I can say EQers --- is be glad you don't play EQ2 ( I have for 10 yrs since quitting EQ -- now wish I hadn't <sigh> ) we will NOT be getting any new expansions -- just "smaller packages of content more often" and for a price -- the first one is 15$ --- payable by real cash -- and even subbers have to buy it if they want it .... I give EQ2 5 yrs -- my friend is less optimistic -- he gives it 2 yrs ---
    time to go and play the old arch rival -- I've played it recently, has that old EQ feeling still, which makes since -- graphics so -so --- but feel is my old EQ -- I for one will go back to the original EQ, or play the "W game" -- I will NOT be back to EQ2 --- why ? Daybreak Games
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