Solving the drama problems: mages

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    Every single day i see another 3+ threads of people complaining about boxes, or raid drama, so its time to come up with an actual solution. A lot of this server drama bullcrap would end the MOMENT that mage pets are offed. So here again is a thread for solutions to mages. By all means, DB, if any of these solutions work, let us know and see if we can put them in.

    Quick stopgap solutions wont solve this problem, and we still need to try and avoid breaking live servers as well.

    One last time, im going to post my personal proposal to balance the mage pets

    Using the AA system against them

    My suggestion goes as follows:

    1.) Make a new AA for magicians. call it "Ragefire's Balance"
    Level 1, EverQuest era, 0 AAs. Passive
    "Due to Ragefire's influence, Magician summoned pets will be weaker than expected. This effect is negated by the AA ability "Luclin's Cleansing"

    Effect: would place all magician pet templates 1-60 into a lower tier, like a reverse pet focus, plus epic pet if necessary.

    2.) Make a second new AA for magicians: "Luclin's Cleansing"
    Level 1, Luclin Era, 0 AAs, passive
    "The reappearance of Luclin has altered the balance, ending Ragefire's influence on magicians. Magician summoned pets are at full power"
    Effect: Would place magician pet templates back to their normal levels

    Benefit: if this solution works, During classic, Kunark, and Velious, mage pets would be brought into balance compared to the other classes. When luclin launches, the pets would go back to where they are now, in an era where its much easier for other classes to catch up, and where mobs already have millions of hit points.

    Flaws: Pet focus items under this solution likely would not work as intended. That would make the 4 Solro temple items worthless, as well as the elemental staves in the planes.
    Dev Work Guesstimate: More work than what theyd like, less work than what it would take to to add a second set of pet spells specifically for RF/LJ, since that would include new templates, new spell scrolls, scrubbing the old scrolls from the server, scrubbing spellbooks, and disabling certain research recipes.

    1.) Rebalance default templates on the pets in question to where they would need to fit on this server during this appropriate era

    2.) Grant magicians a free AA "Influence of Luclin"
    Level 1, Luclin Era, 0 AAs, Passive
    "The reappearance of the moon Luclin has altered the balance. Magician pets are more powerful than before."
    Effect: acts as a permanent pet focus that improves pets across the board.
    Benefit: This solution is suggested in case a passive cannot overwrite another passive in the AA system. This way when luclin is enabled on a server, mage pets are at their current level, the TLP servers themselves will have the normal pets
    Flaws: Still no pet foci working until Luclin, likely.
    Dev Work Guesstimate: Roughly the same, since it still involves adding a new AA and setting up new magician templates.

    By all means tho, if you have a solution you'd like to suggest, post it in this thread. Maybe we'll make progress after whats happened the last few days. Maybe Hans Gruber can come for pets instead of players.
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  2. Vlerg Augur

    and you'll have to do it with necro pet aswell.

    then monks

    then SK HT

    probably should look at wizards who nuke much harder than they did in 1999 aswell

    and why not, reverse the system-wide changes to AC/ATK that was made in SoF expansion!

    or.... just progress to kunark-velious...
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  3. Lemuelbaruch Elder

    Mage pets are strong now but its only classic. They will lose their edge. Root of the problem is the way people treat one another. Its given people will grief, both in game and in real life, just got to deal with it. DBG handled the ruleset poorly and i think it was mainly due to the fact that DBG does not have the funds to police the servers.

    Instancing the raids correctly will definitely help.
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  4. Hateseeker Augur

    This will be considered a nerf thread, but if I might speak against that, true nerf threads are class envy. This is not class envy, this is a legitimate problem. What else can be inferred when a certain class is the one someone chooses to make for every slot in their group?

    At this point you have to wonder if Daybreak is scorching the earth (or allowing it to be scorched) in EQ to help drive people toward EQN later.

