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  1. Panman100 New Member


    Really curious why Nodding Blue lily and Deepwater Ink are now on Loran Thu'Leth in POK poison bldg. Both these items were drops off of mobs before the last update. These items were sold and purchased in Baz to make Distillate of Alacrity X and Distillate of alacrity IX.

    Why are they purchasable items from the above mentioned vendor.

  2. katiekatekatie New Member

    really does it matter its lvl 60 junk and as i remember those are really really common drops in the zones they drop in as i remember.. i can understand complaining if it was lvl 85+ stuff but is not its just lvl 60 stuff.. i could understand complaining if was hard to get like some of the 85+ stuff that u have to farm and farm for cause not that common of a drop and nobody sells so u have to work hard to get it like a lot of items that are 85+....... but nobody farms and uses this stuff barley anymore cause of like i said its only lvl 60 junk i would complain if it was me if was planar shards, consgrove powder, chroro dust, dream dust , essence of alries, ethermere essences, relic fargements were vendor bought cause then it wound make ts fun cause i love farming this stuff and people still use this stuff alot now like chronoc dust for making powder sources ect... not being able to farm ts stuff wouldnt be fun but this stuff is still relevant today but lvl 60 stuff and lower really isnt esp where its so common and easy to get this stuff isnt but its fun to get cause u work hard to get it but that u dont sorry just my 2 cents and not being able to farm stuff would take the fun out of ts but some stuff doesnt really matter that much..anymore esp since those things lvl 60 really are use for skill ups anyways ..
  3. Yinnie the Pink Elder

    Would be nice to get it confirmed if this was intended or a mistake.
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  4. buffalou New Member

    To "katiekatekatiee"

    You may think that those 2 items a only lvl 60 Junk - but I used to sell one hella of lot of those for 20 plat each. Mostly because they increase your Haste in attack mode which helps to kill Mobs much quicker. The level of most of my clients is usually from 85 to 105. If you don't have Enchanter or Shaman with you to give you quick haste buff then you were chit out of luck. Your kill rate decreases without haste otherwise known as Distillates of Alacrity.

  5. Meatball Elder

    Confirmation would be nice.

    This isn't Coldain Velium Tempers 2.0 is it?
  6. katiekatekatie New Member

    But aren't there higher lvl haste potions now.. if not then i can understand what the big deal is.. Cause most people don't farm them so u can still make good money off them for that reason
  7. Meatball Elder

    Katie. Kate. Katie.

    The only "big deal" is, if these items were added in error, as has happened to other things in the past, then rollbacks or other punitive measures* are taken even though it was not the fault of the player.

    All we want to know is, was this intended or was it a mistake?

    * Way back when they had an error with the selling price of Coldain Velium Tempers, not only did they take forever to actually correct the problem, but in the interim they completely removed it from the vendor, with the theory that if they simply reverted it back, all those players who "loaded up" would profit unfairly by selling them back to the vendor. So with this artificially imposed "dry spell" those who did "load up" still profited unfairly by selling them in the Bazaar at inflated prices.

    Hopefully with this long, boring story in mind you will start to understand why some of us are sensitive to these kinds of changes and if they are indeed intended or if it is a mistake so we can either continue on business as usual or brace for the coming hit.

    Buffalou's concerns also ought not be dismissed out of hand, if this was not an oversight, then I would be interested in hearing if the devs are taking a new approach with tradeskilling, and making other items that were originally drop-only available on vendors for the rest of the trades.
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  8. Barton Augur

    These 2 items can max alchemy cheap cheap that is why they were mob dropped only I have reported this as well but no response as yet
  9. ModRanger Lorekeeper

    I also believe the same vendor has components that can max Poisonmaking just as easily. This whole POK change is a mess, please revert it.

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