So... what about Enchanters?? Do you main one?

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  1. hein Augur

    Ok, so I recently came back and have been enjoying playing a Beastlord. I love that the pet can tank so well and that moloing and groupings is a decent experience. I'm currently level 97 on the BST. However, there is a part of me that really misses playing an enchanter like I did back in the day, and while it's silly, I really like the look and design of the epic 1.5 and would love to complete it and get the ornament. I also don't see a lot of enchanters, at least not in the way I see Mages out there.

    Ok, so here is my question. How will the molo experience be with an enchanter? I wouldn't really want to box, other than maybe my druid in the background for occasional support and ports.

    Do Enchanters get a way to perma charm a mob or close to it, so it can tank and taunt like my BST pet does?

    Do Enchanters get a Faded Memories or similar like a bard for pulling?

    For Molo, what strategy and Merc do you use?

    Thanks guys!
  2. Vumad Cape Wearer

    ENC molo experience is not that great compared to other classes. Charm doesn't scale backwards well. BST pet gets stronger and stays stronger as you level. ENC are always capped to the expansion you are in. A L120 BST going back to EoK uses a L120 BST pet, but the ENC is still using the same mob they charmed in EoK. So where BST can go back 1-2 expansions and plow some XP, the ENC is weaker going back.

    ENC are very strong in current content, but we do have a lot of limitations. Mobs have to be charmable and stunable/mezable (just one), and it's bets they don't summon. There are a lot of zones we can't molo in because of this. So in the CoV expansion, we are powerful in Cobalt Scar but can't really do anything in Skyshrine.

    Also charm is out of balance for risk/reward, and gets more out of balance the less armor you have. Raid geared ENC can take a few hits but group geared ENC die very fast after runes fade. Charm pets don't do much DPS for the associated risk, and we do root, but it's very possible for you to have 2 mobs coming after you, or your merc, on short notice.

    The most efficient way to Charm Molo is reverse charming. The Pet DPS is low, so you let the pet and mob beat each other up, break charm, kill your pet (no charm XP penalty) then charm the mob you were fighting. Sending your pet after more mobs at once can make for some crazy DPS, but high risk.

    Overall, ENC can Molo and it can be fun, but the risks are higher than the rewards, and it's not as positive as an experience overall compared to other classes that do it well, like BST.


    As for your other questions...

    Perma charm is called Dire Charm. It works to our current max level when at the cap and lasts 6 minutes. I can't recall off hand but I am thinking the recast delay is 30 minutes. So it is great for trying to take down a named or trying to grab a level cap mob (ENC can charm to 119 or dire charm to 120). We no longer have a permanent charm for low level mobs like we did in the days of PoP and the Wrulons. Well, I think it may still work like that but there aren't any low level mobs around anymore like those little wrulons.

    ENC get Self Stasis and Friendly stasis. Both are a mez that leaves a residual invis (not IVU iirc) that drops aggro, and you can click off the mez from the buff window anytime, you are stuck waiting on a fade. A DoT on you will break the invis and the mez. Unlike bards, it stops us so we can't continue fleeing, so if the mob sees invis we have to hope it paths away.

    We do however get blur. There is a belt, can't think of the name off hand, that is a clicky blur with a 0.5 second cast time. I use this like a fade and it works well. The recast delay is also pretty low. It drops in DoDH expansion.

    We use a cleric merc.

    If you are willing to box, but don't prefer to, use a mage as a box. Their pets tank very well and can handle a lot with ENC slow and 2 cleric mercs or 1 clr 1 war. ENC are exceptional pullers and we can really boost a mage. Also Mage CoH makes it easy to get around when boxing.
  3. Kazint Augur

    The Unearthed belt from a named in UF/Underquarry has a blur clickie I usually get.
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  4. Shriek New Member

    Enchanters USED to be the bomb. Even in original EQ, they were so amazing. Up to PoP, they were great. Could dire charm a mob and solo all day. They really nerfed enchanters a lot. Dire charm is a 6 min charm and the pets dps is lower than your regular pet. Just good for a meat shield really. Same with charm, they nerfed the dps of the charmed pet, which is worthless. Enchanters are basically adps class now. I don't see much need for mez anywhere now. I LOVE the enchanter class, it has(had) more possible ways to play and strategies than any other. I got mine to 120 and haven't touched it again, besides for buffs.
  5. Verily Tjark Augur

    Vumad pretty much lays it out...

    I used to molo with a charm pet, and now I box a mage with the majority of my screen time spent on the enchanter. I pet tank with mage and use 1 healer/1 melee dps merc.

    I love my enchanter. Despite all the "tuning", it's still really fun. I wish more people would play them as their main though.

    Also, plenty of cc options in new raids so far, and I can dps a good bit on some raids too. Enough balance to keep me engaged at least.
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  6. hein Augur

    You guys have convinced me to stick with the BST. Thanks for all the input.
  7. Alnitak Augur

    BST is a good choice for a main. And if you do box - box it with a mage or a bard. Excellent cross-boost between those and a beastlord, and both are easy to box.
  8. Primadonna Knights of Infinity, FV

    The enchanter pet is actually better than a charmed pet if you have a merc healer to keep them up. Buffing the pet with NPT and some other stuff really helps keep the survivability of it up while the heals land. I use my pet to tank in Maiden's Eye on burrowers with no problem. DPS is just the issue, which is why it's nice to either box another toon for a melee dps merc and additional buffs or dmg from the box. Go with a berserker that you can just set to autoattack and you'll be set.

    So it's Enchanter, pet tank, merc healer, Zerker box, Zerker box Melee DPS merc. You can clear just about any kinds of regular mobs with that setup, and might be able to take on a few nameds depending on their abilities.

