so they took away clicky aggro

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  1. AoEBox Elder

    For everyone calling for changes to clicky aggro I hope all of you have the same mindset come Velious when you ALL are abusing the Magician pet mechanic to cheese tank aggro.

    Leave it be and move along - been 5 TLPs , those who know have been using it and apparently has not been that big of an issue otherwise it would have been addressed.

    FIX MAGE PET AGGRO PRIOR TO VELIOUS! < Haters gonna Hate >
  2. Trevalon Augur

    Agree that mage pet agro should be fixed for cheesing encounters. That being said I have never been in a guild that has used that tactic or even needed to use that tactic to win...only scrub guilds need to do things like that...
  3. AoEBox Elder

    Everyone must be scrubs , as this tactic is used every TLP !
    Now with the clicky aggro change, it makes this tactic even more benefitial.

    Lord Vyemm will be interesting to watch ( if no mage pet aggro existed )
  4. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Pet aggro cheese in TOV is a whole other level of ridiculousness.
  5. AoEBox Elder

    Just pointing out the hypocrites !
    99% of these people wanting the change for Jboots, will use this tactic in 2 months come Velious launch.

  6. Rogean New Member

    wth is pet aggro cheesing.. does anyone do these encounters as intended anymore?

    I play a warrior. Nerf jboots, nerf 'pet aggro' cheese or w/e it is. Don't need em.
  7. AoEBox Elder

    Everything in EQ is "Working as Intended" just ask the Dev's !
  8. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Mage hides back, sends in pet with taunt on, Pet can't hurt the mob enough to make it summon, dragon can't target pet (MoTM) so mage gets all the aggro, everyone else positions themselves wherever they want/need to be, warrior goes in and taunts once and has ton of threat.
  9. Xhartor Augur

    On encounters like Lord Vyemm and Lady N, I think the pet aggro cheesing helps balance against the resist problems created by motm.

    The tactic is also used on some of the perm rooted mobs in Luclin.
  10. Rogean New Member

    That’s disappointing. Do those mobs still Call of the Zero? I’m assuming they don’t cast it without Line of Sight though.
  11. Trevalon Augur

    Why would Vyemm Be interesting? I was raid leader for Syrian Draka (Sleeper), Resolute (Phinigel), The Regime (Agnarr), and Kursed (Mangler) all TLP servers and not once did we use a mage pet for ANY dragon in NTOV and we cleared all dragons every week easily. We also never once used "click agro" to hold agro, not once. We also jousted Lady Nev, That's right, no cheating on her either. In fact Resolute only wiped to Vyemm once (I consider that my fault as it had been many years since I did Vyemm) but both Regime and Kursed 1 shot Vyemm doing the fight correctly.

    Sorry, but not "every" guild uses these tactics...They are not needed and frankly its kind of pathetic to watch any guild have to use cheats to kill mobs in EQ.
  12. Xhartor Augur

    Call of the zero is limited line of sight. So in these cases the Mage needs to get close enough to send the pet in, while remaining out of line of sight.
  13. Foaming Augur

    Except as an Officer of Faceless on Agnarr I know you guys didn't kill Vyemm in era. During that time Vyemm only spawned open world and Faceless never lost a Vyemm. We joked about it being the true final boss of Velious and it being a Faceless only mob. At best you guys killed it once during the Christmas break when we advertised to the server we were taking the holiday off and it was fair game. I don't remember anyone killing him during these few days, but I could be wrong.
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  14. yodo Elder

    Pitfall got that 1.
    edit: actually it might not have been during Christmas but we did get 1 in era.
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  15. Trevalon Augur

    Ya know, your right. I completely forgot about Vyemm being bugged out on Phinigel. I dunno, after 4 guilds led they all start running together. I get tells all the time from past people and I have to ask em which guild I know em from lol.

    That all being said, I know I have done Vyemm in era, many times, without using the mage pet exploit (and lets call it what it is, its an exploit.)

    The point made is that there ARE guild's who refuse to cheat to win and will either kill the mobs the "right" way or they won't kill em at all (which is my general rule for all my guilds). That's right we fight Vox/Naggy and let them do their AE' boot agro needed.

    You'll be shocked to know all my guilds cleared Growth every week to kill Tunare and didnt exploit bug her out too. I know, your shocked.
  16. jeskola Augur

  17. Hadesborne Augur

    Vyemm wasn't bugged on Phinny to start. They bugged it with a patch shortly after velious drop.
  18. phaeril Augur

    No, they changed the encounters (in this case with how pets get aggro (or rather don't) on mobs with motm not to mention the timing, instancing, etc. etc. etc.), so no... nobody does them as designed. It's not the same game, so we don't play it the same way.
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