So do I have the Krono scheme understood right?

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  1. Voraxia Journeyman

    I have zero interest in Krono other than understanding it, I don't buy it or use it. From what I can gather the only reason a huge majority even play is because they try to compete and see who can make the most krono on the TLP servers. Hoping they can make way more than the ones they use to keep their accounts going. After wards they sell them for 8 to 10 dollars to people. Everquest doesn't care to a point, because some one had to buy them for 20 bucks. I find it interesting that is how Everquest chose to make a payment scheme. It is quite intelligent of them, considering how many people bought and sold Everquest stuff before this, where they would get nothing from it. They couldn't just out right say pay us 10 bucks for a in game raid item or what ever, but what they could do is Krono.

    They also stay in control of it because if they feel like it they can just ban all the accounts doing RMT, because its against the rules. I refuse to participate in RMT like that, and I also refuse to participate in buying a sub item you can sell to others, but very cool how they figured out that to keep those people playing who wouldn't by using Kronos as the carrot, while making more profit by doing so keeping EQ and EQ2 alive.

    Thanks for reading, if I got anything wrong please let me know :)
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  2. brickz Augur

    Unwarranted smugness aside, yes that's the gist of it.
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  3. JeffHanson Augur


    People trading items and services for krono: Sharks
    People buying krono from Daybreak: Marks
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  4. Manian Vineheart Lorekeeper

    what are people who buy krono somewhere else, smart marks?
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  5. sadre Augur

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  6. Laronk Augur

    I think most players on TLP are there for fun or trying to be competitive in raiding. I really doubt the majority of players are trying to make the most Krono.

    Krono doesn't have the inflation problem that platinum has, Kronos only become worth more platinum as the server goes on. 8 weeks in 1000 plat is worth a lot less than on day 1 of tlp where Krono still gives you a month of playtime if you eat it on either day.
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  7. code-zero Augur

    Most of you are overthinking it. Krono is handy, account wide and easily tradeable. It gives 30 days of game time for all 4 of DGC All Access games. And that's the funny part where the overthinking is way too narrow because the people who complain the most about Krono are the TLP recyclers. There's a lot more going on that just whatever the new TLP might be
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  8. KobalWR Lorekeeper

    The real question should be: why do people buy items with kronos?
    Except for tradeskill stuff (potions, jewelry, a banded set, etc.), what's the point to buy anything? It just reduces the number of things to do in the game and therefore its lifetime.
    Also, getting our own loot feels a lot more rewarding :)
  9. sadre Augur

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  10. Manian Vineheart Lorekeeper

  11. Lumiens Augur

    Wish they would let people redeem them for daybreak cash to buy potions, mounts and such with.
  12. code-zero Augur

    That will never ever happen and I personally don't want to see it. If someone is so overloaded with Krono that they think they need to cash in on Marketplace Cash that's a personal problem
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  13. Bullsnooze Augur

    I'm not sure if it's a competition, but many folks that want a TLP refresh are interested because of the opportunity to make several dozen quickly (you only need 12 to play free for a year). That said, trading krono is absolutely hot the first few weeks of a TLP and they typically trade for just hundreds of platinum to a thousands after a couple of weeks.

    Usually it's platinum > group items (this falls off about 1/4 the way through classic) > epic bottleneck pieces (classic > kunark) > raid items that are traded.

    Personally, what I love is when people have those auction sites with almost real-time tunnel chatter and API access. For me, it means I don't have to keep a PC running 24/7 to monitor the tunnel chat and all I need to do is hit their API for data. If you're handy with code you can easily track sales and do nothing but trade krono. For craps and giggles, I've turned 1 krono into 10 on Aradune just to see if it were possible.
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  14. Valv Journeyman

    Some people play this game as a job. It is common in MMOs, you see it all the time in wow as well. Selling a krono for 10$ is a lot of money to some, especially poorer countries where the US dollar is strong, they farm them as a living. Most of the big boxers are not playing this game, they are working. The people selling PL services seemingly all day every day that barely speak english? Working
    That dude that kills phinny/yeal/etc on spawn every single time for months straight? That's because it's his job

    What will be interesting is if PLing actually dies from FTE and the dude that normally warp hacks and trains the whole zone on you if you try to compete with his OW kills cant train you now, maybe fte will serve a purpose
  15. Strawberry Augur

    A decade ago I never thought there could be anything worse than F2P MMO with microtransactions. I was wrong. MMO with tradeable subscription tokens are far worse.

    This system attracts very shady characters to EQ that you don't see in other MMO.

    Many TLP guilds are in the business of making real-life money. They will invite people into the guild under the pretense of 'just another progression guild', but the officers and leaders are krono traders.
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  16. GnomeGnomeGnome Journeyman

    I still struggle with the concept of Krono as well. I bought a couple to sell so i could have some cash on Mischief, but then over the last expansion they have gone from about 300K to about 1.5M. Maybe more now, I havnt logged on in a couple weeks.

    This makes me wonder, does DBG have some in-game character who buys Krono? THat would explain the sudden explosion of plat. I cannot for the life of me work out how people have so much more money this expansion than they did last expansion.
  17. Bullsnooze Augur

    Enemies with high raw platinum values and high yield vendor trash. Instances raiding can net a large amount of platinum and 'GDKP' raiding is a good source of trading raw platinum as well as krono.

    Expanding on high yield vendor trash - In some expansions there are some items that can sell for hundreds of platinum to vendors. As an example TSS: Blackfeather Roast named lore items can sell upwards of 800pp and a lot of 'pristine' stuff can sell just upwards of 50pp and it's stackable.

    Dozens of places to bank quick platinum, but most places aren't shared knowledge.
  18. brickz Augur

    Mischief has had multiple plat dupes/exploits. It has little to do with normal people selling things to a vendor.
  19. Bullsnooze Augur

    I only speak on the legitimate.

    Were those 'plat dupes' ever verified or are they still just hearsay? Cause if you're speaking on this thread, it was never confirmed as a plat dupe, but rather information indicates heavy market manipulation.
  20. brickz Augur

    Most recently, people were using the randomized raid loot to farm sleeper 1.0 gear and sell the gear to marcia for nobles and then vendor the nobles resulting in billions of plat. Not a dupe, just an exploit but just 1 person casually doing that completely dwarfs a normal player vendoring normal loot to a normal vendor.