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  1. yosco Augur

    All this talk about scanning for VM software or even active VMs not associated with EQ is pure, unadulterated speculation. Truth is, none of you actually know anything except that you were suspended. Frankly, I’m not particularly sympathetic. Don’t cheat in EQ and/or violate the terms of service and you won’t get suspended.
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  2. Yolan Lorekeeper

    I guess you failed at reading. If everyone that has been suspended had the same thing in common then yes we know why we were suspended. Frankly no one asked you to be sympathetic and if you read through the post you will see the majority of us were not cheating or violating anything. Although I am with you in the fact that I have no sympathy for those who did violate the rules. I am sympathetic for those of us that did nothing but got caught up in it.
  3. voidtek1969 Lorekeeper

    Oh my!

    So many innocent work-at-home IT professionals who just happened to have VMware on the same computer that they all just happen to be playing EQ on, got innocently suspended. I never realized just how many innocent work at home IT specialists play EQ!

    It's like EQ is a magnet for work at home IT specialists who just happened to be running EQ on the same computer that they do "work" on with their vmware!

    Must be a conspiracy against work at home IT specialists(apparently they all play EQ as well, who knew?).

    My, my!
  4. Clove New Member

    Its 2019 and more likely than you think
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  5. eXtraL New Member

    I got suspended for 7 days,
    got VM for professional use on my cpu.
    Never had it run at the same time as Everquest
    And im a single character player, thats why i play on a Truebox server.

    So yea, not only cheaters suspended.
  6. WaitingforMoreEQ WaitingforTBC

    Lol at all the "new member accounts" that are "false positives"

    never gets old
  7. eXtraL New Member

    Well we cant post from our main accounts.....
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  8. Xanathol Augur

    What exactly didn't 'age well'?
  9. voidtek1969 Lorekeeper

    I wonder how many innocent work at home IT specialists got hit in Bloodthirst?

    I hear they have a lot of work at home IT specialists in that guild.
  10. Yolan Lorekeeper

    I'm not in IT. I subcontract drafting work. So I sit here working on Autocad all day. That make you feel better?
  11. voidtek1969 Lorekeeper

    Pretending typed words on the internet by anonymous people are true since 1988.

    May be you should segregate your work & play for the benefit of the "customers". This sounds like a blessing in disguise for you.

    "Don't get me wrong. If you have a VM and you play EQ chances are it was with the thought of boxing on a truebox." - Trying to remember who said that :thinking:
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  12. That0neguy Augur

    Man I feel like there is a word or saying for this....

    Correlation != Causation

    It is also very strange how most of the people posting that they use VM's, in a totally innocent definitely not for EQ way, 6 box
  13. taliefer Augur

    thing is, i dont think this banwave actually GOT any of the automated teams, or any of the mass boxers. it seems to mostly have picked off peoples box accounts. like their 2nd or 3rd character they used occasionally.

    which, ok, if they were bypassing the truebox to use them, i dont have a major problem with them being suspended/banned. but cmon, its not people who play a second character that cause the problems on mangler
  14. eXtraL New Member

    I think the suspension wave was a good thing.
    Its not easy to play a single character on servers that have multi boxxers,
    whom rather do stuffs on their own, (with their armys) then interacting with other players.

    But i know someone else who got suspended as i got, we only play one character each.
    So they did not only hit players who multi box, but players who acctualy only play one character, and enjoys it.
  15. Woodenhooklak New Member

    "cmon, we just wanted to cheat a little, not like those other cheaters. not even close."
  16. GuessICheated? New Member

    What I find most interesting is the server pop for Mangler has been stuck at the same pop as some of the live servers now for awhile. FV still at low. (not sure if it's down) seems like they got a lot of innocent bystanders with this wave if the population from last night to now is any indicator. If not then there are a lot of cheaters across all servers I guess.
  17. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    The servers came down last night, I imagine a lot of AFKers never bothered to log back in.
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  18. taliefer Augur

    right. i dont have a problem with them banning those people that "Cheat a little." dont try to bypass the truebox code, or risk getting suspended/banned. thats great!

    i have a problem with them also NOT getting the people who are obviously cheating in multiple ways(including also bypassing the truebox code) and have a much bigger impact on the server than someone logging in a bard box on a VM
  19. WaitingforMoreEQ WaitingforTBC

    Being banned in game doesn't cause your forum account to be banned.
  20. GuessICheated? New Member

    Incorrect. Can't login with main account right now on the forums.
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