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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Thomasofold, Nov 12, 2017 at 12:35 PM.

  1. Thomasofold Journeyman

    Hey everyone Im new to EQ and am having some troubles.

    1. Where might I get a better weapon? The stores selection sucks (compared to what I have) but I still find the weapon lacking...

    2. Where do I buy low lvl potions? The vendor on the 2nd floors lowest lvl potion is 40... (General merchants dont have pots like the tutorial did)

    3. Why doesnt my merc run away with me? I tried setting to passive, still doesnt run.

    4. Is this game hard or am I playing wrong? I feel like im missing something. I cant even figure out augmentations and stuff like smithing seems weird (doesnt work 99%) of the time. Keeps saying my class cant do it in this container (Even the one required for that beginning quest)

    5. How do you do bowabs jealousy? Says to talk to reakash but nothing happens

    6. any suggestions (im a warrior barb) I feel like I cant buy better armor or weapons so I have no idea what to do.
  2. Grove Augur

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  3. Nainconnu New Member

    I started on F2P server 3 weeks ago, it's ridiculously easy.
    1) if you are low lvl, weapons doesn't matter. u gonna lvl up so fast. if u play multi accounts, take 1 druid first, 2 pet classes. Since u play with merc. is more easier and safety. Just play with pets + merc's, you are lv 70 in 3 weeks in non-hardcore mode :)
    2) Now your druid is lv 60 or 80 it doesn't matter too, Level 49 spells is minimum for boost. You can PL all your accounts 3x more faster. regen,skin,DS,port help so much, Druid + your war and whatever u likes.
    Merc never set it to passive, it's useless.
    3) If u play solo war,pick a tank or melee merc. the healer is very bad, 4 heal and he's oom, the nuker is oom after 8 nuke.
    4) It's more faster to play druid first if u intend to lvl up many others accounts.
    The time u level up your war in solo to lv70 or so, you already have your druid and pets classes to 70 and u've got time to PL ur war at same time then choose which classes you wants to play untill 105.
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  4. Scorrpio Augur

    What server did you start on anyway?

    Most lower level weapons/armor are indeed junk. There are 'defiant' armor/weapons that randomly drop off level appropriate mobs, those are WAY better than what we had in old times, but weapon ratios are still rather poor. At this stage, best option for you is getting some higher end weapons from early expansions. I.e. rare velium weaponry from Dragon Necropolis.
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  5. Thomasofold Journeyman

    Thanks that actually solved all the issues im having... :)

    ;) seriously though I am getting better and do like the game. Im used to games like diablo and morrowind though lol
  6. moogs Augur

    As a lower level player, one of the tools available to you is /barter. Just killing random mobs can give a chance of dropping some very high value (1000+ platinum) tradeskill items. They are worth virtually nothing if you sell them to an NPC vendor, so it's really up to you to use the /barter tool to figure out which items are in demand on your server at any given time. Click for instant cash. ;) Then use that to buy a nicer weapon or whatever else you need.

    Here is a super gimpy video on how the system works if you're having trouble with it.

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  7. Thomasofold Journeyman

    Thanks but im free to play so I cant sell to players right?
  8. Tatanka Augur

    Partly correct, partly incorrect...

    For selling as a merchant (/trader), you have to be all-access. However, to buy from traders, you just access them like you would a merchant, and can use the /bazaar tool to find what they have for sale.

    On the flip side, to buy from players as a merchant (/buyer), you have to be all-access, but to sell to the buyers, again, just access them as you would a merchant, and use the /barter tool to see what they are offering plat for.

    So, F2P CAN sell to players, if they are buyers. If you want to sell as a merchant (/trader), then, correct, F2P can't do that.

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  9. moogs Augur

    You don't need to go to the Bazaar and look at what the /buyer wants. As a F2P player, you can do it all from the user interface window (/bar), from any zone. Payment is an instant transfer. The only reason not to do it is if you don't want extra money and you don't want to take the time looking up buy lines for the items in your bags. As a new or returning player that does not want to commit just yet and buy a Krono, /bar is an absolute godsend.

    Fresh Meat, Fine Feather, pelts and ores and stuff all sell very well. Just have to check things out on your server. A pretty good (but imperfect) indicator of an item's true value is if an NPC merchant will pay only 1 copper and if it's tagged as a Tradeskill item. With less than an hour of experience you will gain a pretty decent understanding of how the tool works and which specific items are in demand by other players. Once you figure that out, the next thing you can do is run around to high traffic merchants (especially in newbie zones like Crescent Reach or Blightfire Moors) and vendor dive. Chances are some clueless newbies have dumped the full contents of their bags and you can instantly resell certain items for a huge profit.
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  10. Thomasofold Journeyman

    all right Ill give it a try! :) barter that is. Cant think how much plat I missed out on...oh well the life of a noob... (I have 1400 plat)....theres nothing to spend it on anyways.... (Or is there?)

