So are melee still crap?

Discussion in 'Melee' started by Norathorr, Jun 26, 2015.

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    Omg thank you. Been looking since they became settable what to set guild hall dummies for. <3 <3
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    If you read my posts instead of imagine what you want youll see that everything you agree with are things i have forwarded to devs years ago (adps, runes) and ac problem right when powar went out and then again with cotf tier 2 and after raiding this expansion beta again. About sustained and burst classes I have already said that classes must have specificities but we cant let some classes do 2-3 times other classes dps in burst or sustained. Player skills or groups should enable some competition between classes for that the difference should not be more than 50%. More over it would give importance to everyone in raid in every kind of guilds (dps or tank/heal oriented)
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    • it took 8 months to look into the issue
    • all player input and parses were ignored
    • ferocity is going to get nerfed
    thanks for the insight
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    How so?
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    Many many thanks Dzarn. These are just the numbers we need to know in order to set up our guild hall dummies correctly. With suitable AC figures on those we can gather more accurate data on the impact of various buffs like fero, etc, which ultimately is also useful for you guys & gals I hope. (As it happens I'd already set up a dummy with 4k and 5k AC :). It may be good to change the defaults though to group mob default rather than the very minor 400AC they have IIRC.)

    The other aspect of melee tuning though is much harder to address. I can gather more rogue data if you wish going back over past raid events, but my gut feeling is that over time the ratio of top peak dps (say in the middle of our sync ADPS + burn) over the non-burn has been going up over the years. The (multiply) wider that gap becomes the more and more sensitive melee dps become on perfect ADPS sync and to fight duration. This in turn means the view of how well balanced melee are will depend on overall dps, so RoI may see melee as overpowered while our guild may see them as underpowered, simply due to fight lengths.

    Contrast this to wiz, mage, necro or even ranger/beastlord parses and you see the ratio of burst to sustained dps is much lower, making them smoother. I fully agree that we need "sustained classes" and "burst classes", it's just how far down that sprectrum you go. It's a huge thing to change though, and likely the best way to combat it is simply to stop giving bigger and bigger disc / ADPS multipliers with each expansion and start giving some flat +damage AAs to bring the two closer together.

    Example graphs here:

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