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    I've played a Beastlord since 2001, and as with any Hybrid Class, a Beastlords' role is complex. Some of the information below came from sources such as Beastlords Den, I've just added/updated a lot of it and added my own flair. I've broken the information up to help you absorb all of the information. Information pertains to a lvl 105 Beastlord, but is easily modified for lower levels, just swap out the appropriate level spells/discs/etc.

    On raids, our primary purpose is DPS, SE'ing the raid (and rez'd tanks, since SE also regenerates endurance), Fero'ing other DPS groups, using our pet to help control adds, and MGB'ing Paragon when the s**t hits the fan.

    In a group setting, the roles are the same, except your pet may be the "tank" (and even on some raids with a lot of trash, your pet can handle most of the trash, just make sure you keep your pet heal up). If you've never been in a full pet group before, you're missing out!!

    In a solo/molo XP setting, your pet will be the "tank", and you'll be DPS'ing.

    A few words about pet control - If you can't control your pet, either because you don't have /pet hold, /pet focus, etc., or you have trouble seeing all the information on the screen, YOU SHOULD NOT USE A PET ON A RAID. Yes, accidents happen, but routinely having your pet out of control makes all pet classes look bad. Swarm pets are uncontrollable, and many events have AE's that will agro them, so only use when pet control and AE's aren't an issue. Your pet should be on Hold (so it doesn't go after another mob after after its' current target is dead), set to Focused (so that it stays on the target you directed), and Pet Taunt set as appropriate (usually on for trash, off of main bosses).

    Hybrids have spells, melee, combat abilities, AA's, and more, which involves hitting a lot of different keys or buttons. One of the easiest ways to perform all these keystrokes without hitting a whole bunch of different keys is to set your keyboard options to use the same alternate key in Options and/or create custom socials with commands in 1-3 keys. For example I have my #2 keyboard key set for assist, my #3 keyboard key set to cast 4 spells and activate my Feral Swipe AA dmg, and my #4 keyboard key set to activate my AA abilities via a programmed social.

    Spell Lineup: Buff

    1) Spirit of Avalit. (Summon Pet Warder)
    2) Shared Merciless Ferocity (Group ATK/Sta/Resist/triple attck buff, recast 36s)
    3) Warder's Unity (Pet haste+proc buff)
    4) Frenzy (Self STR/AGI/DEX/AC buff, doesn't stack with some other classes buffs)
    5) Spirit of Visoracius (Pet proc buff)
    6) Natural Affiliation (Procs Forecast Aid, an absorb damage and HoT buff)
    7) Spiritual Vivification (Group HP/Atk buff)
    8) Focus of Okasi (Group HP buff)
    9) Spellbreaker's Palisade (Pet block buff)
    10) Sekmoset's Protection (Pet "tanking" buff)
    11) Sekmoset's Aggression (Pet DPSing buff)
    12) Spiritual Elaboration (Group mana/HP regen buff)
    Spell Lineup: Fight

    1) Krenk's Feralgia (Swarm pet + DPS HP buff/Regen + Dmg mod buff, recast 18s)
    2) Shared Merciless Ferocity (Group ATK/Sta/Resist/triple attck buff, recast 36s)
    3) Mending Warder (Pet heal proc, heals most hated of targets' target, occasionally swapped for pet HoT, heal spell, etc.)
    4) Cry at the Moon (Swarm pets, recast 18s)
    5) Salve of Clorith (Pet heal+cure, recast 4.25s)
    6) Kreig's Bite (Poi DD, recast 30s)
    7) Visoracius' Maelstrom (DD w/one of Cold/Poi/Dis hitting again, recast 12s)
    8) Kromtus Lance (Cold DD, recast 30s)
    9) Frozen Miasma (Cold+Poi+Hate DD, recast 4.5s, can be swapped for another spell if agro is an issue)
    10) Hemocoraxius' Endemic (Dis DD/DoT, recast 1.5)
    11) Glistenwing Blood (Poi DD/DoT, recast 1.5)
    12) Kirchen's Chill (Cold DD/DoT, recast 1.5)

    Spell Priority:
    1. Visoracius’ Maelstrom (Spell dmg for 28k with poison, disease, and ice attacks. One of the three will be repeated immediately)
    2. Cry at the Moon (Swarm pets *Cast only during NON-burns and on mobs that live longer than 15-20s+ and when pet control is not problematic)
    3. Frozen Miasma (Spell dmg with cold and poisonous damage for 11k combined damage + Hate)
    4. Krieg's Bite (10k dmg poison DD)
    5. Kromtus Lance (8k dmg cold DD)

    Keep Krenk’s Feralgia/Growl buff up during NON-burn/regular dps.

