SOE Live Attendees to Receive Special Loot Card!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. lumin Elder

    I play a warrior and have to say this sucks, the 2nd item is totally usless for as well as my wife (pally), I was thinking they would give us a large backpack or something usefull. I know the devs have a hard job but this is really bad, someone at sony really thought this was a good idea? I paid a lot of money to go to soe live and while I understand this was just supposed to be a little bonus I think getting nothing would have been better, at least then people would not have purchased them only for the item.
  2. Sophita New Member

    So you packaged something for $35, advertised it to players who may have otherwise had no intention of attending or paying, maintained tight lips on the details of the item while making misleading statements about how the illusions could be cycled, then after the refund date you revealed that the item was unlike every other illusion in the game and would have huge restrictions. THEN after sharp criticism you produce....a petamorph wand? Great for pet classes maybe....and also very confusing that you took such a hard stance on restricting the illusion and then compromised with the ability to turn Jebober and Jonsmith's pet into the gods of lore.

    The new item turns into a 30 minute familiar for those classes that don't employ pets. Spoiler alert:......many of these gods are already available for cheap station cash as longer lasting familiars. In retrospect, as a 12 year vet of the game, multiple account owner and frequent supporter of the station store, nothing's quite soured me as much as this. I guess at this point I'll pursue a refund through private channels and be more prudent with future Sony online investments.
  3. CaptAmazing Augur

    The customer relations SOE is providing is unacceptable. I'm insulted by the treatment.
  4. ZenMaster Augur

    How poignant! A 30 minute/2 hour illusion for your nerfed pet!
  5. Kelandi Elder

    As a ranger, what the hell am I supposed to with a pet illusion click?

    Really guys??
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  6. Abazzagorath Augur

    Is this some kind of joke?

    What kind of moronic trash is this?

    I'm strongly considering not bothering with buying the next expansion on my 4 alt accounts or reupping them when the year is out, due to garbage lately like this. Do you even play this game?
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  7. Abazzagorath Augur

    You know what this was? This was a big "up yours" to everyone that posted to complain about this. Basically, "we can do what we want and you'll take what we want to give you, now shut up and give us more money".

    Really pathetic.
  8. Zamiam Augur

    I have to agree with Abazz , this was a big UP YOUR's from SoE .. well I guess the ole statement of "buyer beware" is true .. and I for one will be more cautious about my investments with sony in the future .. all of my 5 accounts will not renew I will make do with silver accounts and if i need to go gold for a month i'll save up and buy a krono with their pp .. and I will not be spending anymore cash on Station cash cards .. sony just screwed the pooch with my money .. they lost my business.. thank you SoE for making this game F2P so i can still enjoy some aspects of it and not have to pay you a dime.. I'll just roll a healer and throw it in my group makeup .. and will not use mercs or if i do an A5 will have todo ..
    I dont know how is an A5 with enough aa's ?
  9. Benito Augur


    I have an idea! How about granting 2014 SOE LIVE ticket holders /claim to the TDS Beta Reward?!
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  10. Ratbo Peep Augur

    Don't blame Roshen. He was just posting what he was told to post.
    That said... they don't call it marketing for nothing in these parts.
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  11. Donroy Elder

    Wow. I'm trying to wrap my brain around how this conversation went in the SOE offices. "How are we going to make this disaster right and satisfy the customers? ". "I know, metamorph totem!". "Genius, Jim!"

    I actually thought that this would be made right. I don't play any pet classes so this crap bone their throwing our way is completely useless to me. Thanks for nothing.
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  12. lumin Elder

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  13. Derd Augur

    I'm still not sure how its there fault, you bought a pass for an event. That you didn't go and get the value of the event pass is purely on yourself. They didn't "price" this item for you to try to obtain it, it was purely a fluff bonus item for anyone that purchased pass's to the event. That they even worked on making something to sweeten the pot so to speak for those of you that complained should be applauded they had no contractual requirement to do so. Many of you seem to think this item is valued at the price you spent for it, instead of the small value it really ever had that is actually impossible to calculate. Unless you know the complete breakdown of what Soe spends to put on the event, including hotel costs, equipment, and dozens of other things that go into putting on an event of this magnitude every year purely to give us, the players, a fan faire. Coming up with a "profit" from this item seems ridiculous to me anyway.
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  14. Rafather Augur

    Are you kidding me? A pet illusion? 3/4th of the classes in game DONT USE PETS so why this garbage? SoE you are real trash.
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  15. Abazzagorath Augur

    Are you just completely unaware of the sequence of events?

    They announced the item. People asked if they could buy a pass just for the item and still get it if they don't go, were told "yes", so they knew people were buying passes just for the item.

    Then they sold cards that give nothing but a code for this item. So I know exactly what these things were priced at. $35 each.

    Is this worth $35? No, its not.

    Then we're told, "oh, our bad for not telling everyone that the recast and limitations on it are horrid, we decided to give everyone an additional item to make up for it!", then they pulled the Monty Hall curtain with the donkey and a can of beans while laughing.

    You know what most of us players hate even more than merc skins? Metamorph wands. You can get the LoN ones in trade for 1 event pass ($1). Few people want them, and most classes have zero uses for them.

    Its a big middle finger to us for complaining about it. Fine. Message received.
  16. Koneko Augur

    every class has a use for a metamorph wand it makes your pet look like the god of it gives you a god familiar to follow you around no class can't have that as the graphical familiar that doesn't use it to make there pet look like a god but yes I will say that it isn't as good as it could be but hey someone could get to be Emarr and have Inny as there pet with this so shouldn't we look at the postivite?
  17. Casidia Augur

    Well there are 2 things to learn here..
    MMO has mostly turned into raw $$$ business (before you ask, no this was not always the case..when it started the devs actually had a vision and played games themselves. There are promising games like Black Desert on the horizon where they still seem to care about what players receive, but the current ones /shiver).

    And the other thing is...the player base also changed. Reality check?
    Buying an event pass to get an illusion is silly. You can turn this around any way you like, it is and stays silly. If you spend cash on something silly, don't act as if it's a big loss afterwards.
    You can make a case that you think this sucks. You can make a case that SOE should have been more honest. But you have NO case that you lost money. If you would care about this money, you would not buy an illusion item in a 15y old game that is so packed with this crap now that old players would rub their eyes wtf happened.
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  18. SpamFactory Augur

    I understand metamorph totems create familiars for non-pet classes but this second reward is unsatisfactory to me. It's a little better for actual pet classes who can illusion their pet, but I don't use cosmetic familiars so this is junk to me.

    I was not satisfied with the restricted guise and the misleading marketing, so the solution being being the exact same item but with a different target (pet/familar instead of self) doesn't exactly appeal to me.

    overall I still feel like I got ripped off.
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  19. lumin Elder

    I do this almost every day (yes im a old player)
  20. A-Quad Augur

    stupidly, so did I

    fool us once, shame on you - fool us twice... more shame on you.
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