So returned and rolled a warrior

Discussion in 'Tanks' started by Thegtrain, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. Thegtrain New Member

    Recently returned because I saw the free 85 as a great opportunity to get back into the game I love. I paid the sub fee and have a 2002 account for vet rewards.

    Anyway on to my questions...

    What hot keys do I use?
    What potions do you all suggest?
    What mercenary should i,use when soloing? How do I get a higher rank mercenary?
    I autogranted AA should I set a certain percentage to go to AA or wait until higher level?
    Where should I begin leveling at 85?

    All information is greatly appreciated thank you for your understanding. If anyone is on FV server his name is skizzard.
  2. Vizula-Emarr Elder

    Hot keys can be lengthy, just go over what you got, see what shares timers, categorize dps, taunt, ae, short defense, long defense. Just get familiar, more you play around the easier. And something that lrobably cant be stressed enough, run gina or some trigger system to help keep yrack of your active buffs and cooldowns.

    Potions: still leveling peraonally a heroic, dont use anything special but that really depends on what buffs your getting.

    Merc: cant imagine anything other healer. Could maybe taunt kite for a wiz merc, sounds painful lol. (Someone with exp can elaborate better im sure).
    When you heroic boost you start in ferrott. There is a super simple quest you start with to upgrade to journeyman.

    Although you ha e auto grant, i would recommend buying weapon proficiency, its 85 but not auto granted. Makes lifht years difference.

    Leveling. Since molo, youd probably get most bang for your buck out of the previous hotzone, easier faster to kill.

    Also to note on solo or any healer merc useage, youll want to look up spell blocking if you havent already, helps immensely.
  3. MoveFastRZ Bloodsaber

    Read every AA and ability you have on Allakhazam, make hotkeys for those you think you need, test them, refine, repeat. Should take about 200 hours of playtime to get the hang of it. Sucks, but that way you've actually learned the class. If you just get hotkeys imported from someone else's .ini, you won't learn anything you can use in-situ.
  4. Coffee Journeyman

    Returning warrior with basic question to add to this thread. I had been stacking heroic dex but I dont see any other warriors doing that. Should I sell all my type 5 augs to replace with the heroic agility?
  5. fransisco Augur is an awesome resource for AA abilities.
    While they list spells, their spell listings hard not level sortable like allakazam's are.
  6. MoveFastRZ Bloodsaber

    Hells to the no. Heroic DEX, all the way. Mix in a little of the other stuff if you absolutely must, but DEX is definitely priority #1.
  7. fransisco Augur

    If you're a raid warrior, go agility. However if you are a group one, dex.

    In raids, mobs have such high heroic strikethrough that hDex doesn't make much difference. But aspects of hAgi are not removed with strikethrough.
    But in the group arena, the bonus to parry and riposte is better than the dodge and avoidance ac you get from hAgi
  8. Tucoh Augur

    Thegtrain, this thread will help you learn how to warrior:

    And this thread will help you get geared: