So I decapitated a trash mob... 14 times...

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Jonny Panic, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. Jonny Panic Augur

    ... same mob, flower model in Brother Island, solid full group so I wasn't even the only one dishing damage to it. Later decapitated a gorilla in the same area twelve times.

  2. Sheaffer Augur

    Group not doing enough dps. What was the composition of the group?
  3. Malachi Augur

    Me thinks you were just decapitating a finger at a time. You are too surgical with your berserkering. Need more blind rage....
  4. Jonny Panic Augur

    I don't remember the other two, but we did have zerk, sk, ranger, wiz. Full group, though. No mercs.
  5. Koryu Professional Roadkill

    Was it a hydra? Normally you only need to behead something once, sometimes twice...
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  6. Sheaffer Augur

    Was anyone parsing? How much dps was everyone doing? Was the ranger one of those guys who only uses autofire and called shots? More details sir...
  7. jiri_ Augur

    Beat me to it.
  8. Blademaster Elder

    Decap on flower models? Once you finish deadheading that garden you can start on mine.
  9. Rouan Augur

    That headshot fires at about a sixth of that frequency at best....
  10. Jonny Panic Augur

    Decap did not fire with any great frequency, it wasn't a machinegun of DPS. It was erratic and had long intervals of no procs.

    It was the bigger flower model, not the smaller one. The smaller ones seem to have somewhat less HP, to be fair, but this isn't scale of HP doesn't seem to be unusual in TDS. I can decap Una, too, for full damage (which, strangely, hasn't gone up with new ranks), and it hardly affects her HP at all.
  11. Brohg Augur

    The big models of everything are double hp. On Brother Island, that means five million hit points, iirc. Could be seven? Fourteen decaps is roughly 3.5 mil, so it means a) the rest of your group was slacking and b) probably it was in range of other mobs healing it?
  12. Rathgar Journeyman


    Are you saying you fought a mob for so long that decap went off 14 times? Are you implying there is something wrong with the game?

    My first and only thought is your group was really really bad at dishing out the damage.

    You need to use a parser (all players should). It highlights where players are weak and should motivate them to do better. Many people in EQ "think" they know how to play. Unfortunately, that is untrue. Each class has abilities that when combined just right can do amazing things. However, if you hit auto attack and ram chips into your mouth while typing to your guild, you should not expect to kill things very quickly.

    Here is a parse of the apes in brothers island. Group geared players plus mercs.

    /g A lumbering furthick in 84s, 5845k @69584 --- Grurpug 2469k @40481 (42.25%) --- Berzerker+ pets 1768k @27193 (30.24%) --- Warrior+ pets 866k @10305 (14.81%) --- Bard 741k @11583 (12.68%) --- Kober 1k @302 (0.02%)
    Wizard was afk.

    Also, I noticed you mentioned that you had a full group, no mercs. Are you implying that players are inherently better than mercs?

    Look above. Grurpug is a guktan melee dps merc. That merc would school your group of six players.

    Here is a parse of my warrior plus bard plus melee merc killing a 23 million hp mob in the time you downed an ape.

    /g Commander Alast Degmar in 499s, 23426k @46946 --- A skeletal death dealer 11921k @26085 (50.89%) --- Warrior+ pets 7365k @14789 (31.44%) --- Bard+ pets 4132k @8330 (17.64%) --- Xasobab 3k @726 (0.01%) --- Jonartik 3k @278 (0.01%) --- Kasarer 3k @224 (0.01%)

    And here is what a group can do to a named mob.

    /g Rexsaurkarus in 68s, 11940k @175590 --- Berserker+ pets 5879k @101370 (49.24%) --- Wizard 2399k @114227 (20.09%) --- Grurpug 1625k @33859 (13.61%) --- Warrior+ pets 1030k @15148 (8.63%) --- Bard+ pets 999k @17216 (8.36%) --- Joner 4k @422 (0.04%) --- Venober 4k @390 (0.03%) --- A lizardman oracle 0k @0 (0%)

    You said you had a Zerker, Wizard, SK, Ranger, plus 2 more. So, your group should be doing exactly the same kind of dps (well the ranger will do a lot less then melee merc, but could burn on named for more). There should be no excuses.
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  13. Jonny Panic Augur

