SOE Live Attendees to Receive Special Loot Card!

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  1. FcsevenXIII Augur

    Old players would never have stood for having god illusions in the game at all. What we are seeing is the new generation that only cares about how much attention they can get by being different. Because they are entitled to it.
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  2. Benito Augur

    You can't place the onus on players entirely. The devs and marketing/business team bred and encouraged this kind of culture and business model. You are correct. As an old player, I also was a vocal critic of LoN and Station Cash. People called us [critics] doom-and-gloom/sky is falling crowd. Sadly, the best illusions became available only through LoN and wiped out any hope for anything really special on the illusion side in the game (other than Jester Task/Polka Dot Rabbit for RoF/Butterfly illusion for CoTF).
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  4. Zamiam Augur

    Polka DoT rabbit was HoT expansion .. and I believe Pirate is CoTF .. butterfly might be RoF not sure though..
  5. Kelandi Elder

    Polka Dot bunny is HoT, Swabby Eyepatch is halfway through CotF, Butterfly is CotF completed.
  6. Benito Augur

    Guise of the Ancient Gods is still severely bugged. The illusion won't cast anywhere with walls.
  7. Ulfbaen New Member

    This might be the first time I have post on an EQ forum since 1999......and well, I am deeply disappointed with this in game reward....totally crap.
  8. Termination Journeyman

    Lol.. I went and placed the pet god illusion clicky in my guild hall and 30 minutes later the god form dropped and now it's just a invisible god that says an ancient god puppet. We can't even have a god running around our house for more than 30 minutes :p
  9. Pwning Lorekeeper

    This thing is absolutely buggy as hell. You guys dropped the ball misleading us about the duration and reuse... then try to smooth things over with a broken piece of crap that no one wants... and SOMETHING is conflicting and overwriting the god illusion, so you cast it and 2 seconds later someone casts something, and you lose the illusion, 2 hours down the drain. Absolutely TERRIBLY handled and implemented. As long as you're gonna charge us $35+ for broken crap, at least give us broken crap that we can use at our leisure, ie no recast or duration restrictions. Fix this.
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  10. Baramos Augur

    Petamorph illusion doesn't work.
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  11. Benito Augur

    They just need to deliver the product that we expected. REMOVE THE RESTRICTIONS. It's very simple. Any other company (i.e. Costco, Apple, Wal-Mart, even Radioshack) would have offered a full replacement or a full refund. Instead, the decision-makers here have an irrational concern (sanctity of video game gods).
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  12. Benito Augur

    And, unfortunately, the bad PR won't go away as long as this thread keeps getting bumped with complaints. Remove the restrictions and make the situation whole.
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  13. Ruinedmyownlands Elder

    How about giving us all a no restriction naggy illusion instead of that pet thing?
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  14. Haldar Journeyman

    This illusion is really special now that I can have it up and a worthless familiar that also looks like an ancient god. My group tonight had everyone in this illusion and every person had the familiar out. Thanks for preserving the specialness of the ancient gods. 12 of them at the same time makes sure that the ancient gods get the respect they deserve!

    Fix this garbage already. SOE has not delivered on what they advertised.
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  15. Angahran Augur

    Anyone know if the page is down permanently or just bugged ?
  16. Fendy Augur

    It's up now.
  17. Angahran Augur

    No it's not.
    That page could not be found...

    We're sorry, we couldn't find the page. Please check the URL for errors, or visit and try another page.
    - the SOE Web Team
  18. Fendy Augur

  19. Angahran Augur

  20. Baramos Augur

    Are you going to fix this petamorph illusion?

    Are you going to fix this petamorph illusion?

    Are you going to fix this petamorph illusion?

    Curious players want to know ! If you've already posted about this, my apologies.

    However, if you have not...

    Are you going to fix this petamorph illusion?


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