So, how broken is the xp in RoF and lower?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Jonny Panic, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. Jonny Panic Augur

    As title. Just curious. I want to go get a couple of things from late VoA but I also want xp, so if it's nerfed badly enough I'll wait.
  2. silku Augur

    I haven't really tried it. I do know the exp in TDS itself is crap. In fact, it's so low I have stopped bothering with progression there and am heading back to COTF
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  3. Bangzoom Lorekeeper

    I'm with Silku on this one. I killed several mobs of three different types in Katta, expecting the promised greater XP in exchange for the nerfs to XP in older content. XP bar stayed stuck at 0. Went back to CotF, and was thankful that expansion wasn't part of the RoF and older nerf.

    However, I do not hate TDS like others do, and have had some fun there. Also, major props to the dev team for scaling the difficulty in CoTF HAs up to the higher levels. HAs are the best thing to come out of CoTF, and surpassed my hopes of them being LDoN 2.0. Please don't screw this up.
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  4. svann Augur

    " and surpassed my hopes of them being LDoN 2.0."

    I just have to say, cotf HA's cant hold a candle to what ldon's were in the day.
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  5. Brogett Augur

    I think the problem is somewhere inbetween. CotF HA XP is possible a bit too good, not much, but it does feel like an outlier given how everyone has farmed them for ages. The changes made no difference there of course.

    More significantly though TDS is too low. You cannot nerf HA XP to be lower than TDS XP as it would just annoy 99% of the players. TDS simply feels very very slow. I'm not sure what specific factor it is, but my XP growth has been glacial there. I gained 10% of level 104 in about 5 hours last night doing TDS progression. We also had people enter the final zone having done all prog and were still lvl 101. That didn't happen when previous expansions went live as you inherently gained more than a level just in the act of killing and questing.
  6. Abazzagorath Augur

    CotF exp wasn't nerfed, and because the HA scale, the exp in CotF is going to be just as good assuming the same ZEM as HA in TDS, because its the same level mobs, and because they artificially inflated TDS mob hp, its going to be faster exp all things considered.

    CoTF HA scaling may need to be modified to make the 101+ versions have comparable HP to the TDS ones, or TDS ones need a better ZEM to make them competitive.