    Wizards, monks etc would all need healers because they can't have pets tank and chain resummon. Overpowered yes, but with checks and balances. Necros I don't know, but yes, if necro pets can do it too, then close that gap as well.

    But yea, now we see who else might have been supporting the long Classic period. As for the all people who legitimately want a long Classic period, they obviously don't care about these issues, as long as they get their own personal nostalgia.
  5. Zakai New Member

    I hit 50 this week and started to log DPS for

    Mage pets are out DPSing every other DPS that I add to the group. JUST THEIR PETS.

    Balance is a joke in this iteration of Everquest and while I have enjoyed my return I will be leaving because of the lack of response from Daybreak.
  6. beyrak Augur

    The only way to fix OP Mages on TLP's is to move onto Kunark. I'll switch from a Mage to Rogue and lots of others will switch also to some other class.

    Vanilla isn't what it once was and once a lot of you figure that out we can move on to real eq.
  7. Indigo Augur

    Maybe these casuals will figure that out in another month. Doubtful, but hopeful.
  8. Xanumbik Augur

    mages have something none of the other classes listed above have constant higher level DPS speaking for wizards we are NO WHERE NEAR mages DPS wise, our nukes are mana hogs and our mana regen as all mana users know at this times is crap, mages can contribute class level DPS at 0 mana just with pets ! the naysayers know this to be fact or we wouldnt see the stupid mage conga lines everywhere you look.
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  9. gander Augur

    The Mage thing is temporary to some degree. Once we move on, other classes improve. Just another reason to vote in Kunark.
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  10. Xanumbik Augur

    yeah vote in Kunark so we can have .....epic mage pets that are OP so the mage conga lines can put some extra zing in their steps I for one am voting no unless they adjust the root cause of the problem
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  11. Xanadas Augur

    Or give early raid bosses a buff / ae ramp / make them ignore pets.
  12. gander Augur

    You don't have a clue. "I don't like this but I want to stay in it"?

    Once we hit Velious, Rogues are the dps. You gonna whine about them?
  13. Giappo Augur

    Or lets get out of this noob content.
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  14. Ultrazen Augur

    Just wait until people catch on to what can be done with an army of necros, it will make this mage stuff look pretty insignificant.

    Mages are FOTM right now, both to roll, and complain about. The reality of the situation is, there is so much out of era stuff going on that the game is unrecognizable. EQ was founded on tank, heal, and CC, that gameplay has been thrown out the window. Changing mages, or even eliminating them won't really solve the problem. People will just move on to the next thing and stack that.

    What's better than being able to train mage pets at something? Being able to stack dots, train pets, heal yourself, and feign death. I'll bet good money that Kunark sees the rise of the necro army.

    It's almost impossible to balance a game if you have to take into consideration...'what if someone uses 20 of these'. Hell I could run an army of monks and do the same thing. Self healing, FD, can bypass what you want, run straight to spawns and gank. All you need is enough of them so that the DPS is greater than the chance to be killed.

    All we are really seeing, is people brute forcing, and cheesing content. There are a lot of sources of that, mage just happens to be in the bullseye currently.

    Anyone that thinks that Kunark is going to solve anything, doesn't understand what's even being discussed.
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  15. Frenzic Augur

    I've already seen more than one 6 necro group on ragefire. Power to them!
  16. beyrak Augur

    Kunark doesn't solve everything but certainly helps. Velious will help even more.

    I played on Fippy and mages aren't op in that era.
  17. Fallfyres Augur

    ***Does any other single class enjoy the level of strength afforded Mages via their pets or any other mechanic for the amount of time or covering the approximate same amount of content that Mages have now??***
  18. Glistarian Augur

    The other classes aren't as easily automated....errrr....assisted by software as mages.
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  19. RadarX Augur

    Folks we are attempting to allow this discussion to continue but it's going to be need to remain constructive and on topic.
  20. Machen New Member

    You are allowing players to call for nerfs to other classes now?

    Any other forum rules we can break?
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