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    After the last few years of EQ, the game slowly turned into a boxers game .. At last on my server. Either you boxed, you had a close group of friends you played with. Or you solo'ed. There really isnt much to pickup groups anymore, using LFG seemed to be a waste of time. After ROS, just couldn't do it anymore. I came back recently looking and hoping things have changed. But it looks like its gotten worse, very few people use pickup groups. Even in end game guild im finding the vast majority of people are boxing full groups and rarely do you see people... COUGH.... helping someone other than themselves.

    Is this really what eq has devolved into? Or are there simply some servers better than others on it? I've found myself playing on the test server more often than not to find groups..

    This isn't coming from a noob player I've been around and played since 1999 and have truely enjoyed the game, and the end game. But my idea of fun is not boxing 6+ toons just to do progression. I've done it, and honestly its whats caused the burnout problems before.

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    Haven't noticed an issue on Xegony. Seems to be plenty of groups around.

    In terms of boxing, once I saw some rares up in Gorowynd but the only guy there was 6 boxing. I ran up and asked him if he wanted to kill them and he dropped a mage, invited me, and I ended up grouping with him four a couple hours. I've also grouped with boxing players in my guild occasionally.
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    I think you just need to try and find a guild that fits your needs better. Yes a lot of people box which is just the nature of the beast. Everyone has their own reasons for doing so but often times it has nothing to do with wanting loot or getting rich in game (trust me it can get expansive gearing, feeding, and buying spells on multiple toons) but more about trying to make EQ work into a grown up schedule. In 1999 a lot of us were kids or young adults with countless hours of free time to burn, few urgent unforeseen responsibilities, and the world was much smaller so you had tons of people packed into limited real estate. Fast forward 20 years and a lot of us have less playing time, have to step away at a moments notice and the world is huge so you have players more spread out depending on where they are at content wise. I don't think the design choices have been made to promote boxing but rather as always to promote a team of 6 characters. Some players can provide their own team while other have to find 5 other members (or just 2 if mercs are sufficient) to complete a task.

    It sucks for those who are standing around LFG but its not the boxers fault or the developers fault really but rather just life's fault. Maybe they could add more solo content but would that really satisfy this need considering at the end of the day most people who have this complaint want to play with others? I don't know a good answer to get around this except for cross server grouping but I doubt we will ever see that happen. Until then keep your chin up and keep searching for that guild or others like yourself that you can befriend and hopefully share this amazing adventure together with.
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    I think it really depends on the server. I recently transferred from The Rathe to Bristlebane. The difference is far more than I would have expected. I found a great guild, but I've seen enough pickup groups and people LFG on BB that if you are willing to make the effort, you should be able to find groups.

    I do think Aurastrider is right about many of the reasons for boxing. Personally I don't particularly enjoy doing it, but I do have a second character that I box when there's nothing of interest going on and I'm looking to complete a task rather than just XP.
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    I play on the Rathe, and generally end up in a group of 5 or 6 real players. The Rathe lost the last of our big casual guilds when LPW folded, but Surely Headed Into Trouble seems to be making up some of the lost ground, for casual players. If you're playing on the Rathe and having trouble finding groups they may be a good choice. FK, PR, and TSM all are looking for more raiders I think on the Rathe, and GH looks to be building again. And of course SV for the hard core raiders.

    So what I'm saying is there are a lots of good sized guilds on the Rathe with good grouping potential.
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    So many people complain about, "there are no pick up groups," and It's just lazy whining. START A GROUP = problem solved. I spend no more than five minutes filling the groups I start, and have the luxury of not inviting undesirable players as a bonus. These QQ posts make my head hurt; start your own group.
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    Idk. On FV this isn't an issue whatsoever. Hit up general chat or the more social peeps from the active guilds (raiding or not). Yeah, an astonishing amount of people still hang out in Frontier Mountains for some reason, but the opportunities are plentiful.

    As for the boxers. In my experience, especially when its late, most boxers kinda like having one other person in their group. They're generally chill. Idk. I actually prefer grouping with boxers. There's less moving parts (ie the tank is afk, oh the priest has to walk their dog, etc.) and a much more consistent pace. So I really don't think they're a problem in any way.

    Join a guild. And build up a group of friends with similar play times in that guild. Nab someone whos been around the prog before (or at least someone who you can ask questions to/help you out for a particularly tough quest/mission). It'll be pretty hard to comport totally random people to where you're at in the progression.
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