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    I think it would be cool for a new server that was really just one of those old servers that nobody plays on anymore to have things that would encourage people to do things that they cant do with the tabletop eqrpg pnp game because i was about to post about how that would work in the other thread but it was closed before i could but i realized after reading

    how much as a roleplayer i would like to see a roleplaying server where people could at least make stories about idea's like

    Good idea I would go for that if tabletop Rpg played like a mmorpg instead the
    dungeon master keeps
    players on a pretty tight leesh usually not letting players stray farther apart
    than the current town there
    story is going on in.

    Making rules by starting with a double card with just one side like a starting
    class like warrior and the other side a skill from the eqrpg like gather
    information the card would look like warrior/gather information and maybe
    continued on a second card as Me/scripted quest with 5 double sided cards to
    gather information from that once having done that the warrior should have all
    info they need to make there way from blackburrow to qeynos with there friend.

    but maybe in order to make it more like a mmorpg another person might use the
    same script whatever
    might be done with offician eqrpg pnp skills and classes and be a gnoll
    rescuing another gnoll maybe from qeynos and they might be going towards a
    totally different raiding than the human saving a human from the gnolls would
    be going towards.

    they could still be part of the same story in a roleplaying server for instance
    all the people no matter if they are orderly or dischordant or neutral or they
    are agnostic or whatever they choose for diety they would have to aquire some
    quest items (4 pages of a book of time would do it) and they could make it
    through the 50 years timeline and not pass into old age but if they didn't they
    would get older
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    And instead of every three months a expansion is released it could be every time a guild reaches a point in a roleplaying scenerio that would take a long time to defeat the right amount of raiding monsters whatever we can think of for each expansion and it could take place during a roleplaying world amount of time where characters get older if they are not apart of the guild or group of guilds that accomplish the goals.

    Or maybe just every three months its called 30 years of game time and if people have accomplished the tasks they need to continue on without getting older they can keep there whole guild from aging and i think they should throw in a roleplaying forum for this new server.
  3. zarkolov Lorekeeper

    And that way if every 30 years game time a new expansion released maybe they only go for this server
    until PoP that way if people do the stay young objectives every expansion they wont be 500 years old when they reach the end of the story and they could maybe transfer off to another server?
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    I read in that other thread that the people running tlp bend over backwards to give people the things they ask for then why have i been asking for 1 year real time or like 5 million years game time for a roleplaying forum. But I can see that nobody is interested in my idea. Np
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    The roleplaying forum was shutdown in 2015.
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    Ya i guess thats true and probably nobody cares, but i also speak of the ancient in game message board.
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    You really should learn to include punctuation in your ideas.

    This reads like a train of thought that rambles on and on and wasn't well planned.
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    You have a point there.
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    You just answered your own question.
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    Ya I guess asking for a year proves nobody is interested apparently because My idea's aren't even interested in by myself
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    Ok thanks for letting me know, Now I am ready to get to work on leveling up my level 53 necro as a target audience for customers of everquest who are also just as boring and probably more convoluted and probably more of a headache. But i still play anyway so. only you seem to care.
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    OP is roleplaying a Troll I think and doing it... well?