So is there still items in game that haven't been discovered?

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  1. Brunlin Augur

    So this is the 10th anniversary video montageput out by SOE. During the video it puts out random pieces of information. One such tidbit of info was that 3000 items haven't been discovered.

    So I am curious, as we approach the 20th anniversary, is there still items in the game that haven't been discovered? I just dont mean just discovering items.Is there still unsolved mysteries in the game such as rare factions, undiscovered quest? I hope a dev weighs in and can confirm this or give out some useful information on this. Its been a joy to play this game and i would be interested in the answer.
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  2. Bobbybick Augur

    ?Probably? is the answer.

    There are a lot of items on alla that have no known source and were just dumped/uploaded by datamining. Many are probably broken and have no actual drop source but on the last go around on TLPs (Phinny) I found a number of items in PoR that hadn't been "discovered" until then.

    There's a lot of weird drop tables in scaling instances in some expansions (PoR for example) and monster missions that there was just never really a good reason for people to run.

    In terms of quests I strongly doubt there are any FINISHED undiscovered quests in the game unless they were stealth added in to old content.

    Here is an example item:

    This PROBABLY comes from the raid Monster Mission Fall of an Empire which is a really cool idea for a monster mission but is the end result of a series of other monster missions and probably unknown to the playerbase at large because the rewards are extremely underwhelming for the effort involved and the mission itself is very badly tuned. The mission has likely been beaten so few times that there could be multiple drops never seen.
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  3. Aurastrider Augur

    I know the reds have confirmed in recent years that there are tons of quest items that relate to unfinished quests and lots of unfinished quests created by old developers. I know they did finish some of these recently doing their best to determine what the original developer of the quest had in mind for the quest itself. I believe these finished quests were in Kunark to correlated with EOK and ROS expansions even though the quests themselves were in the original content but provided a server first type reward or something of this nature for completion (could be completely wrong as I am going off of memory and what I think I had maybe read).
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