Somnium Event #5: Elements of a Dream

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    House of Thule - Sanctum Somnium Event #5 Elements of a Dream -- We are into P3 with no issues, However, we do not see the initial "lit" up orbs that correspond with the colored pads (red, white, blue, green) that should be up or down. We had multiple people look for them on the floor, sky, etc... to no avail. Any suggestions on where to look or how to progress this event further, please. Thank you
  2. TichToch New Member

    They should spawn at the center location, we have not been able to see them with all visuals turned on. Can confirm where they should be but they never actually show up visually in game.
  3. Ythera Augur

    I remember running this raid awhile ago on Phinigel and there were no glowing lights or any indication in the center; you have to have each person running the puzzles in each of the side rooms tell you how their puzzle is set up in order to get the proper information to solve it.
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    Was referring specifically to the EQ Allakhazam writeup that had a photo . This photo would allow us to solve each room and give us an indicator as to which room is changing each "orb" that is sparkling so we would know which rooms to step on which pads etc... we had multiple people look for these orbs and couldn't find anywhere on floor or in sky or nearby the Center pads area. Any info would be greatly appreciated, thnx [IMG]
  5. morsongs New Member

    another post was made about the and issue with the puzzle part of this event as well...

    User sieger

    from selos server said:

    "We did a lot of investigating during the event and found that the grid still spawns as shown in the pictures on the Alla writeup, but it spawns at too low of a z-axis. You can go into first person camera and swim down the lava channels in the central room, look through the wall, and actually see the light grid spawned inside the lava. So at some point the spawn got messed up and fell through the floor geometry"