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  1. Zarkdon Augur

    The best slayer camp is the ring event in Koda'taz off of Natimbi for Its Alive.
  2. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Ahh yea. I was thinking of that and got the two confused.
  3. Razzy Lorekeeper

    I have not seen the Koda'taz ring event but I would bet the Swordfishmermaid's baby sharks in Combine Dredge would be up there with it or even better. You just stay in one spot in the pool and those sharks will respawn instantly as soon you kill them.
  4. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    The ring event is for golems, not fish. The shark tank is great for Swordfishmermaid though.
  5. Atomos Augur

    Hmm I just went there and tried killing several Guktans and got no credit for this.
  6. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    Those are frogloks, not guktans
  7. Atomos Augur

    Both old froglok and guktan models exist in that instance, some of them don't have "guktan" in their name but some of them do. None of them counted. Maybe the correct ones are just deeper in.
  8. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    They're undead ones and don't really count. You need Gutkans that use the player model options.
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  9. Swiss Augur

    Any tips for Legendary Creatures? first post says lesser fay but I don't see it being very fast?
  10. MischiefTLP Augur

    I used the Faerie camp towards the NW corner, it respawns really quickly.
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  11. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    Bixies, right? Maybe Stone Hive?
  12. Drencrom Beimeith's Supervisor

    It might still be the best place, I'm not sure, but they fixed the endless spawning golems in case you were not aware. The summoners now only summon a handful each. Also, "Kod'taz".
  13. Cuuthbert Augur

    For Legendary Creatures Gorku Mesa is really good
  14. Swiss Augur

    This was the right camp for legendary creatures, thanks a ton.
  15. Swiss Augur

    the first page mentions qeynos aquaduct system for "a Sight for sore eyes", does anyone have a better spot or know where in zone to kill it? Seems to be very very slow compared to most other options I've seen.

    Kill 5,000 Cubes, Evil Eyes, Goos, Gorgons, Harpies, Luggalds, Shiliskins and / or Tentacle Terrors.
  16. Mithra Augur

    Dulak and Undershore seem to be the only options and not fast either way
  17. MischiefTLP Augur

    Aqueducts and Paineel have anti-camp radius, if you are too close to the spawn point nothing spawns there, presumably to make it easier on new players to not have a mob spawn in camp. If no one is close enough to the spawn point it respawns every tick if all 3 mobs are dead in Paineel and a single mob if that one is dead in Aqueducts.

    So you need to be far enough for the mob(s) to spawn but close enough to kill it before it gets around a corner in Aqueducts or the three mobs spread out too much in Paineel. Cubes are reasonably common spawn and with 3 characters I was killing ~30 mobs a minute. Friends, guildmates, people from ;general or just roll up a low level Mage to hold down additional spawn points.
  18. Ulrin New Member

    I went through and compiled a Google doc for this when I was doing this on my wizard years ago. Some of the comments deep in ZAM pages were positively insightful.

    I'm always open to new spots, some of the newer zones didn't exist when I was making this

    My list for the Conquest Slayers:
    • A sight for sore eyes - kill Shiliskins in and around the palace in Undershore, approximately 100 every 15 minutes.
    • BBBBBAAAARRRKKKK!!!!! - Freedom! instance in Oceangreen Hills, approx 150 every 15 minutes
    • Doesn't Play Well With Others - Seru, Ashengate, Dulak
    • Domo Arigato - Fortress Mechanotus/Mech Guardian, Manaetic Behemoth trigger spiders,
    • Don't Bug Me - Plane of Air Sigismund Windwalker event (spider swarms, Loc +860, -404, +434 NE, don't kill the end boss and the event resets in 2 hours)
    • Foreign Affair - The Deep, Acrylia Caverns grimlings
    • I Hate Snakes - Emperor Ssraeshza's chambers, 12 shissar quick respawn as long as the Emperor is alive
    • Invaders in a Strange Land - Ferubi, Bloodfields, RCoD
    • It's Alive - Kod'Taz Summoners Ring (endless)
    • Legendary Creatures - Stone Hive, Blightfire Moors, Bixie Warfront
    • Might They Be Giants - Frontier Mountains, BoT, Frostcrypt, Kael
    • Orc Stomp - Bloodmoon Keep, Crushbone, Undershore
    • Pesticide - The Rat Pit in The Warrens, all rats respawn 10 seconds after being killed. PBAoE with a wizard wipes them all out pretty much on cooldown (297, -869, -100; 500 rats per 15 minutes)
    • Plants, Concrete, and Stone - AoE in The Deep, Crystal creatures raid in Korascian Warrens
    • Planes, Trains, and Elemental-iles - Riftseekers, Twilight Sea, Plane of Fire, Infected Paw
    • Puttin on the Dog - The Warrens - Kobold Runt (-475, +825, -67, 150 per 15 mins plus adds)
    • Strange Weather - Crescent Reach Puma Tunnel, Icefall Glacier, NW Corner of Undershore
    • Swordfishermermaid - Coirnav Event, Reef of Coirnav generally, Sirens Grotto, Buried Sea Sirens
    • Table Flipper - PBAoE around Freemind Cipher in Undershore by the port-in
    • The Zookeeper - Glykus in Tactics (Endless boars while he's alive), EW Walruses, Buried Sea Aviaks
    • Ugly Creature Near My Feet - LDoN Raid Everfrost: Frozen Nightmare, walk into the second room and ago the scout, endless goblins will swarm you for as long as the instance stays up. (750 per 15 minutes)
    • We are the Dead - Frostcrypt Raid Endless Numbers, Kurns Tower, Crescent Reach Undead Areas
    • Your God Has Found You Lacking - The Rathe Council - kill 11 and they respawn 7 minutes later as long as you don't kill all 12 before the first respawns, Vallon Zek in Tactics (each doppelganger counts), TZ in Time (push him to 50% to get two duplicates, allow him to regen above 50% and drop him again, get two more, etc)
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  19. Swiss Augur

    Anyone have a good spot for true dragons Dragonbane? western wastes or breeding grounds seem to be what I can find.
  20. Mithra Augur

    For Plants, Concrete and Stone there's 13 treants in Goru`kar Mesa - aggro them but don't kill. Every minute they spit out 3 pets.