Some simple tips for newer players or first timer TLP'ers

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    1) learn the advanced loot filter /adv will bring it up. make a macro you will access it a lot at first while you level and set filters. For exp pug groups your filters should set as anything you want to Always Need. Set anything you do not want to NEVER. Set anything that you will always want to manually choose to "nothing" so that you can set /adv to pop up a window when you need to make a choice.

    2) LFG there is a looking for group interface that allows you to Find a group and also Find people LFG. It has two tabs for this. Im not talking about the command /who all lfg 40-50 Thats nub stuff or if you want to do it manually. Use the /lfg command to bring up the interface. Set yourself as LFG and add a message if you want. "Camp xyz" or "any exp" or "loot dont care about exp" or "Pick me im better". You can also use this tool to FIND people LFG. Goto the other tab and you can check the classes you want and level range and search. Doing searches manually via chat window is fine but the LFG interface is about the best manual LFG system in any game so why not utilize it and be pro?

    3) Go where the groups are. You LFG and get an invite... go there. LFG near where you want to group for higher chance for invite but also be open to group anywhere... especially on a server with rando loot drops. Mix it up!

    4) Chill the F out and have fun. People get so uptight about stuff in game. EZ boy... in 6 months you character will be rotting on a dying server and you will be off playing other game so slow down and enjoy while you can. Why rush to 60? Group with people. Go where ever with them. Chat. Have fun. Be happy for loot winners and not filled with envy. The loot will come. Its no big deal.

    5) buy the P2W bag... 40 slot 100% WR is strait up P2Wshit but its worth it if you will be be playing for more than a month. Also it helps this company make money and be more willing to put up more TLP servers.

    6) You can earn Krono in game. If you are good you can ear enough to make this game Free to play within a month. If you are really good you will make enough to have a second account to box. If you are the next level that you make more than you will ever need why are you reading this ? You already know.

    7) There are weapon augments in the game that give weapons procs. Dont use the ones with stun unless you want to be the tank... tanks... use the stuns.

    8) The in game find works great in towns for finding vendors. use it.

    9) Parcel vendors are at the bank. Parcel is the in game mail system. You can send and receive loot, plat, krono for free. There is no COD feature so be careful with sending first. Luckily so far there has not been too many scammers and they get called out pretty fast in general chat.

    10) Dont worry about open world raid bosses... the no life jerky bois will have them dominated. Raid zones are now privately instanced once a week via (AOC) Agent of Change. Normally looks like the PoD but last time looked like Brad McQuad. Your guild meets there in the zone outside of the raid and you use him to teleport to the raid instance. Now your guild can schedule raid times and have fun wtih no stress and the BDW guildes get all the open world loots to sell.

    11) Every city will have a soul binder as well as Sro and Ecommons. Just hail them and they will bind your soul. I like doing EC so when I die I can find ports and stuff... when on raids I can mess around in EC tunnel chat while waiting for res.

    12) Get brewall maps installed NOW.

    13) Look up GINA... its complex at first but worth learning it. Gimagukk's Incantatory Notation Apparatus

    14) Everyone gets origin at level 5. Get the hotkey from the AA window. Its a free gate to your class trainer with a 30 minute cool down. Very nice.

    15) When zones are overloaded a new pick (instances) will spawn. Use the /pick command to see what is available and which you want to be in. This is good to move to a /pick that is less camped. When groups first start sometimes they will separate into different picks to see what camps are open then form together in that pick and claim the camp.

    16) Camp check... CC in Shout is good but also GOTO the camp yourself and see if someone is there killing stuff. Most will answer a CC but nobody is obliged to do so and if they miss your CC and do not call it that does not mean it is open for you to take. Its on you to EYES ON.

    17) There is no spoon. While 95% of the players adhere to camps just to keep the world civil and chill there are no official camps recognized by this game company. They simply do not have the man power to police so they changed the rules to accommodate. It is up to the players to enforce this standard. Be chill and respect camps. List of camp offences in the order risk of getting on someone's S-List and being trained in the facehole at every opportunity are as follows:
    a) snipe pulling named
    b) pulling named that has been up for bit
    c) pulling primary exp mobs
    d) pulling exp mobs on the outer areas of the camp

    18) have fun & be chill!
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    Very good thread.
  3. OldTimeEQ1 Elder

    use /pick to see other instances of the same zone that you are in. You can choose one (lesser crowded, especially newbie zones) and go there.

    If an instance (from /pick) has too few people it will close - you will get a chat message warning about that.
  4. MMOer Augur

    I forgot about PICKS!!!

    Added some more lines =)
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    Remember - East, West Commonlands, HIghpass, Ro, Nek Forest, Lavastorm are all the "revamped" eyesores from around the prophesy of Ro era.

    Highpass especially is like a tube in some Sci-Fi zone - has zero ambience compared to the classic Highpass.
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  6. Doranur_Aleguzzler Augur

    Also, Burned Woods isn't in the game yet. Don't bother asking where it is today.
  7. OldTimeEQ1 Elder

    Freeport does not look ANYTHING like the old one. Completely buggered - faction is meaningless, knights and militia patrol together etc. Bank is right close to the gates (check the map)

    Whoever did that revamp for PoR 15 or so years ago must have really really hated everything about Freeport, the factions (and EQ also I think in general). I mean, it has steaming piles of horse-manure all over too (guess asteroid rocks? heh).
  8. TheInquisitor Old Timer

    I know I loved the old Freeport. It had it's own magic. The free e-m-u servers are the only place you'll find it now, sadly. : (
  9. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    Stay out of the way of people who look like they have places to be. Just go about your business, and worry about you. If you let yourself fall into the habit of arguing about mobs/camp/cheating, you'll just give yourself an ulcer, and end up quitting.
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  10. SleezerGeezer Elder

    Why does advanced loot have two set loot buttons, one at top and one at bottom?
  11. Melkor New Member

    /note Will bring up an ingame notepad. Always Found it Handy.

    Dying below level 6 is a free mana and health Regen, plus free gâte to bond.
  12. MMOer Augur

    Had to tell without seeing what you mean but ONE is prob your loot choice the other is prob Group leader.

    The group leader or master looters setting will dictate what rolls

    Your settings will dictate what you do with a roll
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    oh My GAWD


    Thank you.
  14. Ravilla Journeyman

    And for the love of god turn on autosplit in the options
  15. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Don't forget to autoconsent your group. Its never on by default for me.
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    Excellent post and thank you! The new advloot still mystifies me at times.
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  18. OldTimeEQ1 Elder

    I didn't know about this till a couple of years ago :( Apparently, this has been around since 1999? VERY useful!
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  19. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Yeah I used to use that for the kill-order of adds when I was Main Assist, or what part of the room to be in at which phase etc, super handy.
  20. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Good vid on it here