So you "fixed" a 20 year old skip, making it near impossible for new TLP SKs to get their epics

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  1. Cicelee Augur

    SK epic is bad?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  2. Cainen Augur

    Wizzy epic click is not replaced till pop.
    SK epic IS replaced in velious easily but its good for kunark.(There are better ratio weapons from VP though)
    Chanter epic clicky is not even best in kunark(except for tanks) so its rather lack luster overall.

    So I wouldnt call them BAD, but epic have never been BIS for melee.
  3. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Sorry I didn't anticipate Kurron Ni being a bottleneck when I made the thread in 2018, though I also didn't think they'd fix the invis faction bypass.
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  4. YourJobNotYourLife Elder

    Well, almost. You didn't 5 box for your globe :)
  5. Xhartor Augur

    The Herbalist's Spade in Chardok also has a better ratio. 39/43 vs 40/45.
  6. Triconix Augur

    For in era it's pretty nice, but it's one of the most easily replaceable epics the second Velious is replaced. The wep off Phara Dar is nearly as good ratio/stats and does a solid Rune proc. Pretty sure there is a wep off one of the other dragons with a better ratio. The super common Reaver destroys it from a ratio perspective at 40/40 and that's not even that good a wep in Velious.

    You can get Rocksmasher, Meljeldin, AFEF, GSoD, and PAoS all from NTOV. You have PHF from Tunare. Clawed Griffin Sword from Yeli head. Primal Velium/Ancient Prismatic from ST. All of which of way better ratios than SK 1.0.
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  7. ZzznakeDoctur Journeyman

    I mean not only is 6 weeks a decent bit of time for use but they're iconic and the easy fashionquest winners too.
  8. looffy Journeyman

    You can get the faction you need to start by doing the first part of shaman epic.
  9. Leseul Journeyman

    This is not true any more, I tried doing the first part of the Shaman and Wizard epic to skip the faction, neither NPC would talk to me.

    Edit: I found a workaround; it involves creative use of game mechanics, but there is in fact a way to get the lesser spirit to give you a tiny gem as a SK.[IMG]
  10. Cainen Augur

    Can you still, a LOT of these were fixed. Have you done this ON mischief?
  11. looffy Journeyman

  12. Yeux New Member

    I'll probably give this a try tomorrow if I end up missing the respawn.
  13. Accipiter Old Timer

    Oops, yeah. I should have said 1.5s. I did 5 box Anguish for the globes for 2.0 but that was much later, obviously.
  14. Cainen Augur

    Confirmed to work, you might need a chanter but you 100% can skip the OT guy and get your faction via the first shaman turn in.
  15. Hythos Augur

    If anyone thinks that the Enchanter epic isn't always useful should play an enchanter to learn why.

    Spoiler: +AGI for casters might help maintain spellcasting when getting hit.
    Also, mana-free haste for pets means being able to haste pets, and, to click it off again between pulls to prevent unnecessary risk during pet-breaks.
  16. Lucious New Member

    Honestly as fast as they Plan on rollin Out xpacs , Most epics will be useless in a matter of weeks
  17. taliefer Augur

    spoiler: no it wont. you can even see the very minimal results agi gives on your evasion on your in game character sheet. I also parsed it out before the servers launch. was quite a discussion in the eq discord~
  18. Xanathol Augur

    It appears that you also can no longer repeat steps of the epic to get a Will of Innoruuk or Head of a Valiant to wear, since completion now puts your overall True Spirit faction at -100.
  19. Cainen Augur

    Always has reset your faction on completion. but with the skip only working once, you'd have to do the first part of the SK epic(including the OT guy) again
  20. Sansvisage New Member

    hi I just tried this but the true spirit was apprehensive and wouldn’t talk to me, didn’t have anyone with me to try anything else, but have an idea I might try tomorrow with an enchanter.