    Here's what I know:\
    My decap damage is 192885.
    My decap crit damage is 443635.
    I'm assuming Killing Spree was not in, as intervals between decaps tend to be fairly long and KS has a short duration and assumes I had gotten the kill shot on the prior mob.
    My crit rate for decap is just over 50% (just before TDS, I had done several 5-9 hour parses for various reasons, and as a side effect, those parses had shown a consistent average of 50% crit rate for decap +/-1%... since then I've gotten all DoN AAs and three more ranks of Precise Blow; assuming PB is 1% per rank and DoN rank 4 is +2%, that puts me at a 55% decap crit rate)
    The wizard was getting regular nuking crits of around 170k.
    I used an audio trigger to track the firing of decapitate and counted the number of times it triggered, set to my firing it so it didn't count more than once per trigger (I'd have to log in again to check the wording, but I got past that point ages ago).

    Using those rough numbers, that means my minimum damage output from decapitate alone is 2.7m, max damage from decap is 6.2m and average likely damage is about 4.45m-4.7m ((6*192885)+(8*443635) if you allow a 6-8 decap/crit rate for the extra 5%, 4.45m is an even 7-7 split)

    The rest of the group is the premier group in our guild that is helping folks get through the expansion so far and, as they were hoping to spring named for Slayer achievements, they were certainly not slacking. We actually had Lydia the Castaway, Redstreak and Mulchmother spawn the next round, where we killed the first two and had the privilege of having Joraga and Co. of Descendents fame steal Mulchmother from us mid-pull afterward... I got to watch as our puller (the ranger) pulled her almost entirely to us and then saw Joraga and his... friends? Alts? Pull her back and dogpile her before we could respond.

    It was memorable!
  14. silku Augur

    Anecdotal evidence followed by questions to try to lead us to believe something is broken is fairly worthless. Posting a parse that shows how much damage was done (including quotes from your logs of 14 decaps on one single mob) might actually make a beneficial conversation happen.

    As someone used to say on here: logs or it didn't happen.
  15. Kreacher Augur

    Why are you bothering to show parses on lvl 105 and greater mobs for? Those mobs are not decappable.

    As it is tho , i spent most of my night in Dredge and Arx. I had 0 decaps in Arx and just a handful in Dredge (14 decaps out of 96 mobs).

    I'd find it pretty hard to believe 14 decaps on 1 mob however, thats almost 6million HP's in decap damage alone.
  16. Rathgar Journeyman

    How long did it take to kill the mob? Decaps aren't the end all be all of dps. If mob died in 5 mins. Decaps dps was 15-16k.

    I think the poster might find out some suprising stuff about his premier group when parsing them.
  17. Mesc No $$$ Until the Experience is put back on Mobs!!!

    But the big question is, Was it "Fun"
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  18. Wayylon Augur

    They need to rename Decapitation "Love tap" problem solved.
  19. savrin Augur

    I have seen assasinate go off almost on engage and quite often. Maybe the frequency of these abilities was chagned by accident.
  20. RPoo Augur

    /G An overgrown tasselvine in 145s, 5723k @39466 ~ Renaii 2633k @64208 ~ Kizfurix 1642k @11325 ~ Slashing 1017k @7946 ~ Babien 431k @4684

    /G An overgrown tasselvine in 96s, 5835k @60782 ~ Vandrin 3803k @80921 ~ Renaii 1163k @14016 ~ Castzone 518k @5630 ~ Kizard 279k @11175 ~ Kizfurix 71k @10159

    /G An overgrown tasselvine in 55s, 5759k @104711 ~ Renaii 2085k @50857 ~ Kizfurix 1273k @23568 ~ Castzone 1220k @25964 ~ Madmaxx + pets 768k @30725 ~ Kizard 413k @9175

    /G An overgrown tasselvine in 67s, 5694k @84979 ~ Kizfurix 2187k @34172 ~ Madmaxx + pets 1785k @28795 ~ Castzone 1198k @21399 ~ Kizard 523k @7804

    /G An overgrown tasselvine in 71s, 5714k @80476 ~ Madmaxx + pets 1776k @31153 ~ Castzone 1673k @24969 ~ Kizfurix 1121k @15789 ~ Renaii 880k @15436 ~ Kizard 264k @3830

    /G An overgrown tasselvine in 82s, 5666k @69097 ~ Madmaxx + pets 1946k @24019 ~ Castzone 1718k @22910 ~ Kizfurix 1275k @15745 ~ Kizard 618k @7532 ~ Sorsa 109k @1917

