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  1. Dre. Augur

    One could make Warriors immune to the levels of melee damage required to solo trash mobs, and knight healing still wins.

    The best answer we've seen to the "virtual HP pool" problem looked like an early version of No Time to Bleed.

    Nice to see we haven't learned anything in 7, 8... going on 22 years... except that most people just shouldn't play the class.
  2. Wulfhere Augur

    We have seen that build be successful with low level warrior mercs, where they have very high AC and HP regen that overcomes mobs DPS. Warrior players have rejected that "passive HP regen" solution as being out of archetype (I disagree that it is) even though we can point to an in-game example of it working.

    Warriors are insisting that they enter a fight with a fixed HP pool that they can only extend with mitigation abilities. It's still a monotonically decreasing function, how ever many divisors one applies to incoming damage. I believe it's a loosing argument because it hampers the design of the symbiotic cleric class, whose power is not exclusive to the warrior.

    Oddly there might be a creative solution, within that 1 dimensional constraint, that leverages the SPA designed for harmonious and alliance spells. Imagine if clerics had powerful spells that were limited to target/affect warriors. I think this is doable with SPA 411 - Ff_ClassPlayer. I see a half dozen SPA that could create more powerful and exclusive synergy between warrior and cleric.

    To me, the problem is "what to do about warriors and clerics", so the solution needs to include changes to both classes.
  3. Szilent Augur

    what? when? where, who?
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