Sleeper's Tomb TLP Feedback (keep it constructive please)

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Kadayn, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Kadayn New Member

    DBG, I am so happy that you run TLPs. It has pulled me back into the game, and brings a sense of nostalgia that I can't find anywhere else. I would like to leave some constructive criticism on the Sleeper's Tomb topic. I hope that the rest of the player base can add additional constructive criticism.

    Aside from what has happened in the past I have vivid memories of going into Sleeper's tomb after velious and killing mobs. It was learned very early on from other servers that waking the sleeper would remove mobs from the zone. Many servers did not wake the sleeper for just that reason. We all knew it was a one and done event. Some servers even held out until they had a chance at killing the sleeper (many may remember the PVP server that did kill him).

    On TLP servers the sleeper is woken to gate other guilds from the experience/loot that drops there. This doesn't feel very authentic to the way the game was before. If we look at TLPs as a chance to re-live the past of EverQuest in a compressed timeframe everyone should have a chance to experience this zone as the way it was initially intended.

    My suggestions (if they are technically possible):
    • Leave open world ST the way it is. If the sleeper is awoken it will not spawn the warders
    • The DZ version should always spawn as the 1.0 version of ST.
    • If a concern is plat farming tradable items from ST a change could be made (maybe same item new item id) where once the sleeper is awoken all tradable items dropped in the DZ drop a no trade version instead.
    I do miss the chance at re-living the ST experience, but I don't have the ability to play as much as would be needed to race guilds who would choose to wake the sleeper.
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  2. Lortl Journeyman

    What if you're a class that wants an item from the 2.0 version of ST?

    In regards to your statement about their concerns about plat farming...There are no concerns about anything actually.. they just don't want to waste any more time or effort changing something that only effects a small percentage of the population.

    You're not missing anything. I can't stress this enough. What exactly do you think you're missing? Sceptres of Destruction? Tink Masks? Sali Daggers? Regen Robes? They are replaced so quickly... If the zone were to go unpopulated after the sleeper was awoken that would be one thing... but it doesn't.

    You have a whole zone that is fully populated. Raid mobs.. Avatar weapons.. Everything you could want. Even some cool new quest items. I ask again, what do you think you're missing?
  3. Kadayn New Member

    If your class wanted an item from 1.0 you would still be able to enter the open world version and obtain that item.
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  4. Lortl Journeyman

    Wait, so you're saying if I am a class that wants an item from 1.0 ST i should go to OW and get it? Ok.. so what if my guild doesn't compete for OW and only does DZ AoC raiding? What are my choices then? Maybe the AoC should offer BOTH zones!! or... just leave it as is and accept the fact that the items that drop in 1.0 are rare and special and require a race to get to and once it is over.. it is over forever and now you have 2.0. A fully populated zone with Avatar weapons and new/different items.

    This whole conversation boils down to you wanting one of those items in the list I made above... You can get them. Just buy them. If you can't well, eq isn't a game that rewards casual play. It never was. This is no exception. Enjoy 2.0. That's what you're getting.
  5. DeseanJackson Augur

    While ST is a sort of cool zone, I think it’s actual relevance to progression is overstated. The Sleeper event is broken anyways, so the only thing you’re missing is some droppable items that are twink gear at best by Luclin.
  6. Kadayn New Member

    That could be a reasonable option. Have the AOC offer both. I was just looking for a solution that reflected upon the traditional Velious/Luclin experience for most servers.

    With being in velious for 3 months, and the key grind to get enough of a raid force into there the itemization is less of a drive to me than being able to go in there and kill all those bosses again. For the past few TLPs I have been on this is the only real experience I have been unable to re-live as other guild's actions have prevented mid-tier/lower play time raiders from even engaging these mobs with a decent sized raid force.
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  7. DeseanJackson Augur

    You mean one end game guild doing it and no one else seeing? It’s that already, if not even more accessible than Live was.
  8. Kadayn New Member

  9. Lortl Journeyman

    Traditional Velious/Luclin experience is you don't ever get to see the inside of ST. You certainly aren't killing mobs in NToV. You're not killing AoW... or KT. The traditional experience is OW mobs getting lit up the second they spawn and DPS racing and toxicity you can't even begin to imagine. That is the traditional experience. Instead, you get to enjoy eq at your own pace. Even better, on your own time!

    These ST discussions are akin to the spoiled child complaining to their parent that their lollipop isn't the right color. So we need to have a family meeting to discuss the future of lollipops.
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  10. Kadayn New Member
    2003 was about the time Lost dungeons of Norrath was released. There were plenty of chances for people who weren't in progression raiding guild to experience the fights in ST.

