So... some guards are just fat and lazy?

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  1. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    At least in Everfrost near where Tundra Jack roams, there are a couple of regular guards just standing around. I ran to them with an Orc on my back and neither did anything. They just stood around and watched me die. How often is that for guards? I assume they were guards at least anyway, as they had swords in their hands and wore the bear helms and looked the exact same that roam Halas.

    In saying that, there is a roaming NPC who just runs around and kills things in Everfrost as well. I forget his name, but it is someone besides Jack and his pet polar bear. He was injured and I tried to heal him, but it did not seem to work. I tried to buff him and that did not work either. Can you not heal and or buff guards?
  2. Questoften32 Augur

    A hypothetical rp scenario:

    They are in it with the orcs, and paid to ignore there friends. They are suspected of dishonor and being watched, as maybe part of a bigger problem. Stationed out of the way.

    So, potentially Corrupted guards, taking payoffs, and perhaps female orc concubines with which they cheat on there wives, and punish themselves...because of naughty fetishes, and self punishing guilt complexes at taking the pay offs.

    It would run in a viscous circle in there sick minds, they use the money to buy alchemical substances to become snow blind and dim the voices of there troubled conscious...having been raised in the noble traditions of a proud and pure people.

    Each day a picture of depravity and trying to kill the pain at violating there sacred trust, and living without honor. Getting edger and edger out there.

    Nothing but snow and there own minds to quite now. Taking no comfort from the pretty ever frost desolation and crystalline vista's, learning no lessons in silence. Perhaps feeling unworthy of them having betrayed there heritage, for a few poorly and crudely minted orc coins. Feeling they sold themselves cheap.

    Some go mad, some throw themselves to the insane polar bear lol...or just run headless and naked into the blizzard never to be seen again, laughing, screaming and crying in a way where you cant tell which is which...but with relief.

    ''Maybe effected by Denzines from the plane of justice?''

    These are, very likely, sick larcenous perverted worms, those guards, parts of a larger insidious, orc problem and corruption within the lower branches of the Halas power structure.

    Some would say hanging is to good for them, they should be torn into tiny little pieces and...OK enough with the Capt, Stern references from ''Heavy Metal''. Hehehe. You get the hypothetical scenario.
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  3. code-zero Augur

    You should check /faction for grins
  4. Etridian New Member

    I've got an angle...
  5. Herf Augur

    In some zones, some guards will not kill some mobs. For example in Warsliks if you pull a giant and can't handle it and try to run it to the guards...they will not kill it. Not sure if it's an RP/faction issue, or a game balance issue (i.e. to prevent fighting high lvl mobs down to 49% of their HP then getting the guards to finish them off so you get the XP.)
  6. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    Well these particular guards are in Everfrost Peaks. Besides the two at the ramp that goes up to Halas itself, most guards will ignore everything. I think the guard or NPC near the NPC wolf/dog will kill, although I could of sworn I have been attacked a few times and they did not raise a finger either, but then they have at other times. Tundra Jack and Iceberg I could of sworn would protect players back in Classic, but I have not seen them help me once now, although they do roam across the snow.

    So I just feel it's more broken guards than anything else. I mean why place a guard that will not help a player? It's not like I am bringing an unstoppable mammoth to their doorstep, I could of been running away from a level eight orc at the time. They still wont bother.
  7. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    Can't buff or heal NPC's except in very specific "escort" or "protect" type events. That would be a ridiculous source of griefing other players.
  8. Quiverr New Member

    Charm - buff - release

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