Some ungodly number of attempts to log into my account

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by minimind, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. minimind Augur

    I got home today and went to log in. I got a pop-up message saying something to the effect of "There have been 1173515 attempts to log into your account since your last log in." I was then taken to a blank server select screen. I then remembered "Oh ya! Patch day!", patched, and all was normal.

    Should I be concerned? Can someone at Daybreak confirm that there were so many unsuccessful attempts to log into my account?
  2. Gnomie Journeyman

    I'm not sure either, never had password issues but got a message yesterday after the patch that I had to change my password for security reasons. Creepy
  3. niente Developer

    This is a bug where the "fall through" case when logging in responds with a failed password attempt. The # of failures is uninitialized so it gives you a garbage value (like a really big number). No one is actually trying to log into your account.
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  4. minimind Augur

    Thank you, niente!

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