So far FTE has been a bad experience for me.

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  1. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    If someone is continually taking named you have spawned and is ruining your game play, that is harasment. None of us are killing HPs for someone elses to kill the named, we are all killing named for our own gain, be that to use or to sell. FTE has just changed things from a DPS race to a tag race. With DPS you had a chance to beat the puller with FTE you don't.
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  2. Doze Augur

    Thinking this is the case reveals a failure to understand how the FTE system actually works.
    With FTE in place you actually have LESS of a chance against those classes as they can just spam their Staff of Temperate Flux or /pet attack commands with FTE and win the Tag Race, but without it groups at least have a fighting chance.
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  3. sadre Augur

    If a donut is up and you do not eat it, it is available for anyone to eat. You only are entitled to eat the donut you are currently eating. The FTE system now guarantees that what you are eating, is actually what you are eating and will eat, one way or another, unless you /yell.

    Any future donuts are ffa but again, rest assured, if you get an aggro count of 1 first, that baby is yours!

    This is amazing dungeon design. Any sneak /fd class can wait for a repop you didn't time to the T.

    I'm loving the folks saying "So petition for harrassment" Yeah, let me pencil in that idea.
  4. xxar Elder

    You are correct , it is a failure to understand how FTE works . There is no camps and FTE leveled the playing field for lower dps based classes. The issue people are not getting is they did not ENGAGE first and then are mad because there now no longer able to KS a mob in retaliation. Every class has the ability to level the playing field and have a equal chance to ENGAGE first, just because there is a needed adjustment on playstyle , ability's that does not mean there is a game issue. It means that the old way's of locking down content are gone.

    All the ability's you stated like staff, /pet attacks are on a even playing field vs someone that has the exact same set up , in fact /pet attack is super slow to some class defining ability's.

    I now have the ability to compete vs bot box crews and I consistently win with a class that I have never been able to play due to being a low dps class that will never win vs a dps race due to understanding basic mechanics of the game and really playing the game vs someone that is trying to automate , idle kill mobs or using 3rd party programs.

    It is not hard , if you really camping a mob you should know what your instant aggro ability's are , time of mob spawning and being at the keyboard , if you are not doing those things expect to lose otherwise its 50 / 50 chance.
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  5. Drencrom Secretary of Steak

    Some guy stealing your possessions for his benefit and another guy stating his intent is to "ruin your finances" and then steal your possessions is not the same thing
  6. NoxiousGrizzle New Member

    If you have seen me in guk, watch your camp. You have guilds like antagonist running around trying to get on your nerves "Times up, my camp now" the guild tag implies what is going on. I dont like it happening to me, and was courteous on every other tlp, until now. Basically I get mobs stolen in my camp all the time, so I simply go to the other camps to compensate. That includes killing any named mobs I see around. I have received death threats already over this game, simply by pulling a mob like the ritualist while running by. Typical EQ stuff. Either put up with it or leave the server. Maybe next time they make a tlp they will make it a normal experience. To those of you have did not "have" this experience yet, what are you, lvl 20? 30? wait until you go to camps where the loot is worth more than 100pp and you will see for yourself.
  7. NoxiousGrizzle New Member

    btw those guys arguing with you about stealing your stuff....are definitely the people doing it and trying to make a case for it. good luck.
  8. minimind The Village Idiot

    Let's just clarify something -- camps don't exist in Daybreak/EQ policy only because it's too burdensome to prove their establishment through records and logs. Without the ability to quickly and easily prove a "camp" existed, it's impossible to enforce issues relating to camps and thus they can't officially exist for administrative purposes.

    It is disingenuous to say that "camps don't exist" when one of the very first courtesies one learns in EQ (through education or experience) is that if someone is doing the work to get to (or spawn) a named mob, that player (or group or raid) has a every reason short of a written right to engage that named mob before anyone else.

    Lines or queues to get a hot dog from a street cart are not are not legally enforceable, but everyone in line knows that you're "not allowed" to cut in line. It's the same principal.

    Camps exist, but they're non-enforceable. If you jump a camp, you're a jerk. If you do it consistently, you're a really big jerk. And if you do it consistently only to a certain group of people, you're targeting certain people with that jerkitude and that's harassment.
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  9. Kahna Augur

    I have definitely camped gear worth more than 100pp. Everyone was still polite. It's hard to know for sure though since so little is being sold in the tunnel. That being said, I won't be finding out what life is like at higher levels because I decided my solo experiment would be more fun on Mischief. Cause everything is more fun on Mischief.
  10. jeskola pheerie

    Just because the rules allow you to be a jackhole doesn't mean you should be a jackhole.
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  11. Gio1999 Augur

    This isn't harassment. People in EQ call everything harassment. Stand near them in Crushbone? Harassment. I don't know how some EQ players function in society.
  12. Rothj Augur

    FYI when he said "loot worth more than 100 plat" he didn't mean it literally, he was using it as a way to say when you're actually camping loot worth something. This means level 50 vs level 50 usually and not random level 30 camps.
  13. Lynada Journeyman

    It's clear the people defending this are either not playing on the server or are not high enough level to have experienced it, yet. Crystal clear
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  14. gunstar Apprentice

    Been playing since Day 1 and having a blast. If you don't like it, go play on another server. It's really that easy.
  15. Lynada Journeyman

    Spending more time on the forums arguing with people who have issues telling there are no issues, really explains how you haven't run into any problems yet.
  16. xxar Elder

    Some of us are on are bonus characters already.

    I have delt with it at Djinn , Damp , Frenzy and few other camps. I have beat bot crews and various afk mage auto pet set ups ... it works as intended .

    What exactly is the issue you are having ?
  17. Lynada Journeyman

    Nice, we are going from denial to victim blaming now.
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  18. xxar Elder

    I still do not see you providing any examples of a issue , it sounds like perhaps you are used to being able to out dpsing a class instead of competing.

    Instead of trying to be vague and talking in circles.

    I suggest you come up with either a real issue or constructive feedback.

    So exactly what is the issue you are having?
  19. xxar Elder

    Crickets .... from the new account of course.

    The attempts to derail are almost laughable at this point.
  20. Lynada Journeyman

    I may be a new account but I actually contribute. Not that it has to do with anything but:

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    Also, i spent the last few hours playing the game on a low level team where I don't have to be bothered by trolls trying to steal my camp. Unlike people like you who seem to be on a crusade to blame this all on the victims, or the people who wanted a Free Trade Server, I have better things to do than press F5 all day long hoping to get a rise out of people.

    Back under your bridge you go.

    PS: Going to lunch, so don't expect a fast, or any response from me in the future, you have been pwned.
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