    /G An overgrown tasselvine in 37s, 5819k @157269 ~ Renaii 2105k @72603 ~ Madmaxx + pets 1340k @38284 ~ Kizfurix 1060k @29439 ~ Castzone 898k @26420 ~ Kizard 415k @11229

    /G An overgrown tasselvine in 65s, 5679k @87368 ~ Kizfurix 3078k @47359 ~ Madmaxx + pets 1181k @22289 ~ Castzone 957k @18402 ~ Kizard 416k @6828 ~ Sorsa 46k @5734

    /G An overgrown tasselvine in 49s, 5756k @117478 ~ Renaii 2527k @58769 ~ Castzone 1183k @26286 ~ Kizfurix 1143k @23812 ~ Madmaxx + pets 375k @17862 ~ Kizard 353k @7346 ~ Natasha 143k @3101 ~ Sorsa 33k @33178

    /G An overgrown tasselvine in 54s, 5703k @105612 ~ Madmaxx + pets 1529k @28321 ~ Kizfurix + pets 1421k @26310 ~ Renaii 1364k @31005 ~ Castzone 1163k @22812 ~ Natasha 143k @3656 ~ Kizard 54k @1107 ~ Sorsa 29k @28533

    /G An overgrown tasselvine in 61s, 5739k @94089 ~ Madmaxx + pets 1626k @28026 ~ Kizfurix 1385k @22702 ~ Castzone 1299k @23623 ~ Renaii 1143k @45718 ~ Kizard 224k @3870 ~ Natasha 62k @2015

    /G An overgrown tasselvine in 51s, 5733k @112407 ~ Kizfurix 2152k @43032 ~ Madmaxx + pets 1488k @30372 ~ Castzone 1103k @25649 ~ Renaii 523k @104511 ~ Kizard 442k @9413 ~ Natasha 25k @2511

    /G An overgrown tasselvine in 52s, 5813k @111784 ~ Xircom 1918k @76721 ~ Kizfurix 1849k @36253 ~ Wizpow 987k @36554 ~ Renaii 583k @41662 ~ A tasselvine mulcher 225k @13210 ~ Kizard 196k @7545 ~ Kerra 55k @2110

    /G An overgrown tasselvine in 45s, 6006k @133470 ~ Renaii 1678k @52424 ~ Kizfurix 1296k @28796 ~ Wizpow 1217k @30432 ~ Xircom 1143k @34642 ~ A tasselvine mulcher 431k @12303 ~ Kizard 242k @8631

    /G An overgrown tasselvine in 64s, 5274k @82399 ~ Kizfurix 1705k @26643 ~ Renaii 1230k @38428 ~ Wizpow 1169k @31604 ~ Xircom 891k @30729 ~ Kizard 278k @7323

    /G An overgrown tasselvine in 74s, 5773k @78011 ~ Hurachai + pets 1380k @30656 ~ Xircom 1304k @31807 ~ Kizfurix 1115k @15270 ~ Renaii 995k @29258 ~ A tasselvine mulcher 575k @12242 ~ Kizard 404k @8604

    /G An overgrown tasselvine in 34s, 6107k @179632 ~ Kizfurix 1933k @58570 ~ Renaii 1279k @44088 ~ Hurachai + pets 1210k @39022 ~ Xircom 1122k @43137 ~ A tasselvine mulcher 395k @12742 ~ Kizard 170k @5149

    /G An overgrown tasselvine in 30s, 5597k @186550 ~ Renaii 1880k @78325 ~ Xircom 1211k @50466 ~ Hurachai + pets 1043k @40096 ~ Kizfurix 930k @31001 ~ Kizard 271k @10831 ~ A tasselvine mulcher 262k @10488

    /G An overgrown tasselvine in 70s, 5614k @80202 ~ Xircom 1418k @32978 ~ Renaii 1320k @36674 ~ Kizfurix 1224k @17734 ~ Sslestack + pets 1168k @18255 ~ Konann 268k @4127 ~ Kizard 216k @3267

    /G An overgrown tasselvine in 33s, 4991k @151245 ~ Renaii 1704k @56785 ~ Xircom 1299k @44790 ~ Sslestack 875k @28239 ~ Kizfurix 802k @28640 ~ Kizard 162k @6479 ~ Konann 149k @4978

    That's all I've got on the mob in question, hope it helps.