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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by silku, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. Battleaxe Augur

    So level 100- people can do dailies and buy with Marks. Level 100+ people should be acquiring Pieces of Eight.

    Alternately just create a Glyph-type ability that let's you summon a tablet for 25AA. Give some people who are maxed out something else to do with AA's.
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  2. Silv Augur

    Best.idea.evar. Seriously.
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  3. silku Augur

    Could even make it an "orb of determinable reward." Kind of like a briny essence, you click it, it offers you a few items that you have unlocked through some process (maybe getting a tablet and giving it to someone or something.) That way as new items get obsoleted in this way they could just add it to the orbs list of things.
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  4. Cicelee Augur

    I guess I am in the minority. When I am working on my tear, I do not care how much AA I get. There are places I go to AA, there are places I go to get spells, there are places I go to get tribute, and there are places I go to level up the tear. No one place should do all four of those things.

    Someone mentioned 25 AA for a fragment. No thanks, not with the drop rate on them being what it is. I have gotten 3 in 20 minutes in SL, and I have had 0 in 2 1/2 hours in the same spot. I can get a guaranteed 25 AA in, at worst, 25 minutes. I am confident if I do one of the DH HA daily tasks it would be more AA in less time.

    I think it is simple. You want to level up your tear? Go kill Alarans and pray for fragments. Or do the optional on Pillars tasks. And don't worry about anything else, because you are not there to do anything are there for fragments.

    If anything, people should complain about the drop rate on fragments than the light blue con Alaran XP. But even then it is fine how it is.
  5. Garshok Augur

    Then just flat-out say it, rather than 'well, this is better for you,' etc. etc. (And then, BTW, figure out a way to achieve that effect without breaking grouping with lower levels, merc exp, etc.) People may not like it, but customer's generally like to know where they stand.

    SOE's too cute by half approach instead comes across as either a) dishonest, or b) buffoons. Which then has repercussions - it feeds into a pattern where SOE is perceived as rudderless and/or exploitive. The 'sunk-cost fallacy' notwithstanding, I'd imagine a lot of folks are reluctant to keep expending as much money/effort as previously when they have less faith in what the game will be next expansion. I know I have two accounts I am letting lapse, and finally rationalized buying TDS for my main (four weeks after release) because I was looking at being a geographic bachelor for a year.

    (And BTW, this is not directed at you at all - simply venting.)

    Too, too true.
  6. Betenoire Elder

    It was a horrible idea from the start, plain and simple. You provide a game with many zones that we pay to use, but force us into the ones you want us to use in the new expansion, while at the same time hosing the player base that either prefers those zones, has gear that makes those zones more viable, or has other accounts that the level in those zones, often with 101+ players. I don't know about your servers, but let me clear, the Guild Lobby on Drinal is much, much less populated as of late.
  7. Garshok Augur

    Agree - I think the most people hope to get is two of four - and at 105, those have to come from the first three. It is an extreme example, though, of the effects of the nerf - particularly grouping.

    Ironically, I EXP'd significantly faster doing the daily HAs than I ever expected to had I finished off the various ROF stuff I had/have on my 'to do' list; I assume (hope?) that that will even out when I go back to ROF to finish off my bucket list there. Still, I wish they had been a bit more selective in the nerfage.
  8. roguerunner Augur

    I think that it's semi buggy

    In heart of fear threshold I was getting like 4% a kill or something as a 105 cleric, but a 105 zerker in the same grp was getting 0%
  9. Insaneox Augur

    Nerf of experience prior to TDS on 101+ was a very destructive idea!

    Very bad idea to discourage players from having motivation to help other players. I like TDS in its limited form but that said it is very limited. Myself I finished it in rather short fashion. One thing that keeps me active is helping others or playing alternate characters.

    So nerf of experience in RoF and CoTF was really bad for returning players, players needing achievements, players that play alternate characters, or ones that want to help others out. The experience that I receive when doing RoF and CoTF is horrible.

    Also, driving people to limited zones is poor planning as well.
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  10. Battleaxe Augur

    I've been getting 0 in SL since the experience adjustment. Clear the barracks, clear the arena, clear the barracks, ... I honestly am starting to think that the same too trivial to drop tablets in the initial zone scheme got applied to SL as a result of leveling up plus the adjustments.

    So, here are my choices:
    1. Put together a group from the people I group with (level 105 endgame raiders) and do the Pillars task instead of spending that time in the new expansion.
    2. Pay one of several Monks who can solo the Pillars tasks and have been providing that service (for a fee) for quite awhile (class balance anyone?).
    3. Make a Monk alternate.
    4. Fuggetaboudit.

    #1 is wrong headed. #2 and #3 isn't going to happen - I'll make a headshot capable Ranger alt to prove something to myself, but I'll be darned if I'll make a Monk to do quests which ought to be roughly equally doable by all classes.

    Which leaves #4 and a bitter taste in my mouth.

    Sure, some classes missed out on that OMM res stick. BUT later on the Loyalty Vendor sold res tokens. Missed out on Icy Prism, but Stone of Judgement. Circle of Power III -> Circle of Power IV ...