    My perspective is to allow the player base to have the same level of access to the encounters during the same eras. DBG has been trying to keep things more authentic. They have removed Distillates for spell that aren't in the game yet. They removed the focuses from items until Luclin. I don't think every server having the sleeper woken in the first few weeks of the expansion (and preventing other players from being the encounters) is very authentic.
  11. yerm Augur

    ST1.0 offers a much better monk chest slot item, and otherwise is the same or inferior for every other class. The exception is the tradeable items - SoD, tink mask, sal dagger. 2.0 does not provide similar tradeable drops which makes the appeal very low once primals have been obtained.

    Meanwhile, there appear to be a small but VERY vocal minority who are simply enamored with this "idea" of the sleeper sleeping. A sort of purity to the zone with him in it that is somehow spoiled/ruined if his bubble goes missing. See for example the 52 page commentary on kera 1.0 on zam - its about the single nerdiest forum posting in human history, and I say that as a very nerdy forum poster.

    My solution: slap nodrop on sod, sali, and tink. Or if possible, have a way to flag items as nodrop until x expac. That solves the worst drama of the zone. From there, have st be 1.0 for whatever time and then go to 2.0 similar to how other tlp zones were put on "x days after y expac" timers. Finally, to really make it fun, make it 1.0 again during holidays and anniversaries. Roll it into the celebration. "This Halloween enjoy a 50% experience bonus, increased rares, special spooky events, original sleepers tomb, and..." This approach means the hardcore nostalgics don't feel they missed it. Even if you don't nodrop the rmt toys it still isn't the worst approach to give 1.0 whenever you give fabled.
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  12. McJumps Augur

    First of all, the entire point of having a place like ST is that access will be limited. If its not, then it loses its biggest value: exclusivity. Allowing every single raid guild on the server to "wake the sleeper" diminishes that value. And while I was once of the opinion that the AoC offered both versions, in hindsight, I can see why it does not. Not to mention the gear from Sleeper's Tomb 2.0 is better gear than what can be found on the warders.

    You knew when you rolled a character on a TLP server that this was how it was going to be. If you don't like it, then you should find another game to play. If you are unhappy with something that has precedent (i.e. this is how it has been on TLP servers for the past 5 years, and anyone who plays on them knows it) then I don't know what to tell you. Sometimes things change, but I can see no good reason for them to change this.

    If you want to see that content, join a guild that has the ability to get you there. Its the same as it has always been. If you want gear from Sleeper's 1.0 then you should have joined a guild that could get you there. You have to decide what is more important to you. If you like your guild and don't want to be in the hardcore guild, then you have made the choice to not get the Sleeper's 1.0 gear. Pretty cut and dry if you ask me.
  13. Quasii New Member

    I'm legitimately curious how much developer time it'd take to add both 1.0 and 2.0 versions of ST to the AoC. Seems like the logical thing to do, to avoid all the drama associated with waking the sleeper. Also it allows people the chance to see the the wakening of the sleeper.
  14. Kadayn New Member

    I agree with the "you know what you were getting into" but there is a president of quality of life improvements so that everyone can at least experience the raid content. This is why AoCs were added. A lot of us can not bat phone to raids to have a chance at a raid mob. ST is the last raid zone that your chance of seeing the raid mob is impacted by the actions of others.
  15. Koniku Lorekeeper

    Oh look it's the old "casuals dont deserve to raid naggy" argument. Are you posting from 2015? Phinigel and every server after it has disproved this, people just want access to content. ST is just an oversight and saying it should be kept the way it is because it needs to be "exclusive" is just absurd.
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  16. Hateseeker Augur

    There's a difference between casual and hardcore, and content blocking designs. A guild that spends 24/7 raiding instances is hardcore, no doubt about it. The fact that other guilds can't deny them that instanced content doesn't make them casual, and the fact that they may not want to spend 24/7 "competing" for limited content doesn't make them casual, it makes them want content that's tailored for everyone rather than being made purposely scarce. The fact that there are picks, and AOCs, and more, shows that Daybreak IS aware of what players want, and shows they have a history of mostly accommodating. The ST 1.0 vs 2.0 thing is one area they don't succeed too well.
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  17. The Greatest Beaver New Member

    Sleepers tomb was never designed for DZ's, back in the day 1 guild could hold a monopoly over Sleepers tomb and the mobs that dropped keys. Now with DZ's a guild can wake the sleeper in 1 day only possible because of DZs.

    I believe that sleepers tomb keys should be made to drop in Open World only and not DZs or....
    The sleeper should only awaken on the release of the next Expansion.
  18. Machen Augur

    If this were true, someone would have done it already at some point in the last ~10 servers.
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  19. Hadesborne Augur

    Knight 20/20 Avatar proccing weapons. THAT is what is missing in 2.0. They added in the handwraps (previously avail. via quest in 1.0) but forgot to also add in the knight's 1HS. This along with all of the other BiS items that drop prior to the awakening, but the knight's sword being gone really is a kick in the junk.
  20. Hadesborne Augur

    No how about a salty teenager that is upset when someone makes any suggestions that may change (for the better) his precious game that he didnt do anything to create.

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