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  1. Soltara Augur

    I play a mage/cleric/bard on live and I like the setup I have. I'm trying to decide what I want to main for progression server though. I can't pick between a cleric or shaman. I want to raid but from what I understand both are welcome on raids. Any thoughts?
  2. Vulak-Arkadius Augur

    With the way DPS is going to work in classic, you wont need but 1 or 2 clerics on a raid in essence (most guilds will box these anyways) and shaman for utility...Clerics come into their own in Kunark and more-so in Velious. (However once PoF is unlocked in classic and level cap still being 50, clerics will be in dire need for CT pre-kunark as strategy will need to change).

    In my opinion play your shaman if your torn, its a good solo class, with raid utility and the ability and timeframe to be able to twink out a cleric later for raiding in forthcoming expansions. Gone are the days of having basic group/raids consisting of balance
  3. Vulak-Arkadius Augur

    I played raid cleric on Vulak, so I have good experience to base this off of. IE: Naggy will be killed within 4 days of server launch, by less then 2 full groups, consisting most likely of 3 or 4 mages, 1 or 2 monks, an SK, either a druid or shaman and 1 cleric...vox will fall similarily later that day or the following with another few chars added including the need for another tank and secondary cleric
  4. Soltara Augur

    Thanks. That's the kind of thing I was looking for. Based off what I have read it seems the mobs don't live long enough for a heal to fire. :)
  5. Vulak-Arkadius Augur

    Complete Heal is basically useless unless you have a FD monk or SK (guess you could use it on a spam magepet too)...until Kunark with the right setup anyways, and is if you are trying to tank Naggy at this stage the way dps is setup with mage/monk your doing it wrong..its all about spamming pets and healing the monks...SK is there just for the Harmtouch and to try and hold aggro if sh*t goes wrong
  6. Xenyn Lorekeeper

    If you are looking to base your class off the super weak raiding on classic and kunark only, then sure go for whatever fits in that super quick 2 group team that hits Naggy 4 days after launch. If you want to play a class that you enjoy, and are not here for server first on a 32k mob that takes no skill to kill choose whatever you think achieves that. (sk harm touch or mage box). Real raiding starts in Velious, I suggest looking there for your answers.
  7. Soltara Augur

    Yeah I'm not overly concerned with classic and most kunark raids, as they aren't raids. I have had a problem picking between shaman and cleric since this server was announced Hehe. Thankfully I should have enough time with six months to try both out before Kunark goes live.
  8. Vulak-Arkadius Augur

    in essence...1 real player could kill naggy by day 3 if he/she didnt have to fear KS and wanted to play 16hours a day lol... I mean Mag/Mag/Mag/Mag/SK/CLR is the easiest route and there will be a few people/group of friends attempting this just to get the server 1st and bragging rights
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  9. Soltara Augur

    I'll spend the rest of my shift crafting a pro and con list. It's a slow night anyway.
  10. Vulak-Arkadius Augur

    lol im at work to for another 3 hours, my laptop out on me at home so im not even going to be able to play at launch but with 6 months of classic it really doesnt matter
  11. Soltara Augur

    Lol yes you will have plenty of time to catch up. But 3 hours and 38 minutes to make this list. But who's counting.