    Failed to roll a Monk or box a Pillars capable one man army that happily does 20x20=400 Pillars tasks because boxed toons don't say no? Not really the same thing. Still close enough IF the drop rate is high enough that one can get 3 tablets by killing in the time it takes to get 4 (potentially 4 x 6 players=24) by doing Monk soloable tasks.

    Um DH HA? No thanks. I'd rather see tablets no longer drop in older expansions and start dropping in TDS than that. Making tablets AA purchasable is simply a different way of accomplishing a tablets drop in TDS outcome.
  11. Hiladdar Augur

    Regarding "the tear", my recommendation is to do the tasks in pillars in such to get the clickie a few times a week. Over time you will get that leveled.

    If a level 101 does get dramatically less experience from killing alarans then a level 101 for leveling "the tear", then I consider that a very serious problem.

    Regarding the drastic drop of experience once someone makes level 101 in older zones: I do not like it. I think the regular drop of experience is sufficient. In my opinion the post level 101 drop of in experience in pre TDS zones complicates the algorithm figuring out who should get how much experience. Having a linear drop of experience between 100 and 101 in a zone rather then a cliff as it is now, will provide for smoother transition from older content to newer content.

    Regarding having level 100 and lower toon with someone who is 101 or higher, and having a dramatic effect as to what a level 100 or lower earns ... I have not tested that.
  12. Derd Augur

    I'll just say it again: IF your getting zero aa or regular xp you have a problem. If I at 105 and lets just say more aa than anyone needs, can get aa xp and my 101 lvl alt can get regular xp on every kill. And I do, had time yesterday and watched both for a few kill's before going back to ignoring it till I was finished. Ended up with a few aa on the 105 and 20 percent normal exp increase on the alt. And that was just over what I call normal play time an hour and a half or so, and no I don't really work that fast, and I loot every corpse as they die. As a reference if the arena mobs aren't up I can clear the short side of the bleachers and then about around to even with the center pole on the other side, before repops. If they're up, and I do like to kill them as I've gotten frags off them also I can only get the short side of the bleachers cleared along with about 2/3rds of the in arena mobs.
  13. Goth Augur


    Remove exp nerf from final 2 tiers of RoF. if only the final tier.
  14. Piasa Journeyman

    I say just remove it completely. I can't believe they actually spent developer time on this, would have been better to add something new to compel us away from the older content.. not try to force us out of existing.

    Anyways this horse has been beaten, resurrected, beaten again and so forth.. Its not going to change, unless the sub numbers (active subs) are getting bad enough to force it. I know that I haven't logged into the game since December but you know I'm just a single person, nothing to worry about.
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  15. Naewizzy New Member

    Not sure how you had this experience in shards landing. I was there yesterday train pulling mobs to get the Stone of the Landing to drop. Group was 105 war, wiz, chanty and 3 mercs. War would pull 10 - 15 mobs with NTTB and wizzy would aoe burn them down. Did this for about an hour and each char got about half an aa. Decided to replace chanty with 94 shammy alt to get the alt some xp. Did two pulls and the shammy went from 68% regular xp to...68% regular xp. Decided to see if HoF was better. Did one pull of 7 - 10 mobs and shammy went from 68% regular xp to....69% regular xp. So that means ~30 RoF mobs got my shammy less than 1% regular xp (had 0% going to aa).
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  16. Fnyanea Augur

    I tried to bring this up a number of times, but was shot down, even had some posts about it deleted.

    This is easy to re-produce. Go to ANY RoF zone with two lv 105s in group, set both toons to 100% to AA, pull any (non-weak) con mob. The FIRST person on the aggro list will get a couple of percent of an AA per kill, the other toon will get ZERO exp (or nearly zero, the bar moves after a lot of kills).

    You can also do this with many combinations of levels and group size. But two lv 105s are affected for sure.

    I found it especially bad when I was trying to help a free-to-play friend level, he was still getting exp, but it was at a much lower rate than I would have expected.
  17. Marbles Lorekeeper

    ....everything above...

    This is exactly why i am leveling ALL my 'playable' characters to 100 before buying TDS. Still subscribed of course so it's not exactly a protest. Should take about a year (more if i can ever get my duelist past 63 on POE)
  18. Abazzagorath Augur

    Exp nerf was an awful idea, and needs to be fixed. Its killing the game for a lot of people. It was lazy and terrible for the game.
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  19. Ruinedmyownlands Elder

    Come to Everquest, we have like 9000 zones. but sorry 8993 are completely useless!

    RoF was a fun expansion and it has been turned into a joke, i mean if we cant get exp there then make every mob in the expansion green con so we can burn through it for the trophys and stuff. that would at least make it kinda fun destroying things since its destroyed by the nerf anyway.
    Obviously I would rather see the exp nerf removed though.
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  20. Gnarrgh New Member

    Wonder if say McDonalds can do the same when they make a new burger...
    We want them to eat the new one so we remove the meat in all the old ones! Best idea evah!!11!
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