    Burn Spell Rotation example: 1, 3, 1, 4, 1, 5, 1, 3, Force Rejuvenation, 1, 3, 1, 4, 1, 5, 1, 3, 1, 6, 1... etc... etc... // The goal here is to weave Visoracius’ Maelstrom in between every spell. Follow the spell priority list for proper casting order and you should be fine.
    Here's the list of hotkeys I spam press;

    #2 Key social:
    Name - Assist
    Line 1 - /assist (or /assist raid or /assist PCName, etc.)
    Line 2 - /pause 2 (longer if needed due to latency/lag)
    Line 3 - /attack on (If you don't have /auto-assist enabled)
    Line 4 - /alt activate 1269 (BST AA Slow)
    Line54 - /pet attack (If you are good with pet control, i.e. pet on hold and focus, etc)

    #3 Key social:
    Name – Spells (Name doesn’t matter, as long as you know what it is for)
    Line 1 - /cast 7 (Casts Visoracious Maelstrom in my 7th spell gem slot. This spell is a mana hog so if doing regular killing I usually use /cast 8, which I have set as Kromtus Lance DD)
    Line 2 - /cast 4 (Casts Cry at the Moon in my 4th spell gem slot)
    Line 3 - /alt activate 15073 (AA for Banestrike/DD for mobs you’ve killed 100+ of)
    Line 4 - /cast 9 (Frozen Miasma)
    Line 5 - /cast 6 (Kreig's Bite)

    #4 Key social:
    Name – Trio (Name doesn’t matter, as long as you know what it is for)
    Line 1 - /doability 1 (Kick, 1st ability in abilities window, the same place you find begging, foraging, fishing, etc.)
    Line 2 - /alt activate 986 (AA for Bite of the Asp/DoT AA. Can be swapped for 987 or 988, see AA list in other post)
    Line 3 - /alt activate 247 (AA for Feral Swipe/DD AA)
    Line 4 - /alt activate 11080 (AA for Chameleon Strike/Aggro Reduction AA)
    Line 5 - /disc Maul Rk. II (3-hit flurry Combat Ability, 30 sec refresh. Yes, you must enter the . after Rk, a space, and the roman numerals for the rank)

    #5 Key I have set to my Bestial Evulsing, a fast-refresh DPS Combat Ability.

    Spam Abilities for DPS: // These should be constantly pressed and spammed while fighting,

    1. Maul (DD Combat Ability)
    2. Tempest of Claws (Directional AE Combat Ability, only to be used when AE’s permitted/wise)
    3. Feral Swipe (DD AA damage ability)
    4. Bite of the Asp (AA Poison DoT ability)
    5. Chameleon Strike (AA Hate reduction ability)
    6. Bestial Evulsing (Fast reuse DPS Combat Ability)
    7. Kick (Kick, duh…)

    Shot/Fast Burn Order // All these are clicked at the same time unless stated otherwise.

    1. Glyph of the Cataclysm
    2. Intensity of the Resolute (7th Veteran Reward just for lulz)
    3. Circle of Power (lots have this now so no need to save it, or just click it in case you don't get Auspice)
    4. Bestial Bloodrage (Pet damage AA)
    5. Breastplate (Pet DPS or Self-proc clicky)
    6. First Spire (Self DPS AA)
    7. Attack of the Warders (Swarm pet AA)
    8. Bloodlust (Weapon Proc AA)
    9. Bestial Alignment (Self DPS AA)
    10. Ruaabri's Fury (Group DPS Combat Ability)
    11. Frenzy of Spirit (Self DPS AA)
    12. Savage Rage (Self and Pet DPS Combat Ability)
    13. Reflexive Rending (H2H DD and group endurance regen Combat Ability)
    14. Roar of Thunder (DD and Hate reduction AA)

    NO Group Bestial Alignment until after Bestial Alignment fades... always! Group Bestial Alignment overwrites Bestial Alignment which will destroy your burn.

