Snare kiting, atol's, run speed, netherstep, wizard, mounts, speed, runspeed?

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  1. Magneress Elder

    So I have actually done a little beam kiting and a lot of quadding from 55-70. It's been fun. The beam kiting was actually rly fun and I even took a few dark blues in some packs. I did it with and without mercs :)

    My kit is:

    staff of temperate flux
    the steamfists from SoF preorder.

    I took the new DBG deal for past expansion extras., which are 85% runspeed. I believe.

    I did great up until the pirates in the burning sea and everything in direwind cliffs. It's very hard if not impossible to get enough of a lead on mobs here to get a cast of Atol's Spectral Shackles off.

    The upgrade path I've researched is, glowing drogmor, class v, roboboar, or the ghostrider mounts.

    I do believe those will be easily attainable at 100.

    Right now I've settled on a combination of netherstep spells, and aas and impel to gain the room i need to land atols, but this is tricky, if not really fun actually. And a lot more lag dependent (my wireless is terrible).

    Anyway. I am just curious if I missed anything. Or any items. AFAIK spirit of wolf and eagle aren't any better than my steamfists.

    What else is available to a broke lvl 80 paid wizard all access sub? Preferably not off DBG points, but I'd be willing to grab a mount that way off future acrued points.

    Any vendor potions? Player made potions? Lvl 80 jboots?

    Right now it's pretty easy to split with iceblock, root, and snare and a merc. So I've been even able to break camps of 4 or 5 blues with a healer this way.

    I'm on bertox, standard live server so have access to everything.

  2. Wulfhere Augur

    At level 81, get Atol's Shackles AA for fast cast snare
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  3. Magneress Elder

    Oh! Awesome!! I was really looking forward to that. Noticed it is fast casting! 0.5 seconds. And -25 MR check. Was worried it'd be the same. I hadn't checked the level yet.

    I also see we get good upgrades spell wise later, as well as a cold resist check snare.

    This is my favorite part about playing a wizard :)

    A very very long time ago I had a dagger of entrapment from Xerkizh the Creator in the GoD era. That was a ton of fun too. 3.5 second clickie AoE shackle though. But really good back then.
  4. Tatanka Augur

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  5. Magneress Elder


    And see I was going to farm a bio orb for blind and tash orb for MR debuff, I saw there's "The Lady's Entreatee' from lvl 104 rare mob for Echos of Tash.

    One day!

    I could see some fun pulling with blind, snare, abscond.

    -2000 MR sounds unresistable to me!
  6. kizant Augur

    I'm pretty sure those steamfists are only 55% so you may want flight of eagles if you can get it but run speed 3 should be plenty. Just strafe run, use netherstep, and take advantage of the terrain. Mounts only get in the way imo and mercs are kinda useless. Unless you're getting hit with dots all the time? Just keep up runes. Another thing I would do in zones that let you is just bind somewhere near where you're pulling. Then you can pull and gate quickly to max range.
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