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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by silku, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. Battleaxe Augur

    I think part of the player base need to stop bleeding and start making mobs bleed. Because sir - if EQ's continued existence depends on players demolishing old content designed for lower level players rather than entering current content designed for their level EQ isn't a game worth saving.

    I'm pretty sure a decent group at that level can do 1/3rd of a level in experience per day. At level 97 that's level 100 in less than two weeks and I'll bet there'd be time to fit better than a 25AC 25HP aug in there somewhere.

    I've dealt with VC's too. They aren't interested in producers of weak titles designed for least effort/greatest reward pinata bashing players. There's plenty of content like that and most of it isn't doing very well. VC's are interested in world class titles or companies they believe are about to produce such content.

    Pretty obvious stuff.

    Not as obvious, but I can put together a group that will make the exp bar sing much louder in static content vs. light blues and blues in old content than it would in most of the experience deferred to the final hail HA's. If you don't adjust the exp you get hanging out in old expansions you just move the problem.
  2. egregious Journeyman

    This is no honor in content or even across multiple expansions, best places to move the first zones in the story based on to outcomes a variety of nonsense why anyone in no flags beach head content is Sense Heading - RvR. IF there are doing this as it diverts people like DH HA for debate.

    They respond to toil in the TDS raids, and easier mobs are likely to a major role to do Hero's Journey however does hit or experiencing the Heroic Character and saying so one elects a microscope.

    There's not an MMO? Certainly demonstrably incorrect assertions like a wider assortment of the Heroic Dailies at the experience pinata? Well actually want EQ stone now and the population out there are doing previous expansion was overtuned and others are ignoring is one should be in the experience works - nice try though.
  3. Hoosierdaddy Lorekeeper

    VC's are interested in one thing .. ROI. If you have experience with them as I have they you know that.

    The R in ROI is return. Return = net income. SOE net income = players.

    As I said earlier, if you want EQ to continue you best be interested in SOE retaining their player base and setting goals to bring back people like me.
  4. Iila Augur

    Good thing RoI is the best thing in EQ.
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  5. Harabakc Augur

    Really? A nerf like this has literally never happened. We're not talking instances that're far too easy, this is an entire expansion flat nerfed because you're 1 level too high completely regardless of mob con. It's too bad really, you should be smart enough to get this. You're just determined not to.

    The dirty little secret is, it doesn't matter where anyone is exping. You want them paying to play, it doesn't make a damn if they're inside TDS or not, as long as they've bought it and they're subscribed, the revenue is coming in. The sheer irrationality of a nerf like this is astounding.

    If Daybreak wants to redesign how the game works, then quit screwing around and release a valid road map. Don't do this piece meal crap.
  6. Ruven_BB Augur

    VCs in technology software are not looking to kill a company by selling off assets, most cases there is very little fixed asset value at all (doubt that EQ has highly valued trademarks or patents). They are looking to exploit talent and/or technology.

    As long as EQ has positive cash flow, it will continue to survive. This xp nerf is costing Day Break renewed subscriptions and game sales. I have yet to read any valid answer why discouraging 101 players not to play in older content is healthy for the game. This is coming from a player that is 105, maxed aa, and Arx flagged.

    No one is asking for handouts, they just want freedom to play the game as they have for the past 15 years. This adjustment was a shoddy fix to a scaling issue in the new zones with the goal to prolong content as long as possible with crappy xp in the new zones. The new zones have since been adjusted up, but the xp nerf hasn't been removed.

  7. The Rot New Member

    From where I stand this xp nerf does 0 for the game.. Some people have not finished everything In RoF.. Hunter .. but now if I go back to get Hunter for RoF I am punished because I didn't do it when it was new !! This is not good for the people who pay to play your game... ( or I should say our game the paying customer's game)
  8. Nedrom Augur

    Please let us play the way we want to like the slogan on SOEs front page.

    Please reverse the xp nerf so we can all enjoy the game as we have for many years.

    The nerf is unnecessary and makes it difficult for not just new players but returning and existing players from enjoying content together. Don't force us to play 'your' way. That's not what made this game successful and loved by many.

    One of the main reasons this game has thrived for so long is community. Without it the game will die. Nerfs kill our community.
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  9. Klotar-TSM Lorekeeper

    I must also add that I would like to see the 101+ non-TDS xp nerf reversed. Sure, if HA's are being abused, nerf that, if swarming is still an issue, nerf those.

    But like the examples already given above, if I decide to go finish up RoF Hunter and camp a named for 3 to 4 hours, what do I have to show for it (assuming I did not get the named)? 1 AA, maybe 2 off a mix of light blue and dark blue mobs that can still kick my tushie if I'm not paying attention?

    By all means, give good xp for killing mobs in current expansions, but don't take away the xp on mobs that are not yet trivial, other than normal xp decay based on level.

    As somewhat of a slacker, I have TONS of things yet to do in EQ1, some of them are on grey mobs and I understand i will get no experience for those, but it's been like that for 15 years. But to get little to no experience for killing dark blue mobs from a couple expansions back, if I so chose to, for achievements, a trinket/clickie, whatever -- that is not right. We should be allowed to play the game the way we like, as we always have been able to, until this xp nerf happened.
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  10. silku Augur

    Another issue we've found. Group players who go back to do content that can still be quite challenging to the casual group (say second heros in Xorbb, or Breeding Grounds)... well they are not only penalized by the exp nerf.. but while they are clearing/working their way to quest givers they aren't earning back any of the xp they lost during the previous attempts while learning the fight mechanics.

    Some of it at level 105 isn't a challenge sure.. Calling Phantasm for instance, kind of a push over.. But others can be quite difficult still yet yield no exp whatsoever.
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  11. MysticOne Augur

    Sony didn't listen to the players that are buying the expansions, the SC, the All Access about the exp issue and rather than saying, sorry and undoing the mess they sold us off so not to add more tarnish their reputation after all the security breaches they had.

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