So my friends and I are having an argument about mob density.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by GeauxTigers, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. GeauxTigers Elder

    I say it's Lguk - you can pull about 240 mobs if you include live and dead side.
    My friend said it's deep, but with lag issues you can only get about 185 mobs to camp.

    What do you guys think? (we were talking about this in the pretext of powerleveling)

    Some popular runner ups were like City of Mist, which ended up only being like 110 mobs unless you pull reavers etc.

    Bonus points for less populated zones!
  2. Kyzvs Elder

    Doesn't it add massive overhead to the servers as they were never designed to have every mob engaged at once, causing lag for other players in other zones?

    Isn't it anti-social for other people who want to use the zone legitimately?

    I know it's common, I'm probably the only person ever to have not partaken in it and I'm an old-fashioned git for being over-considerate and I'm peeing in the wind for even daring to suggest it, but I dunno - I guess I'm allowed to have an opinion and say I wish this behaviour would just go away...
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  3. GeauxTigers Elder

    Just a question bud, been done since the dawn of time with bards and chardok aoe etc, was just curious if anyone ever parsed a higher mob total than about 240 in Lguk.

    Not literally asking 'hey guys which zones can I lag out and disrupt the players' like are you serious?
  4. Kyzvs Elder

    I can't reconcile that with:

    You admit you are causing lag issues and you are targetting the best old zones. These type of actions directly affect the experience of players in other zones, but because it's not directly visible to the pullers, no-one cares about it.

    I'm not getting excited about it at all, I'm just expressing an opinion that half a zone+ pulls are something I would prefer wasn't in the game. As an old fart who's been playing since '99, It's a considered and valid opinion, as is yours to disagree with me. You are in the majority and it's within the current rules. I totally accept it's a view that will never be acted on to make changes, there's no need to jump up and down just because someone dares to have a counter-view on the internet, discussion is healthy - arguments aren't ;)
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  5. Qbert Augur

    The perpetually broken summoner's ring in Kod'Taz. Seemingly infinite mobs at once.
  6. GeauxTigers Elder

    I actually stated the fact that it occurs at 185. Wherever it implies I was one doing it, I guess you have a vivid imagination?
  7. Drogba Augur

    Once your pile reaches a certain size, the mobs start lag warping, the more mobs you add, the worse it gets, to the point that they only travel a few feet over like 10 seconds. It'll happen in any zone, and you'll notice this effect occuring well before you have 100 mobs on aggro, let alone 240.

    In practice, the puller is going to reach a point where they decide 'well i can keep doing this for 20 minutes or I can do a second pull afterwards and have discs back up by then anyway.
  8. KateL7 Lorekeeper

    It is an exercise in frustration since they ruined the game by adding leashing to mobs :(
  9. Bobbybick Augur

  10. Dreadmore Augur

    What is the argument exactly?
  11. Shadows Journeyman


    Getting mob counts for some of the zones mentioned in here, I took around a max-track Ranger and a Druid for quick travelling. In all cases, I fully expect the entire zones were brought up on track given my positioning and distance to zone boundaries indicated on maps.

    My results...

    Lower Guk:
    Someone was moloing at the zone-in here. I mean, the very nerve of somebody exp'ing in a zone and using it for its actual purpose when I'm trying to do something like this.

    Results: 252 NPCs plus however many NPCs a moloing grey-con anon person at the zone-in had down. The most common was "a wan ghoul knight" with 32 incarnations (this also happens to be one of the rare instances on ZAM where the mob has its back turned in its screenshot). In contrast, there was only a single "a basilisk" up. Perhaps the undead frogloks don't care for basilisks that much.

    City of Mist:
    Once again, there was a player in the zone disrupting my mojo here (what do these people think they're doing).

    Results: 195 NPCs plus whatever a very high level player had dead in the reaver tower. The most common was "a gyrating goo" (with the "a") with 23 spawns up.

    This zone was empty of players. And I'm not surprised. This is not a nice zone to be hanging around in. The NPCs here seem very angry.