    But as I write this, I'm feel like we're going to see an enchanter pet nerf. They recently stealth nerfed our Throttling Grip spell line to not proc off our twincast it really feels like they are just trying to kill off our class DPS and make us buff bots again. You're probably better off just sticking with the beast and getting a bard box, so you can run bard, bst, healy merc, melee dps merc. Just set the bard to auto attack and sing while your bst and warder do some work.
  9. Vumad Cape Wearer

    Our pet does about 8k DPS and charmed pets do like 60k DPS, iirc. Summoned pet is definitely more convenient but it is not "better" than charming.

    Pet blocking cures helps prevent tash cure and charm breaks.
  10. Vumad Cape Wearer

    I think you should play the ENC. It's a great class, just more group dependent than a BST. I myself enjoy pulling, and often find myself in groups without plate tanks to justify pulling, CC, charming and etc. We have a lot we can do, but often get overlooked because we don't show up in the parse or aren't needed when big tanks are present. There is a of excitement in our class however. The decision to stick with BST should only be because of the limitations of charm for molo, and only if you want to be able to molo everywhere and not be limited by mob resists. Really, since BST is more limited in CC and pulling, I can still out perform a BST molo in many situations in which they can't split off a number of mobs they can handle.
  11. hein Augur

    Are you saying your standard pet, is able to tank and keep agro when it comes to current group content? What I like about my BST is the pet can tank the mob, while I beat on it, and the healing merc keeps us all alive. I have a druid in the background doting and offering a group patch heal.
  12. Zulan Lorekeeper

    I hate to say this, but don't play enchanters, they're buff bots.

    I solo'd all the way to 64 charm killing, going to 65 was really the first time I grouped. I used to do halls of honor guard charm killing, the rooms were a perfect setup for it (the reverse charm killing posted above).

    The only reason enchanters are still viable in this game, is because raid mechanics require charm/mezzing or wipes happen, and that's if kite mechanics were put in the raid sometimes lol.

    Enchanters USED to be awesome. They've been nerfed into oblivion.

    As an enchanter, I used to be the puller of the group, the only time i would stop is when my group finally ran out of mana/mobs - not the best class for this anymore, bards do it better imo.

    Used to Aoe stun when a warrior/sk/deflection type disk would pull a train of 40 or so mobs, and keep them locked down, cycles between the three stuns. If a resist happened or the tank died, entire group wiped, it was a real fun way of playing and awesome for burns. - Nerfed.

    Enchanters used to charm kill without reverse doing it, but the damage was nerfed on charmed mobs because it was just too OP. The reward vs risk wasn't weighed heavily against the enchanter enough so they nerfed it in Gates of Discord if i recall correctly.

    Enchanters used to be able to Dot infinitely because there was a % based mana tap on the damage done. There is still a tap, but they nerfed it so bad it's bad too.

    Enchanters don't have a great group game setting, but are still good for raids.

    Just my 2c.
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  13. Verily Tjark Augur

    Zulan the Pot Stirrer
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  14. Zulan Lorekeeper

    Just being honest man. They're fun to level up with, but end game they're very very boring state right now.
  15. RPoo Vox.Dandin told you, 'your better then me =D'

    I know Vumad touts reverse killing as a viable option a lot, I've avoided doing this ever since they broke double root with banishment so it's been a long time. Reverse charming was my thing back in Tosk I'd do it all day. The other day I went to Shadow valley to give it another go. I rooted, tashed and charmed a starter mob, dragged five or six more mobs on top of it rooting them one at a time before bringing the next. To my surprise, My charmed pet was taking way too long to die even with 6 mobs beating on it... This is not at all what it use to be like to reverse charm. You'd root two or three mobs on your pet and it'd be ready to die in like 10 seconds! This method is pathetic now as well, the risk of having 6-7 loose mobs after you is not worth reverse charming. I honestly was doing better charming one mob and sending it on one mob at a time with dots and nukes. Much safer and fast killing than 6 mobs dpsing one mob. The pet holds aggro much better <3 not sure what they did but it sure wasn't increasing their DPS.
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  16. hein Augur

    Ok, seems like most people are very unsatisfied with their Enchanter. Let me ask this. Right now I have one level 40. If I wanted to level it up to 90 and just see how things go, how would I go about power-leveling 40-90? I have a 98 druid, 104 bard, or 85 cleric that I can use to help PL. All those mentioned characters are on one account, therefore I could only use one of them at a time.
  17. Primadonna Knights of Infinity, FV

    I suppose if we define "Better", that would help. :D If you want more dps from the pet, then yes, charmed pets are better. But as a tank, the summoned pet is superior because it doesn't break and gives you more time to focus on casting and meleeing. You're going to get a much better return by nuking rather than having to worry about charm breaks, rooting, etc. Just use the summoned pet for tanking since no enchanter pet will ever measure up in DPS to other pets. Charmed pets are just not worth the risk/reward when killing.
  18. Verily Tjark Augur

    It's all about perspective... I love my enchanter. I pull for every group, dps quite well on raids, mez/blur my way around the world, and many other things.

    However, charm does suck now imo. I really only use it as a novelty or extra cc (hit dire charm). I rarely load a charm spell anymore.
  19. hein Augur

    Thanks Verilyx, do you have any suggestions on how to handle leveling up my enchanter. As I posted above, I have another account with a 98 druid, 85 cleric and 104 bard. I can use any of these 3 along side to help out a bit. I wish I could find a reasonable reason to use the cleric, but seems like Druid would be the most obvious companion for ports and what not.
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  20. Vumad Cape Wearer

    use the dru with a war merc and cleric merc. Pull with the ENC and CC, play the ENC as it is meant to be played. DPS / backup heal with the druid. Add people to the group as you find them.

    Cleric merc on the enc and war merc in the dru. could use rogue instead of war for more dps. they tank pretty well.
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