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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Trey, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Trey Journeyman

    I'd be quite interested in a server with slower expansion releases. Would it be possible to release a build that had Kunark at launch and then open an expansion as late as 6 months from that point moving forward? The current pace feels like a race and there's a lot of zones and content I develop just getting a cursory understanding of as the server speeds through the releases.
  2. Lumiens Augur

    It sounds a bit selfish of you to ask DBG to make you a private server for only you to play on instead of making one for everyone else to enjoy.
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  3. Nessirfiti Augur

    God, that'd be 18 months at 65 and 2 years at 70. eew
  4. Karanthal Elder

    6 months would be too slow IMO and im a fairly low playtime player, just hit 59 yesterday on Mangler. For me the level increase always takes a while to catch up so I miss a lot of the first expansion after an increase. Looking forward to velious/luclin where I can join raids from day 1 rather than at the end of the expansion when everyone else is bored of it.

    The bit the kills TLP for me are the expacs that increase lvls and need group missions/faction. By the time I catch up on level noone is doing the group missions anymore, makes joining raids afterwards pretty difficult.
  5. Febb Augur

    It's already been proven that long unlock timers do not work on progression servers. The servers turn into ghost towns after a few expansions. I doubt they would ever come out with anything over 3 month unlocks again.
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  6. Rasper Helpdesk Elder

    I think a TLP that unlocked based on level would be more interesting.

    Jan 2020 - Classic EQ
    Mar 2020 - level 60 set: Kunark, Velious, Luclin
    Sept 2020 - level 65 set: PoP, Ykesha, LDoN, Gates
    Mar 2021 - level 70 set: Omens, Dragons, DoDH, PoR
    Nov 2021 - level 75 set: TSS, Buried Sea
    Mar 2022 - level 80 set: SoF (heh, forgot it was only one)
    May 2022 - level 85 set: SoD, Underfoot
    Sept 2022 - level 90 set: House of Thule
    Nov 2022 - level 95 set: Veil of Alaris
    Dec 2022 - level 100 set: RoF, Call

    And so on. Time between unlocks is 2 months per expansion (excluding LoY). The idea being it gives players all the content for a level range at once and lets them decide where to focus. More variety of raid targets for the guilds at the end so you don't get burnt out doing Time every X days for 2 months, then Tacvi for 2 months, etc... You can mix it up and farm Qvic goats while also working through Time, and so on.
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  7. Xhartor Augur

    6 months release would see a lot of attrition, as people get tired of content and move on.

    Starting the cycle on Kunark is an even worse idea. Kunark is a TLP servers first attrition point because it has awful raid content. Too much of the top end gear comes from exp area not raid content. The 4 OW dragons are basically on Naggy and Vox's loot table, which leaves VS, Trak and VP. VS and Trak and have limited loots tables, which is mostly class specific loot (which is a problem). VP has a time consuming and competitive key quest, and the reward doesn't merit the effort required to gain raid access.

    If you are going to play specific content for extended amount of time, it's best that it starts in an era that full loot tables for the raid content. DZ guilds will still have demand for Vulak/AHR/Quarm loot after 15-20 clearings.The same can't be said for Kunark's raid loot.
  8. Lateryn Augur

    No. There were 6 months TLPs before, you had your chance then. 6months is just way too long. Even 3 months is too long. And kunark really? The worst expansion with the most attrition?
  9. Nolrog Augur

    Phini was what, 6 weeks into DON and I was ready to blow my brains out. Imagine 18 months in Dragons of Norrath, Depth of Darkhollow and Prophecy of Ro. I shudder at the thought.
  10. Gremin Augur

    Ragefire just opened TSS Monday, along with Lockjaw we had those 6 month expansions until GoD hit. Now we are at 3 months per expansion and people are still bored at one month in. We did PoR over the summer and talk about abysmal. Worse expansion EVER.
  11. jeskola Augur

    Por was pretty bad. It should be bundled with DODH on TLP. Most people hang out in dodh during por era anyway.
  12. jeskola Augur

    The sweet spot seems to be around 2.5 months per expansion with some bundling
  13. C3lowz Augur

    They already did/have this (granted its well past classic now)

    But this was very unpopular with the majority of the playerbase. 3 months is likely the longest we'll be seeing from now on with standard TLP servers.
  14. Stewgottz Augur

    Frankly I'm surprised Agnarr isn't more desirable for players who want very slow unlocks. You could BiS and you'll eventually "catch up" which seems to be the prime reason slow unlocks are asked for in the first place; so players can "keep up" or "catch up".
  15. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Catching up is a lot less alluring when the game is on steroids and there are new servers siphoning players regularly.

    P99 is a good example. And how many p99 reboots have there been so far? 0...

    If the name of the game is 1 server to rule them all then sure drag it out. But when servers and players are fickle then get in and get out, enjoy your time.
  16. SunDrake Augur

    Agree. I was thinking about this while reading that other locked-TLP thread. The P99 reboot, when Green Server launches in October, is going to be absolutely massive, IMO. I doubt I could ever go back to preferring EQ in that manner, but I will roll some characters there because their servers are pretty spectacularly run with a population that makes you want to participate. High end raiding is another matter entirely when you are years passed the lock point, but even that competitiveness appeals to certain types of players.
  17. Stewgottz Augur

    My biggest issue with these yearly TLP releases.. the idea of a home server goes completely out the window.

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