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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by silku, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. silku Augur

    Yeah, I know the experience nerf is there. I knew it was going to be brutal and not worth much of my time to go back to shard's landing.. but I wanted to take my little box team and maybe get some tablets to evolve my alaran tear. So I set up in a corner and killed maybe 100.. and I looked at my AA xp to see how bad it was. 0%. That's right. Bard and Mage both at 100% to AA, level 105, not capped in aa and none stored, got 0% aa per kill.

    That's a little more than a nerf.
  2. Axxius Augur

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  3. segap Augur

    To add to the fun, if you drag along a level 100 (below the nerf cap) with those 105's, they get the exact same amount of AA as the 105s do. Was camping an aug in RoF and thought I might as well get some AA on an alt. At least I was able to loot an extra lore item. No go on the AA exp though.
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  4. Silv Augur

    Don't worry Silku- you can get good XP in Eastern Wastes; about 0.5% AA per kill!
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  5. Ruven_BB Augur

    Its complete crap. By the way, can you open up the missions to 85 from 95, so we can have ways to group with lower level players that benefits everyone? If you are going to force us to use CotF and TDS, then allow ways for lower level players to play with us there.

    Better yet, remove the stupid penalty.

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  6. Derd Augur

    If you got zero xp you must be bugged. I also use sl arena and have never had a no xp experience. Is it a lot no but it moves
  7. Redwinger_Xev Journeyman

    was there a post from sony about an exp nerf? Why on Norrath would they want to nerf exp for the shards landing expansion? They want these zones to be vacant? I dont understand
  8. Mintalie Augur

    Thank the gods that I finished that hellish Tear before this patch. My poor enchanterbot, on the other hand, is probably just gonna have to go without. Even at max AA/max xp, I cannot justified spending time doing something that returns zero xp. Stupidest decision in all of the EQ SOE history, and boy oh boy is that at the top of an extremely long and rapidly growing list.

    Go ahead and continue to ignore your customer base, SOE!
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  9. Redwinger_Xev Journeyman

    I just came back after a long break and was looking forward to taking my level 95-100 characters to shards landing, but if they nerfed the exp it kind of spoils all my plans, Seriously Please reconsider this decision devs, and fire the person who decided to do this.
  10. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    exp is only nerfed once you hit level 101.

    I hope I never ever ever see another level increase with this garbage.
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  11. Redwinger_Xev Journeyman

    Thank you Yinla

    It really makes no sense why they want to take the fun out of the game. What possible good does this do for the devs, I really can't understand the logic.
  12. Iila Augur

    There's a huge thread in sense heading about it. But nothing was ever mentioned in patch notes because 'everyone already knew about it'.

    At 101+, all pre-cotf exp gets reduced by an additional 40-75%.
  13. Garshok Augur

    I still don't see a lot of logic in this approach. Either
    a) SOE wants to force people into new content - got it. Don't agree, but there is at least a method to the madness; or

    b) SOE wants to slow down progression in general to try and drag out the content - got it. Can't have people xping faster on older mobs.

    BUT - then they add the daily missions giving you 25 AA or more for doing a COTF HA for up to four HAs a day, pretty much negating a) and b) for casual players (much less the folks who will grind 12-15 hours a day if necessary). So . . . what was gained?

    SOE should have just nerfed the quest rewards for higher level toons and have been done with it. The current slap-dab approach just breaks things like merc exp, exp for lower levels grouping with others or catching up augs in ROF, makes COTF Hunter that much more painful with the minimal EXP award for folks not completing missions in order to try and spawn rares . . . and we still had plenty of folks hitting 105 within days if not hours.

    I would hate to be a player who hit 101 not having core AA already done.
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  14. Garshok Augur

    And the 'logic' presented was weaksauce.
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  15. Laffsalot Journeyman

    Please clarify this for me.

    I have a L 101 SK and two L 95 toons that I box. If I go to shards landing and camp mobs I will essentially get low/no xp on ALL my toons? Or does the penalty just apply to the L 101 toon?
    Thanks for the clarification.
  16. Iila Augur

    For AA exp, all of them, for sure.

    It shouldn't effect level exp for the 95s, but there was a bug that caused the exp nerf to hit sub 101s grouped with 101+s. And it's quite possible that bug is still around in some form.
  17. Fogbust Journeyman

    Well the logic probably was, let's make TDS and COTF zones look more interesting since those give XP.
    Guess they knew that people would like older zones more otherwise, cause they were...better?
    Pretty weak.

    I know a lot of talk is about how they don't have the Devs etc. anymore, but it's still disappointing how those resources they do have are handled.
    So even that excuse doesn't work well for me.
  18. Rouan Augur

    Problem is CotF and TDS are small-ish and built around HAs. Some of us just don't like HAs.
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  19. Battleaxe Augur

    OP's Mage is 105.

    Open zone TT is pretty good experience. I found working on TDS progression results in max AA in short order (of course as a Warrior my max AA is lower than it is for some classes). As an added benefit Trophy of the Seafarer (it works now) looks nice on the mantle. As a further added benefit I'm told some Mages like Arx Mentis Mana Gem.

    Problem is you can't have content that provides the best risk/reward expansion after expansion. That's more than a bit contrary to the idea behind a progression game.

    The good part is after devs close the previous expansion kiddie ride to toons too big for that play ground it turns out there's a might be smallish but very high quality playground for bigger kids right down the street. (One can hardly whine about the size of TDS when one would be quite happy grinding DH HA's or killing Alarians for tablets for a year plus).

    Nod, The Tear. Silly me - I didn't roll a Monk making the tear soloable and trivial. Looks like it might not be worth me soloing the rest of it with my Warrior. Oh well. There's an Old Man McKensie item that's not worth it any more too - but the content after OMMs was adequate compensation for that ride being closed down.

    I see nothing wrong with a quest giver telling you, "I don't have anything for an adventurer with your vast experience." or mobs being green or gray con if you should be past that content. Sorry if not being able to pwn old content profitably spoils some players' fun, but preserving the integrity of the progression aspect of the game trumps that IMO.
  20. silku Augur

    I actually have no problem with needing to go to TDS to get my AA... I just think the nerf was beyond a nerf. Even without the nerf killing Alarans in shards would have been no where near the experience on Dino Island. The problem is this stupid tear requires I kill alarans. There are no high level Alarans, and everything that is left in the game provides no reward of experience (which is what you need besides tablets to evolve this thing.) Now, I'm gathering tablets and doing the quests.. but that's till going to take forever with no exp hits to help push it along. Got 10 tablets yesterday... not even an AA worth of xp out of it.

    I still say the solution is to put the tablets on a marks of valor vendor in Ethermere so that people can do the dailies each day then go and buy a tablet.
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