    Long/Sustain Burn Order // All these are clicked at the same time unless stated otherwise.

    1. Glyph of the Cataclysm (Buyable DPS AA)
    2. Intensity of the Resolute (7th Veteran Reward DPS AA)
    3. Circle of Power (Lots have this so no need to save it, or just click it in case you don't get Auspice)
    4. Bestial Bloodrage (Pet damage AA)
    5. Breastplate (Pet DPS or Self-proc)
    6. First Spire (Self DPS AA)
    7. Attack of the Warders (Swarm pet AA)
    8. Bloodlust (Weapon Proc AA)
    9. Bestial Alignment (Self DPS AA)
    10. Ruaabri's Fury (Group DPS AA)
    11. Reflective Rending (Combat Ability DD)
    12. Roar of Thunder (Hate reduction and DD AA)
    -->Do not continue past this until Ruaabri's Fury has faded.
    13. Frenzy of Spirit (Self DPS AA)
    -->Do not continue past this until Bestial Alignment has faded.
    14. Savage Rancor (Self and Pet DPS Combat Ability)
    -->Do not continue past this until Savage Rage has faded.
    15. Group Bestial Alignment (Group DPS AA)
    -->Do not continue past this until Bestial Bloodrage has faded.
    16. Savagesoul Jerkin of the Wilds
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  2. Ternarissa Journeyman

    Beastlord AA's

    Burn AA's --
    Ability #1240: Frenzied Swipes (DD AA)
    Ability #127: Frenzy of Spirit (Atk and Atk speed AA)
    Ability #1430: Fundament: First Spire of the Savage Lord (Increase Damage Bonus AA)
    Ability #241: Bloodlust (Proc AA - Weapons proc w/every swing for 18 sec)
    Ability #245: Bestial Alignment (Self Damage modifier 50-275% and resist buff AA)
    Ability #362: Roar of Thunder (DD 500-5000 and STR/DEX/AGI 50-266 reduction w/hate reduction AA)
    Ability #443: Bestial Bloodrage (Pet accuracy, speed, skill dmg mod, flurry chance, hate reduction AA)
    Ability #966: Ferociousness (Self increase accuracy, skill dmg mod, min dmg mod AA)
    Ability #981: Attack of the Warders (Swarm pets AA)
    Ability #985: Group Bestial Alignment (*After Bestial Alignment ends, Group damage modifier and resist buff AA)


    Normal/constant AA's used--
    Ability #11080: Chameleon Strike (Hate reduction AA)
    Ability #126: Hobble of Spirits (Pet snare proc AA)
    Ability #247: Feral Swipe (DD AA)
    Ability #15073: Banestrike (DD AA for 100+ killed mob types)
    Ability #666: Taste of Blood (Keep buffed on pet, increases pet damage and chance to frenzy upon a successful triple attack)
    Ability #986: Bite of the Asp (3-14k hate reduction, 600-5500 dmg/tick DoT)
    Ability #987: Raven's Claw (3-16k hate reduction/reduce ATK of target)
    Ability #988: Gorilla Smash (3-16k hate reduction/Stun target)