    So I gave up on swords, trained (with a trainer) 1hand blunt to 70 (no sessions left) and dual weilded and started kcking. The training must have jump started something because before the training 1hand blunt, dual weild and kick werent going up a single level (I tried for ever)

    So now I seem to be doing semi good damage, but no surprise with out the sheild I seem to be dying a lot now. Also even though Im doing much more damage (40 average instead of 15) the enemies dont seem to drop faster.

    As another question I got that level 30 spell for warriors (res buff or something like that) but when I cast it nothing appears in my effects or song window, where does the buff show up? (Nothing even in that box that shows my name and health)

    I feel like Im a way higher level then I should be for the area, and am having trouble finishing, mostly because I need to 1vs1 stuff or maybe 1vs2 (well I have a merc) but enemies seem to spawn so fast that while Im still fighting enemies re spawn (or walk over maybe) and 4 of them down me fast.

    Especailly at the blix (bee) farm. Man oh man thats tough :)...still Im excited to keep playing. Just waiting for the servers.

    Thanks for all the help guys :)
  11. Tatanka Augur

    If a skill is 0 (zero), you will never get a skillup. You MUST go to the trainer and put at least one point into the skill, and then you can get skillups through normal gameplay. You stumbled into that realization, but just wanted to clarify it, so you don't lose any time when you want to raise another skill later on.

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  12. Thomasofold Journeyman

    1 hand bash was at least 1 and kick was 60-ish.

    Think dual weild was 5ish

    (Im a warrior barb)
  13. Zandrath New Member

    What server are you on Thomasofold?

    Zandrath - of various servers/names/classes =)
    Kordaff, a dwarf cleric is usually me too
  14. delameko New Member

    Have you been to the Plane of Knowledge (PoK) yet? There's a teleport book just next to the entrance to Crescent Reach in Blightfire.

    The reason I ask: after you've ported into PoK, there are two vendors right in front of you. One for items 1-49, one for items 50+. On the 50+ one there is a set of jewellery that has a min level of 37, I imagine it'll be a decent upgrade for you, they're around 800 plat per piece.
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  15. Thomasofold Journeyman

    I have been to the PoK and Im on that anon server (always forget the first part lol)

    would those items be better than the blight moor items im going to get for finsihing the quests? Its really weapons that vendors seem to lack. Does this change later?
  16. delameko New Member

    I just came back to the game last week after a ten year absence, and I've been playing through the Serpent Spine content. Just finished Blightfire Moors/Stone Hive and (if the servers would come back up) about to head to the Mesa. Those items are better than nearly everything I got as quest rewards, I don't even have enough money to buy them all yet. There were a couple of quests in Stone Hive that had equivalent rewards as one of the options - but because I knew I was going to buy them I picked a cloak and chest upgrade instead.

    I'm still using the same weapons I had at 20 (I'm 47 now), which I bought off the bazaar. Yeah, I don't know what the deal with weapons is.
  17. moogs Augur

    There are some weapons that are pretty good starting at 46 or 51. They're from the old world zones; not really worth spending the time camping them yourself and they are probably too expensive in the bazaar. For now you probably want to continue to use level-appropriate "defiant" weapons. Don't forget that you can put in an augment to add a stun or lifetap effect. (You can find low level melee augs in Crescent Reach.)

    It would help a lot if you could join a guild or try to make a friend or two. Most players have tons and tons of extra gear laying around with no one to pass it along to, and they typically don't need your money. You can also ask someone to make potions (distillate of skinspikes) and maybe some poisons (scorpion's agony?) for you.

    At level 46+ you'll be able to receive somewhat better buffs from other players. That's a major power increase if you can just convince someone to spend 60 seconds buffing you and your mercenary.
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  18. moogs Augur

    Oh, another thing that you can do to make a little bit of extra money (and chunks of experience) is doing the hot zone quests from Franklin Teek in PoK. You should be able to get up to 3 tasks (ask for level 45, level 40 tasks...possibly level 50 if he will give them to you), visit the zones and kill those specific mobs. Instant payout and you get a piece of armor. You can equip the armor or sell it for even more plat.
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  19. Thomasofold Journeyman

    The first time I talked to Teek he said to come back at level 75.

    The only Aug for weapons I found in Cresent reach as some agony pain thing (so much damage per 6 seconds)

    Is there another Aug dealer in cresent reach or did I over look it? (A lot of the augs he had for sale where red'ed out)
  20. Felicite Elder

    Perhaps "Trakanon"?
    That sounds like the brother of the Teek moogs is talking about, talk to Franklin Teek.. it's worth it!
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