So, that's it? A hotfix and no rollback?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Xerzist, Nov 22, 2023.

  1. Meraileus New Member

    You guys talk like this is a life or death situation, it happens on like every TLP. if you have krono, they are now worth a whole lot more and not much really changes in that regard. Raw plat farming was pretty much pointless at this stage already. The market will stabilize in some time and it wont really affect much at all
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  2. brickz Augur

    kronos do not go from 70k to 2 million in 8 hours "on like every TLP" lol
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  3. FranktheBank Augur

    This has got to be a bait post. No one would post something this dumb on a public forum.

    The market will not stabilize in any timeframe that matters. Mischief had a smaller scale dupe and it took about 6 months for prices to start to correct, which then turned into marcia exploiting. Oakwynd's economy is toast for probably a year. Which only gets harder as people start quitting because they feel incredibly disheartened / slighted by the company's awful decision to essentially do nothing.
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  4. Qalliel Lorekeeper

    The response and handling of this duping debacle has been 100% mishandled. The lack of response of the official Everquest forum is nonexistent, and just bringing servers down to patch the exploit and not perform a server rollback has literally killed server economies. I am done with any DBC owned property as there is no communication between the devs or community manager about the corrected course of action. Without any kind of transparency with your player base and customers this will eventually drive what remnants of player base there is to an even smaller userbase.
  5. allureic New Member

    What do you want them to do roll back all servers so many days.. what about us that paid for marketplace or bought Kronos or trades or raid gear won in last week.. they would lose way more subs by doing a roll back then some random complaints of unfairness it would be unfair to punish 97% of the player base
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  6. Imdead Augur

    So instead of the Sirens Grotto 24/7 totally not aided farmers slowly inflating the plat economy for months and months undisturbed, someone nuked the economy all in one go this time?
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  7. Qalliel Lorekeeper

    There has been a roll back done before for such duping back when PoP was current there was a duping issue and they rolled back the servers for a few days worth of time, I would rather lose out on the exp, loot won, marketplace and krono purchases for the last few days to keep the game in a normal economy then pretty much have it ruined.
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  8. Ruiner Elder

    It's getting pretty disheartening. The in-game economies are destroyed and the response was to do a few bans and call it good. Were the bans even permanent? Back in the day this would have been easy perma bans and server roll backs without question. We have people running around with millions of plat and who knows how many kronos..

    Furthermore the legacy AA exp on oakwynd has been broken for weeks. It just seems like the TLPS are being held together by shoe strings and a team of like 3 people at this point. Pretty sad state of affairs really.
  9. code-zero Augur

    I suspect that the vast majority of players do not want to lose days or even possibly weeks of effort put into the game. I also suspect that there's going to be a lot of accounts banned for using whatever exploit was used
  10. Qalliel Lorekeeper

    The perma-ban will punisher the dupers yes, but its not going to ban anyone who made a trade involving items and currency to a non-committing offense player who will still have a huge advantage over others.
  11. Bernel Augur

    Is the rumor about NPC's handing out Krono just a rumor or did that really happen? If it's just plat exploits, then the effect should be somewhat limited to those servers with exploding plat. But if there are tons of free Krono floating around, that will affect all servers since they can be used on any server

    I thought I read at one point that every Krono has a unique ID for tracking. If so, they may end up deleting all all those Krono handed out by NPCs.
  12. Panazule New Member

    Yea.. there are also alot of people who just put stuff in their depot... and then due to the bug 8 million of some item worth 7s wound up in your depot... and then you get suspended even though its all still in your depot....
  13. BaoDur Journeyman

    I've recruited about 10 friends from a RPG forum I administrate to join me on Oakwynd. Which is on top of my two subscriptions for myself. My forum gets roughly 25k unique visitors a week, the average user is as you'd probably expect: an older male, interested in older games from 90s/early 00s, and essentially prime EQ customer material — many of them already played EQ years ago.
    We've been trying to find an online RPG to play together for a while now. We attempted to play Embers Adrift during its free trial last month, and collectively hated it. They're waiting for that other EQ-like game(unsure if I can mention competing products) and regularly follow its development.
    I thought it would be a cool idea to play on an EQ TLP together since a lot of us played EQ years ago when we were younger. Hey, it's a lot like what they remember except with a much better client. I helped them remember how to play EQ, and they were having a blast. They're not hardcore raiders or krono farmers, they're just having fun playing old EQ, exploring areas, and leveling up.
    And the guys who never played EQ were loving it:

    Of course, some of the new guys were struggling a bit, but still found the charm behind it:

    Yeah, we were having fun.

    That stopped today. The few I've talked to have no interest in continuing after this disaster.
    Spin it however you want, everything they've done so far was wiped out overnight and the dev response has been nearly a complete non-response, sans a couple messages on a third-party site.
    I made this post mostly on behalf of them, because they've had the experience ripped from their hands. Maybe someone at DarkPaw is actually reading these posts.

    And now I have to go apologize to them for wasting their money after convincing them to join. Thanks.
    I'll send this post to them to see if they have anything to add, I guess.
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  14. Pimpmobile Journeyman

    It was a player that gave out krono, not an NPC. He gave out one krono to each person that hailed him for one on Oakwynd.
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  15. brickz Augur

    It wasn't NPCs. It was a player who abused the dupe and bought all the krono up and ran around the nexus and the bazaar doling them out for kicks
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  16. Ewaz of_E'ci Journeyman

    While im not in agreement on what's more unfair here, those are mostly valid points.
    Another thing no rollback means is that anyone who wants to buy stuff from other players now in the game that did not participate in the "event" will now be forced to purchase at least 1 krono with RMT
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  17. Junkieman New Member

    well, it's TLP, which means it is literally a temporary service. it is already at Luclin. most players, including you, will leave when their favorite eras are done anyways in about a few weeks or months. you do not even need to bother, unless you are playing this game to trade PPs and Kronos.
  18. Erekai Journeyman

    I already canceled my two were-active-before-today accounts. I'll use up my last few Krono then probably peace out for good. I don't think even the 25th Anniversary TLP could bring me back. I've grown weary over the past 4 or 5 TLPs I've played on, with the bugs, dupes, exploits, botters, boxers, cheaters. I guess this must have been the straw the broke the camel's back.

    So mishandled.
  19. Lejaun Augur

    Join a guild that raids. Better gear there anyways and there are Euro, Eastern, and Pacific time zone guilds very available for raiding.
  20. Ankarv Harbinger of Nightmares

    A friend who traded a krono to an alt says she got rolled back