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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by silku, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. Garshok Augur

    Hrmmm - wonder if I can get a merc to agro and get decent merc experience, since that is impossible in COTF HAs. ;)
  2. Everstorm Augur

    While I did resub, I'm certainly not buying the expansion unless this gets turned back.
  3. svann Augur

    Its not just pre-cotf.
    Cotf HA give almost no merc xp now.
  4. Harabakc Augur

    Reaffirms my choice to stop playing early in early 2014.
  5. FcsevenXIII Augur

    I was toying with the possibility of returning and then remembered this nerf was in place.
  6. Harabakc Augur

    Had quite the resurgence of Lanys people there for a little bit.
  7. ezrun New Member

    4 accounts, haven't logged in since November, won't purchase any expansions or resub till this xp nerf is removed. If they are set on leaving it in place, well its no food off my table.
  8. roguerunner Augur

    Ahhhh that's a good explanation
    Cause I as a 105 was getting exp, but the other 105 wasnt!
  9. Dontee Elder

    Left months ago due to TDS XP nerf, was just checking in to see if it had been removed.... guess not Ill check back in a few months and see if they came to their senses and deserve my gaming time/money
  10. Piasa Journeyman

    Other than in Sense Heading at:

    Has anyone at Sony even given any better explanations of why they decided to start decaying exp in older expansions? Couldn't there have been a better way to handle this.

    Is going to the fan fair the only way to give feedback that is not ignored?? I know pretty much everything posted on the boards is ignored. Where do we post or give feedback that someone actually reads that can cause some actual change?

    It would be nice to know. I have seen they took feedback but only from those who purchased TDS, I just wish they would consider the feedback of those of us who did not purchase it but have all prior expansions.

    Does anyone at SoE even care?
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  11. Dontee Elder

    Does anyone at SoE even care?

    No. The lack of any response was really what made me quit, they are arrogant.
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  12. Battleaxe Augur

    I can't imagine a better explanation than
    "Playing in the newest content should always be the most attractive, and demolishing content from several expansions ago should not be the fastest way to advance your character."

    If SOE discovers cycling Gribble HA's yeilds ridiculously better experience than seeing the rest of an expansion and entering the next expansion they have a responsibility to make adjustments.

    Sure, I expect every Wizard loved 6 Wizard Mana Burn groups that could fry all the Dragons in Kunark in seconds. But the fix was repairing that situation, not making it so all other content worked the same way. Given that I still see plenty of Wizards playing it looks like fixing an obviously broken situation did not cause them all to quit. Numerous posts to the contrary not withstanding.
  13. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    This isn't all about Gribble HA's, personally I just wish HAs would go and die a horrible death and we never see them again!

    There was no need to nerf the exp in ROF and prior the way they have, EQ at level 100 - 105 is just too small now.
  14. Battleaxe Augur

    I actually like HA's and them having some replay value. I prefer instanced achievements to sandbox play in open zones. However I believe the lockouts should be substantial and the benefits of repeating them should decay fairly rapidly. Players should be moved along in the narrative and in the progression.

    IMO EQ at level 100-105 isn't too small. Yes, fast content consumers will get through the content quickly - but they always do. More average consumers will be be hard pressed to finish the Best of TDS much less every last crumb of TDS before its over.

    We just have developed this expectation that games like EQ will provide 24/7 entertainment for the very hardcore yet 4 hour a week players will somehow make progress in mostly the same content. I see how SOE kinda pulls this off and frankly I'm amazed that they do kinda pull this off.

    Players that are so far behind they complain RoF no longer has the best experience in the game are not suffering from the game being "too small". It's too big for them - they aren't seeing a lot of it. Content is arriving more quickly than they can consume it. Were that not the case they wouldn't be in RoF. They'd be making headway in TDS.
  15. Harabakc Augur

    I wouldn't even say they're arrogant. Quite frankly there aren't enough devs at this point to focus on things. In fact this could even be a partial bandaid. They could be trying to keep people in content they are actually working on. Chances are decent it wasn't their decision anyway, and they can't defend it.

