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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Trapper, May 30, 2020.

  1. Trapper New Member

    I am trying to solo a ranger on mangler as long as I can. Other than fear kiting and snare kiting what are some viable strategies to solo a ranger beyond lvl 20?
  2. Roxas MM Augur

    sorry to say this, but ranger is not a class well equipped to solo in the early stages of the game. Yes you can root and shoot/dot, and kite, but that's about it. Both ways are pretty slow though.
    That said, EQ is a game that focuses on groups, both small and large, so the idea is find some friends, or a guild, or better both, and team up.
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  3. roth Augur

    Lower level ranger soloing is meleeing, not shooting. Its not economically viable to root and shoot, or snare kite, mobs when you have to spend a lot more gold on arrows than the mob drops.

    This means, it is no different from any other melee : outgear the mobs. Fungus Covered Scale Tunic works wonders at lower levels (up into PoP experience), high ratio weapons, and remembering to cast your heal spells. The better your gear, the better you do, but this is relative to the mobs.
  4. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    Agree with Roth - 99% of the time I was melee on lower levels. The only time I really used my bow was for pulling or in a group with a tank.

    However once you get in the higher levels then bowing becomes our highest damage.
  5. Tarvas Augur

    Fear kiting is it. I stopped at 44 doing Kodiak in GD 18 years ago and turned in my two centi long swords for druid gear.
  6. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    Kunark zones are where it's at for leveling as a lowbie ranger on TLP. Classic EQ zones are terrible to level a Ranger in. Lake of Ill Omen to Frontier Montains to Overthere to Dreadlands to Burning Woods is how I've done it to 55 solo. Without a Fungi Tunic, it's get groups from there, really.
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  7. Dahaman Augur

    - pump mana regen as much as you can (solstice earring, crown of narandi (?), etc.)
    - shop for mana regen, haste, healing, and regen potions in the bazaar
    - hunt areas that drop alchemical mats to make potions (Unrest = level 20 mat) and hire a shaman
    - AC is your friend - you simply can't get enough
    - target mobs that you can kill via a sustained mode (constant killing), if you have to sit to med, target lower level mobs
    - shop for the best weapon ratio, albeit there won't be tremendous options for a while (the 10/22 proc weapon from Velks might be the best option for a while)
    - don't forget to melee aug your weapons, go for the healing procs
    - Fungi Tunic can really help your hitpoint regen for a while yet

    Enjoy the Challenge!

    Edit: That enlarged line did that all on its own. It is not an attempt to highlight it.
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  8. Trapper New Member

  9. Fluid Augur

    Needless to say, I disagree with everyone who says a Ranger can't solo or shouldn't use a bow. It's a bit dangerous before you get SoW, but safe and works well at lower levels.

    #1 Arrows aren't that expensive. Even at that, I always use summoned arrows since they hit magic and have a +3 modifier. It is one of the reasons I always start a Magician because they get summon arrows at level 20.

    #2, Archery skill will be three levels higher then any other weapon skill. This means you can kill red cons a few levels higher then you where as you would whiff using a normal weapon.
    This is an even con where my Ranger did not even lose a single hit point.

    And this is a red con where my Halfling Ranger got thumped pretty hard but still won.

    I just checked equipment, Twisted Longbow 13 damage 38 delay<but with great range!> and only a tailored quiver. Rest of stuff is pretty good for level but I'm not sure if I had it when I took the videos. AC 221, HP 791, MP 563 at level 21. Understand that I have leveled up Rangers with far worse equipment, they were still using banded into the 50s. There should be people on Mangler that will summon Quiver of Marr and a Druid that will Share Form of the Great Wolf. The Runed Oak Bow I thought my character was using is 21 damage 43 delay or quite a bit better.

    Like everything else, you just have to chose your MOBs carefully: Low magic resists and slow runm speed like beetles or spiders. Stay away from fast movers like Centaurs. The Panic Animal line is your friend and isn't universal. Open with a Snare, Flame Lick, Panic, then just follow behind either shooting or dual wielding. If the MOB doesn't break a Root, all the better. If you get non social MOBs that don't gang up on you like Crocs in SR, all the better. Worse case is you end up running backwards shooting a snared MOB, and the worse case is pretty good. I actually take my Rangers into dungeons at higher levels as long as they are with a tank of some flavor.
  10. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    I soloed ranger up until 55 during in kunark, and luclin ( farmed acrylla). If you dont have PP to buy gear with ac, then likely you can farm TS stuff that sells well. Then buy or make high ac gear, which makes tanking much easier as a ranger. Figure out which mobs don't summon and you are able to snare and root. You can then melee them and snare , root , backup heal yourself then go again. Also, do EXP quests. Anything you can do that will give you xp from drops while you gain xp from kills. I never did fear kiting. As soon as you can get the Endless quiver aa , get that. For any mob that don't summon you can kill it , even if it takes a long time.

    Soloing is good for learning the class better than most.

    But... any time you can get a group, your exp will go much faster.
  11. Ueauvan Journeyman

    getting to the point where you can summon arrows helps but the arrows suck, i used to fletch while kiting on sk gnolls, yes im old. ive just moloed 3 rangers to 90, however my main is a 101 ranger so i know what im doing hopefully. just have fun the grind sucks, knowing what buffs you can get helps.
  12. Fluid Augur

    I should point out the Twisted Longbow is derated for my Ranger. It has a recommended level of 50, so in the hands of a level 21 character all the stats and damage are lower. I am OK with that of course as if I ever return to Agnarr, it will serve that character all the way to the level 65 limit. I'm pretty sure I paid less then 400 pp for it.
  13. Tarvas Augur

    I am doing a ranger on Coirnav and followed a similiar path to the above. I recommend it.
  14. Vhivi Lorekeeper

    Jagged Pine was also good from 40 to 55 with the griffons and snakes. The meat went into leveling cooking as did the plant shoots from foraging.
  15. Captain Video Augur

    The tutorial is your friend. It unlocks on Mangler on 7/1 along with GoD. The stats on the Gloomingdeep armor quest rewards are out-of-era, and with a complete visible set your AC will be high enough to not care about banded armor or a fungi tunic. Opinions will vary, but IMHO it will get a solo ranger to 50 without having to worry about your best-in-slot. Of course if you want to feel all the old-school pain while levelling...

    The Gloomsteel weapons all have ratios in the 1/3 range, which is good to start. They're all lore, so if you want to dual-wield a pair of them you'll need to pick two different skills. You have to get into the later stages of the tutorial, with the beefier kobolds around the jail and the fort, before they will drop. There is a high-stat blade you'll get as one of the last quest rewards, but its ratio isn't good.
  16. Runes Augur

    I do not know what era Mangler is in but if Paludual Caverns are open its a great place to level to 25- 27 if you have the patience because the xp bonus is huge and if you want to solo you will need to xp on mobs that are DB or lower.

    Get a 2 hour clarity, stacks of DS pots and throw on a regen pot with haste pot and go to town on the bandits and alien looking mobs till 27.

    After 27 try and find groups as solo ranger really is slow and you will be killing a LB mob and sitting for 5 minutes to med up.

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