    Other AA's used when needed--
    Ability #11073: Playing Possum (The "Uh oh" FD AA)
    Ability #1202: Perfected Levitation
    Ability #1215: Summon Companion
    Ability #1239: Consumption of Spirit (BST version of canni AA)
    Ability #1269: Sha's Reprisal (Slow AA)
    Ability #128: Paragon of Spirit (Group health/mana regen AA, 466 HP/180 mana -5790 HP/2450 mana/264 end - tick)
    Ability #1431: Fundament: Second Spire of the Savage Lord (Pet proc DD AA)
    Ability #1432: Fundament: Third Spire of the Savage Lord (Group min dmg mod, increased chance to hit, and atk buff AA)
    Ability #1580: Divine Companion Aura
    Ability #1666: Group Perfected Levitation
    Ability #176: Suspended Minion
    Ability #2000: Armor of Experience (Melee dmg mitigation AA)
    Ability #20000: Item: Disable Item Abilities
    Ability #2068: Enduring Frenzy (Endurance regen proc 1000-3000 AA)
    Ability #240: Cheetah's Pounce (Directional shadowstep AA)
    Ability #331: Origin
    Ability #346: Identify
    Ability #35: Mass Group Buff
    Ability #3705: Companion's Blessing (Pet HoT and melee dmg mitigation AA)
    Ability #3707: Fortify Companion (Pet damage shield mitigation, avoidance, spell and melee mitigation, and AC buff AA)
    Ability #3709: Pact of the Wurine (Werewolf illusion, increase accuracy, mana, HP AA)
    Ability #3816: Companion's Relocation (Directional pet shadowstep AA)
    Ability #3817: Focused Paragon of Spirits (Single target mana/hp regen AA)
    Ability #441: Companion's Aegis (Pet spell/melee block buff 19k-37k)
    Ability #444: Companion's Sacrifice (Pet shielding AA)
    Ability #458: Warder's Gift (Pet sacrifice HP drain AA)
    Ability #543: Diminutive Companion
    Ability #58: Mend Companion (Pet heal 3300-84,000 & detrimental spell removal AA)
    Ability #689: Shrink
    Ability #7003: Forceful Rejuvenation
    Ability #7025: Group Shrink
    Ability #8300: Combat Subtlety: Enabled
    Ability #8301: Improved Natural Invisibility
    Ability #8302: Protection of the Warder (Self melee dmg mitigation 3-33% 6k-120k total AA)
    Ability #8303: Nature's Salve (Cure 19-50 DIS/POI/Curse & 950 Detrimental counters AA)
    Ability #972: Roaring Strike (Atk accuracy mod + Hate INCREASE)
    Ability #980: Natural Invisibility
    Ability #992: Tranquil Blessings (Faster MGB AA when in rest mode)
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  3. Duhbeast Augur

    This is pretty good stuff. Do you use dichotomic? What would the frenzy buff help beyond okasi? Taste of blood procs on successful killing blow I believe.
  4. Brohg Augur

    6/tick endurance regen on the highest rank of SE would have to run 4.8 minutes to enable one use of the cheapest warrior agro ability. Please feel free to use your casting time on other things. Like .. anything. Or nothing. You can keep meleeing.
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  5. Jaerlyn Augur

    This. Oh so much yes, this.
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  6. Duhbeast Augur

    Yeah I have been leaving pet taunt on at the beginning of raids till a tank tells me, sorry bros.
  7. Kobrah Augur

    Second spire is better only use it .. you never mention use of ferociousness.. and use frenzy of spirit all the time at start of burn cuz you're massively lowering your own dps.
  8. Ternarissa Journeyman

    Many tanks request SE after rez, and while it IS minimal, every little bit helps...
  9. Brohg Augur

    I think nearly all this post is quoted from long in the past (with updated names I guess?) and includes some information that was bad even then.

    Frozen Miasma line, not Maelstrom, is the one that refreshes fast enough to be between most spells, but still it'll just be every third spell, unless you're casting way slow. Good beastlords don't cast way slow.

    This linup is missing Dicho, as Duhbeast brings up.

    This linup is missing the second Lance nuke, Kromrif, which doesn't share timer with Kromtus.

    It also doesn't mention how crazy better the Kromtus Roar is than the Lance, in any situations where AEing isn't verboten.