    It's become kind of obvious SoE has revenue issues and works on a very tight budget. I kind of feel bad for them, I know how it is to have half as many people as you need to do the work you're trying to do.
  16. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Not complaining RoF doesn't have the best experience, the complaint is it has next to no experience, NPCs in Heart of Fear are more challenging than those in Ethernere, yet they have significantly less exp. Older expansions have always had less exp due to mobs being lower cons, the changes to exp in RoF and before seem to me to be a be a bit of an over kill, seems to be the same as you would have got in the past from killing greens.

    TDS is a bit hit and miss with me, some of the zones I love, others like Caverns and Degmar I hate. Just finished Thuliasaur Island last night, I will be sad to move on, my fav zone by a long way this expansion and my parrot was a very nice bonus. My playtime has been extremely low since the expansion went live, but I'm getting there. I'm a wizzy and the majority of zones now have summon and unsnareable mobs so unless I can get a strong group or go and bore myself to death in HAs I won't be playing a lot, even though I now have the time to play. At least before I could drop a couple of expansions and find somewhere I could get exp even if it wasn't the fastest.

    I like variety in my play, which I guess it why things like HAs and LDoNs never appealed to me, just to repetitive. I like the unpredictability of open zones, be it other players asking questions in ooc, players coming over to ask if there is room in the group, players asking if they can loot corpses for quest items or the occasional shouts of trains.
  17. Harabakc Augur

    We have the most content available in any MMO on the market, but if you're over level 100 you're stuck doing 2 expansions if you want any benefit! ... Yeah, great selling point.
  18. Benzarden Augur

    This couldn't be farther from the truth. Older content still has ample objects of value that greatly benefit your character. Augs are the easiest example, including the Stone of Landing which requires RoF progression. This alone provides great incentive to go back to RoF and complete the partisans, mercs, and group missions. Ruaabri's Fist from Evantil is another beneficial item found in RoF. Oaths of Marr from CH are still ultra valuable. Want to go back further? VoA still has a ton of great augs. An SoD raid is necessary for Rk. III Twincast. Shawl aug, which is arguably the best aug in the game, comes from RoF, Underfoot, and Velious.

    There is a ton of stuff to do for level 100+ characters in older content. The only thing that got nerfed is the experience. The best experience in the game still comes from CotF HAs, which are ridiculously easy for their reward. With daily hotzone tasks, daily HAs, and the auto AA grant, gaining experience in Everquest has never been easier.

    Yes, content from three expansions ago got nerfed to promote play in the newer content. Three expansions prior to RoF was Underfoot. When RoF was current, what kind of experience were you receiving in Underfoot zones? Sure, they could've just raised the required experience to level from 100-105 and relatively raised experience given in TDS. But at some point, the inflation has to end, and they reached the exact same goal by deflating previous expansion experience. There are still plenty of opportunities and zones to gain experience 100+.

    Regardless, saying that there is no benefit to playing in expansions prior to CotF is just flat wrong.
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  19. Cicelee Augur

    This thread has gone from killing Alarans to evolve the "xp nerf is omg terribad"_08.

    I personally think there is just a group of people who are just going to complain, argue, whine, and be unhappy with anything in Everquest.
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  20. Abazzagorath Augur

    Or you can learn to read, since this thread wasn't started at all about the alaran tear, it was started because while trying to farm tablets for the tear the OP noticed he/she was getting zero experience and thinks that is absurd.

    The exp nerf is one of the dumbest thing this development team has ever implemented. It goes against how this game has been for 15 years, makes it difficult for anyone to play with lower level friends in appropriate content, makes it frustrating and a relative waste of time for anyone that isn't already max level/aa to go back to old content to work on things they missed or would like to finish.

    It is a pretty clear indicator that development has jumped the shark and is being dictated by marketing to squeeze dollars (at the expense of future dollars, unfortunately) out of the people still playing, by trying to force people to buy the account for every account they have, by forcing people out of older content even if they still aren't geared/AA enough for the newer content.

    The mere fact that a mob of the same level, that hits for almost the same damage, gives a miniscule fraction of the experience (with many bugs related to grouping too) when going from RoF (level 100 expansion) to CotF (level 100 expansion) is absurd.

    I personally think there is just a group of people who are sycophantic and will always go against common sense in order to pretend to be "too cool for school" in step with what they think is the establishment.
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