Sleeper's Tomb TLP Feedback (keep it constructive please)

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Kadayn, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Hadesborne Augur

    Yeah, having a 30 boxer wake the sleeper pretty much did the same thing.

    This would depend on class type wouldn't it?

    What TLP had a solo 30 boxer wake the sleeper again? hmmm

    See again, this is just YOUR opinion. I see very good reasons to change this situation, if only slightly to appease both crowds.
  2. Hadesborne Augur

    Oh man, did you read his commment? I believe he used the word "can". Technically he is right. One guild, if it were large enough, COULD multi-split enough DZs to wake sleeper on day one. To argue this FACT is ridiculous.
  3. Dawdle Augur

    Please tell us more about how the game isn't toxic compared to how bad it was traditionally? I'd like for you to be able to get that off your chest. I played a PVP server and we were doing all these raids and in fact a huge number of guilds came together to actually beat the Sleeper. It's like you got a chip on your shoulder and are just bagging to make a point but if you're trying to sell me something I aint buying.

    This is just insulting rhetoric. Why do the comments always brake down to who's more grown up. That's what really sounds immature. You hear adults argue like this? You might; I don't associate with anyone that would say anything like this though so out of curiosity I genuinely ask.

    There's a number of things going on here and Mule is just one of them. The player population has to take responsibility for what they do. Ever hear the saying "if you don't like something change it, if you can't change it leave"? Why keep dying on this hill? Like I said before...
    If there is a finger to be pointed at somebody I want you to know DB is the one you should all be looking at first. They are the ones that made the deal with Mule. It's sort of their game. Who cares about some random people wrecking EQ if DB doesn't. DB is the one we pay to play.

    There's a few things I would never say in chat or on forums, ** is one of them and where you get it if from is another. Look though DB is so on top of this game they got guilds running around named after the sites that host **.
    There's zero integrity left at this point; this isn't just a bonfire or a witch hunt it's a farce and DB should stop selling everyone a lie because there is no true box. Not long ago DB also said...
    Google "warning regarding 3rd party software eq" look what comes up just before the link to
    First off what did DB say and what did they actually do? Secondly whats this guild from selos saying about EqMule? Read their website, look at the auctions, see how they talk about people in game. What PR manager ok'd doing business with these guys, the one that said plebs don't have any right raiding? This just goes on and on...

    I have learned a few things over the years when dealing with bad Devs. Writing articles about them for magazines like PCGamer is a good start. Do what you can to start making sure people are at least informed about whats going on. Post where you have to, post on steam, post on reddit.

    DB has no handle on this situation at this point. Those roses really smell like poo, poo, poo, poo. Great job all of you. Great job. Oh grats by the way to the program that woke the Sleeper. Nice code.
  4. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    ST 2.0 is out of era content. It shouldn't be in the game until Luclin.

    People tell me about ST 2.0s "great loot" every server. But you know what happens when ST 2.0 comes out? people never kill the Dragons anymore and only go there to exploit the infinitely spawnable drake for Avatar weapons.

    Doing ST 1.0 server first on Phinny was the most enjoyable raid i've done on a TLP, farming is one of the worst.
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  5. Warlord1999 Journeyman

    Didnt they do it on Agnarr?
  6. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    He is obviously talking about being able to mass split Zlandi for keys, not waking in the instance.
  7. Warlord1999 Journeyman

    Give each raiding guild X number of 1.0 DZ's followed by X number of 2.0 DZ's. /shrug
    As alot of you people voicing against everyone having the opportunity to experience 1.0 have yourselves pointed out.... it's not that big of a deal.
  8. Warlord1999 Journeyman

  9. Machen Augur

    I'm sorry, what? The post I responded to literally mentioned waking the sleeper on Day 1, nothing about Zlandicar.
  10. Aneuren Augur

    Does it matter?

    1.0 Sleepers Tomb should not be blocked by people with malicious intent. It should not be some finish prize for a small group of people, never again to be experienced by other players.

    How is this even in doubt on a server with instances?
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  11. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    I thought you were commenting about him being woken in the DZ, since well it's obvious you can wake the Sleeper Day 1 if you want on TLPs with DZs. On Coirnav Tikkle's meth crew was in ST in under 24 hours and ST was cleared in the DZ in under 2 days. On Phinny it only took AoS 3 days because we had no real competition and the expansion randomly came out a weak early.
  12. Ceffener Augur

    My guilds already killed 2.0 dragons and will every week for the rest of the expansion. But I guess some people never kill them anymore.
  13. Febb Augur

    They should probably just have an automated event where the sleeper wakes up after a certain amount of time into the expansion and not be able to be triggered. But have it kill everything in the Velious zones just to make it interesting. However I doubt they will ever change the design of this event or they would have a long time ago when they actually had the resources to do so.
  14. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    Cool story dude. But most guilds won't. ST 2.0 has loot compared NToV, AoW, Tunare ect. Hell it's even compared to ST 1.0 now since the only good ST 2.0 items don't have their focuses on Mangler. Any decent batphone guild will be too busy for them and any guild that only raids 3 nights a week will have better AoC instances when they do raid.

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