    Results: Maybe it's the overcrowding that has the NPCs so annoyed - a whopping 581 of them. Take away the Summoner "Deranged" spawns (hello, these are very broken) and we're left with 511 NPCs which appears to be the zone's actual population. "a ra`tuk rabidfury" edged out "a whipped deathchanter" 26-25 for being the most common. Of the two "an ukun boneretriever" that forced me into killing them (like I said, so angry...), one of them dropped a Meldstone. According to Magelo, there was only an 8% chance of this happening.

    Sanctus Seru:
    No players here. No Lord Seru, either.

    Results: 584 NPCs - the winner of this post. Unlike Kod`Taz, these are all legitimate spawns. Top cons in the zone were Adren Tholos and Falak Tholos (the ever-powerful bankers at Level 99). There were 51 Legionnaire spawns, but only nine Centurion spawns. There were 63 "a Citizen of Seru", by far the most common non-unique name.

    And because I was in the area...

    Innothule Swamp: 312 NPCs, the most common being "a froglok" with 42 and "a lesser kobold" with 39. There were only five undead up (3x "a skeleton" & 2x "a decaying skeleton") and only 1x "a Large Forest Crawler" (must be lonely).

    Emerald Jungle: 276 NPCs. No Severilous. This zone scared me back in the day. Creepy environment noise, zero vision, relatively high level mobs everywhere. It was one of those "get in and get OUT" zones. It wasn't so creepy this time around. It's a great place if you want to contract malaria, or something, as there were 50 mosquitoes up (42x "a soulsipper"; 8x "giant scourgewing mosquito" - if you've ever seen one in person, they are BIG). There were only three "a raging tiger" up, which would be a downer if you're doing the hotzone daily. The closest NPC to the entrance of City of Mist is "Forcallgorn Vorago". I doubt even he knows what he's doing there.

    I did not mass-pull any of these zones. Last time I tried that, I had many NPCs warp on top of me and kill me before my computer (and me) realized what happened.
  12. Filter Elder

    I have tried this over and over again but the max I can get on me in LGuk is less than a 100 if my memory serves me correctly. I run through and agro them but if I get to far away from them they just drop agro. I've done City of Mist but I've always had better results from LGuk personally at that level range.
  13. Drogba Augur

    Are you talking about in a single pull, or just 'having all the spawns down'.

    I leveled my tear during TDS in city of bronze. Pulled almost the entire city and all the floors of that main building, but i had to split it into 2 separate pulls because eventually to add even 5-10 mobs to the pull meant 5 minutes of getting the lag pile of 150ish mobs to keep up with me. It reaches a point of inefficiency to keep going. Tear was done in 5 days. Had some other zones crash with less mobs.
  14. smash Augur

    Imo time for dbg to put some lvl 150 guardians into zones, that hits like the guard in freeport.

    If some has aggro on more than 30 mobs they will come and slaughter the player
  15. Bigstomp Augur

    Plane of hate is pretty dense
  16. catcattank Elder

    This style of gameplay becoming optimal is why I converted to ARPGs. I can kill way more mobs without having to pull. And the gearing part is deeper, with a more complex and nuanced skill tree.
  17. Aurastrider Augur

    I think this is a common misconception unless there are maybe tons of players doing this at the same time across the server. By design the artisans prize promotes this type of behavior if someone actually wants to do it in a "timely" manner. There are places where I have pulled the entire zone with well over a hundred mobs. I run usually 8 accounts at the same time and while doing this I have experienced zero lag on my other 7 accounts who are usually in other zones while mass pulling on one. Maybe this is more of a noticeable issue during prime time when people are raiding? At any rate outside of the toons actually looking at or engaging in the massive mob pile I have yet to see lag spikes created in one zone related to my game play in another.
  18. GeauxTigers Elder

    Just one pull, the bet was which zone was the best at that level range, I went with guk
  19. GeauxTigers Elder

    But also just which zones are good for it in general (and usually empty) kaesora is another one
  20. Gana Augur

    I use LGuk followed by Crypt of Nadox. I have never bothered to look at mob density (guess I should), but I am almost always the only person in Nadox.

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