    Social button is not a good way to assist yourself jamming spells, you need to use a spare hotbar to set up a proper multibind. Besides technical concerns, there's the plain fact socials only accommodate 5 things, and the multibind should be a spell longer than that. It should fire all of:

    Dichotomic Fury
    Visoracious' Maelstrom
    Frozen Miasma
    (Kromtus Roar if AE OK)
    Kreig's Bite
    (Kromtus Lance if no Roar)
    Kromrif Lance
  10. Brohg Augur

    They are very silly tanks. Both they and you should know that it's a waste of everyone's time.
  11. Waldagar Augur

    Tanks should be clicking their Miniature Horn of Unity. In fact everyone in the group should have one or get one while the anniversary tasks are up.
    Blessing of Unity
    2: Increase Current Mana by 200 per tick
    4: Increase Spell-Damage Shield by 2000
    5: Increase Endurance by 200 per tick
    11: Increase Damage Shield by 600
    12: Increase Hitpoints by 200 per tick

    Now back to beastlords...
    I love the idea that you are trying to pull all the information together for future beastlords to find. I hope you take the feedback you are receiving and make updates to your post. Here are some things I noticed:
    First on buffs:
    "4) Frenzy (Self STR/AGI/DEX/AC buff, doesn't stack with some other classes buffs)"
    No one uses that buff post level 50. The added stats do not go over the cap so it has zero effect once you max your base stats other then the 15AC. SoW on my pet has more value to me.

    Ok, why "3) Warder's Unity (Pet haste+proc buff)" and then "5) Spirit of Visoracius (Pet proc buff)" Lets just make #3 the latest pet haste.

    Oh BTW, you can stack two "hit" runes on your pet. And I don't mean a "hit" rune and a "spell dmg" rune.

    There is also the combined buff that includes SV and SE.
  12. Kaliko Augur

    Because there is no latest pet haste and visc is a tds proc which is way better than the old one unity comes with
  13. Ternarissa Journeyman

  14. Ternarissa Journeyman

    15 AC is 15 AC...

    Kaliko explained, the last pet haste we got was combined with the proc, and we have a newer/better one.

    Yes, you can. This is just my particular setup. Will add it. **Or not, "Edit" button gone :-(

    Yes there is. Again, my setup and in my case, I have RK3 of SE and SV, but not the combined RK3 version.
  15. Ternarissa Journeyman

    Not all "tanks" are Warriors that don't have mana... And again, every little bit helps ;-)
  16. Duhbeast Augur

    Also keep in mind, you can pop a dichotomic on the tank that needs stamina, it adds a nice jolt if you can spare it. Why didn't you mention dichotomic? Do you not play a beastlord, or did in the past and are copy/pasting? It can be used in so many situations, and any time you get a GoM proc imo.
  17. Ternarissa Journeyman

    I'm a button masher, usually hitting 3 keys repeatedly after I hit my assist key; 3 (Nukes + Banestrike), 4 (AA DD's/DoT, Combat Ability, Kick, etc.), and 5 (Beastial Evulsing Combat Ability).

    I also have some keys bound to spell casting, specifically my ` key. I'm also a multi-boxer that runs 4 toons at the same time on a single machine (BST, MAG, NEC, and CLR or ENC or BRD), my BST being my main. I hadn't gotten to the part that talked about that yet (key bindings that is). I also planned on going into alternative spell lineups, but y'all beat me to it. I just thought it'd be nice to help new Beasts' out and my guildies and other Beasts seem to appreciate the information.

    It goes back to "You can please some of the people all the time......"
  18. Ternarissa Journeyman

    Honestly forgot all about it and have now been re-educated that making misteaks (yes, I did that on purpose) is unforgivable in a public forum ;-)

    "You can please some of the people all of the time..."
  19. Waldagar Augur

    So what you are saying is our best pet haste is level 98 Extraordinary Velocity:
    2: Increase All Skills Damage Modifier by 19%
    4: Increase Attack Speed by 85%
    5: Increase ATK by 303
    6: Increase AC by 331
    with recourse Extraordinary Velocity:
    1: Increase Attack Speed by 31% (L98) to 84% (L45)

    Mana: 1378 versus 1709 for the combined spell which you immediately over write with a newer proc. To each their own. Thanks for sharing.
  20. Duhbeast Augur

    Ok, I was just wondering how you could do a beastlord write up and forget about dicho. It is good for burns because you can dicho, ruuabri, dicho, forceful rejuv,and then dicho again.