So, will we ever see an optimized code in this game?

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Peter_The_great, Jun 7, 2024.

  1. Peter_The_great Elder

    Game still runs as poop, FPS dips down to 5fps when grouping with 10+ players.

    This is with the lower settings in the game.

    PoK at small bank, FPS is at 10.

    I checked the stats on my CPU per core, 1 core worked at 98% when looking into the crown who stands by the Small Bank in PoK.

    I game at 1440P so the CPU is less affected.

    I figured out that, if I drag the Actor Clip Plane down to 0, I got 120FPS as I put the limiter on. But who wants to play the game like that?

    5600X@ 4850mhz 6/12.
    32GB RAM.

    And no, Its not AMD.. My Intel/Nvidia PC does also struggle the same.

    i5 10th gen.
    RTX 3050TI.
    16GB RAM.

    Game is created to play with others, but the bad coding says play solo and stay away from others..

    Any updates at all or are the game doomed to run bad another 20years?
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  2. Fanra

    I'm not really sure this qualifies as a bug. I'd consider this more of a feedback/request to go in The Veterans' Lounge. Or maybe even Player Support. However, let's take a look at your complaint.

    First, your issue seems to be related to either your resolution or your setup (hardware/software). I say this because many players do not experience this issue.

    You say, "I game at 1440P so the CPU is less affected." Starting from there, I went to Wikipedia to find out what 1440P means.
    So, saying "1440P" is inadequate. What is the exact resolution you are playing at? According to the article, it could be anything from 1920 x 1440 to 5120 x 1440.

    In any case, this is quite a high resolution, so your video card matters. You say, "7900XT". I assume that means AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT. According to that video card should be able to handle AAA games at high resolution.

    So, it does not appear to be the video card itself that is causing problems.

    As for your CPU, you say "5600X". I'm assuming this is AMD Ryzen 5 5600X. Three and a half year old CPU but still quite fine.

    Again, this is all information that I have to figure out because you are not giving exact details. You also are not saying how many monitors you have and what size they are.

    Next, drivers. Are you using the latest motherboard and video drivers? How about background programs? Are you running antivirus and other antimalware software? I always recommend that people do not use anything other than what comes with Windows. Third party antivirus/antimalware software is unnecessary (in my opinion) and can cause problems.

    There are a million other things that could be responsible. We have no idea if you have already looked into them because rather than give us a full accounting of what you have and what you have already done to rule out your systems, you just are saying it is all Darkpaw. Well, if it was all Darkpaw there would be plenty of people in your camp.

    I talk to a lot of people who say that they have problems on raids with framerate/lagging. None of them have problems just in PoK at the small bank.
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  3. Peter_The_great Elder

    I'm well aware on PC hardware and software and how to take care of it.

    Everything is up to date.

    Everyone I have talked to about the low FPS in Pok also has the same problem.

    Are you talking with people who are using the 1999-style EQ? In that case, no problem to run the game.. but I want to have some graphical experience on my screen.

    In the Vox US server, there are often 20 toons on the ''bridge'' small bank. Does your people also play on the vox US server?

    I use Windows own Anti-virus. Been through this a millions times..

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  4. Fanra

    Well, your lack of detail makes it seem otherwise, at least to me.

    Really? I've not heard a thing about PoK causing issues. I run around PoK with AMD Ryzen 5 2400G with Radeon Vega Graphics (no video card at all) and it's fine. Two monitors. This is an ancient cheap system and it runs EQ fine. Only 1920 x 1080 resolution, though.

    Again, "1999-style EQ", is not a term that makes any sense to me. This type of comment, again, leads me to believe you are either lacking in technical skill, or more likely, lacking in descriptive writing abilities.

    I play on the Bertoxxulous server. Usually, all regular servers are the same. So, in theory, it should make no difference.

    Detail. Clear non-ambiguous detail is the best way to get people to look at this issue and assist. Vague or "insider" terms do not help. Assume your reader knows nothing and be descriptive and clear.
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  5. Fanra

    Also, how are you measuring framerate?
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  6. Peter_The_great Elder

  7. Peter_The_great Elder

    Aren't that server none box allowed? AKA dead server with almost 0 players.

    There are lot's of other people who has the same issue as I do.

    Come to Vox US server and see for yourself.

    Also. ''Old Style EQ'' AKA 1999-style''
    Old graphics please : r/everquest (

    I'll enter your server and see.
  8. Fanra

    I go on raids with 53 other toons without a problem so your saying you have a problem with 10+ players means that my server population has nothing to do with this.

    Have you checked that Rivatuner itself isn't causing issues? Ran around with it not active, not even in the background/hidden?

    Have you copied your eqclient.ini file (for backup) and then deleted the original and let EQ create it again? Many issues related to DirectX 11 and other problems can be traced to an old eqclient.ini file. That, I blame Darkpaw for, but that's their code housekeeping issue (a very important one) but not a coding issue per se.
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  9. Peter_The_great Elder

    I just tried in your server, and I actually got more FPS in the same place VS Vox US, 30fps more, so it is most like less toons on your server.

    Its not Rivatuner, hehe.

    yep, tried that with the ini. file, several times. Reinstalled the game several times.

    So my conclusion, its a bad code and it needs to be fixed.

    I guess this is a waste of time and the game is just broken to the kernel.

  10. Fanra

  11. Fanra


    Do /who count on both servers in PoK and see what numbers you get.

    There could be some game issue here.

    However, the developers are working hard to fix issues. Cairbrae especially tries to fix things regarding graphics/framerate. If you can provide more details, they might be able to assist.

    Still hoping borderless windowed mode gets implemented...
  12. Peter_The_great Elder

    I have been in that site and checked around, does not really do anything.. 1-3 FPS here and there, within the error of measurement.

    Far clip plane does help I do have it at 45.

    Actor Plane clip at 45. If I do have this at 0, I do have very good and stable FPS so I think the error is within the toons 3D rendering.. Keep in mind, game engine STILL uses 512MB vRAM at max..

    Keep in mind if I do have this on 0, I don't see anyone not even myself (I play 3rd person view) NOT a fun experience.

    I bet, if they increase this to 10GB vRAM, we will see real gains in performance.

    The game engine itself is the bottleneck.

    Plenty of Reddit-users have complained about EQ's bad code, so its not just me.
  13. Fenthen Living rent free in your headspace

    Have you ever tried to smoothly mouse-look near a group of people? Insanity.
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  14. Cairbrae Developer

    Try setting these eqclient.ini variables and let us know if that helps. They are found in the [Defaults] section:


    Also delete any ClientCore# variables.
  15. Knifen Augur

    Never understood that, is it something with mouse drivers? Cause when I use mouse and it does the random 180 random spin or whatever it does when it hits a lag pile, I can turn in the same spot with the arrow keys and it works just fine.
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  16. Peter_The_great Elder


    Shadows is off.
    Light effects off.
    Bloom off.
    Flowers off.

    It does give 1-3fps at most, not enough when in action with 12toons and 6 mobs struggles at 14fps.
  17. Peter_The_great Elder

    No, nothing wrong with your mouse, its the game.

    Keep in mind.. all other much better looking games runs so much better than EQ.
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  18. Quicksand Journeyman

    The game is evil, its all the game.

    And yet many of us have zero issues with everything you mentioned that bothers you. I say bother because you said if you played in 1999-style EQ then you did not have the problems

    Why can so many of us have so few issues? While some players have constant issues. Its like they are trying to force that round peg into the square hole.
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  19. Fenthen Living rent free in your headspace

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  20. Fenthen Living rent free in your headspace

    Those were already set.

    Have you guys tried testing out on a Live server, and not the miniscule Test server?