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  1. MischiefTLP Augur


    Doesn't Play Well With Others - Keep going on whatever individual PC races
    Don't Bug Me - Ak'Anon
    I Hate Snakes - Lavastorm, South Ro or Paineel
    Pesticide - Warrens, find the spot, fastest spawn of any creature type in the game
    We Are the Dead! - North Ro, Rahotep Pyramid but also something with so many sources

    Strange Weather - Field of Bone
    Zoo Keeper - South Karana, Aviak Village
    Swordfishmermaid - Qeynos Aqueducts, find an instant respawn auto-aggro fish
    Orc Stomp - South Ro at Lake or Highpass at Kith zone in
    Ugly Creature Near My Feet - Misty Thicket or LDoN or DoN raid have infinite spawns

    BBBBBAAAARRRKKKK - South Karana, Brother Hayle's guards
    Puttin' On The Dog - Warrens, 6sec spawn in Kerran jail if no PCs in jail or go nuts
    It's Alive - Gorge of King Xorbb
    Plants Concrete and Stone - Blightfire Moors
    Here Be Dragons - Lesser Fayfark

    Might They Be Giants - Blightfire Moors, Rathe Mountains
    Legendary Creatures - Lesser Faydark
    Planes, Trains and Element-iles - Lavastorm
    A Sight for Sore Eyes - Qeynos Aqueducts
    Domo Arigato - Ak'Anon

    Foreign Affair - Scarlet Desert, Maiden's Eye but also something with many sources
    Invaders In a Strange Land - the most densely populated GoD/OoW zone you can handle
    Your God Has Found You Lacking - fail Vallon Zek or Rathe Council
    Table Flipper - Tutorial Mushroom Barrel (6sec), Nektulos, TSS SSCoL (30sec)

    I'm a People Person - SRo LDoN for Guktan
    What Keeps Mankind Alive - South Karana raiders North edge East of zone in
    Three Letter Word for Dead - South Karana raiders North edge East of zone in
    Short People - Ak'Anon, LoY
    Simple Folk of the Ykesha - LoY

    Bounced! - LoY, Tosk
    Mostly Kunzar - Field of Bone
    Catnipped In the Bud - Shar'Vahl clockwise around city to a training camp
    Amphibicide - whichever of the frog types you prefer to keep killing
    Rats - see Pesticide

    Eight Legs Are Better Than One - see Don't Bug Me
    The Hounds - Blightfire Moors
    The Cat's Pajamas - Blightfire Moors
    Bird Flew - see Zoo Keeper
    Monkey Business - Wakening Lands

    I'm Boared - PoTactics Glykus Helmir don't kill him, Tosk
    Orc Kill - see Orc Stomp
    Me Thinks That You'll Be Good to Eat - see Ugly Creature Near My Feet
    Gnolling is Half the Battle - see BBBBBAAAARRRKKKK
    Kobolded Killer - see Puttin' On The Dog

    Goooooooooooooolem - see It's Alive
    Drawing Life From a Stone - UF
    Living Stone I presume - Wakening Lands
    Herbicide - Dawnshroud Peaks
    Dragonbane - Western Wastes

    You Call That a Dragon - see Here Be Dragons
    A Giant Problem - see Might They Be Giants
    Shorter People - see Legendary Creatures
    Slayer of Mystical Horses - Gunthak, Elddar Forest
    It's Plane to See - Relic
    Breakdown Dead Ahead - see Domo Arigato

    Natives of Velious - automatic doing Skill Slayers
    Natives of Luclin - see Foreign Affair
    Natives of Taelosia - Natimbi
    Natives of Kuua - The Murkglider Hivequeen don't kill or Dranik's Scar
    Natives of Alaris - VoA
    Such Anguish - GoD/OoW

    Skill Slayers - find some of the mob and kill it

    The most important thing is teamwork makes the dream work, the only thing better than the stimulating gameplay of killing Brother Hayle's guards is if a buddy is killing Aviaks, another is killing Treants in the NE corner, another is killing raiders, another is killing Undead at Grimrot and if anyone is feeling energetic can kill even more stuff by moving around.
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  2. Windance Augur

    I'm waiting to see if there is any reason to complete the ones I'm missing. So far the little parsing I've seen from test shows that bane strike wasn't worth much to start with and still isn't worth much after the chance.

    If your done with everything and want to go to an empty zone and destroy grey cons for hours on end for the checkmarks ... that's still valid. Now if they change it so the 10% bonus is an actual 10% increase to total DPS then everyone will be all over getting their slayer done.
  3. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    Always start at the lowest kill count achievements and work upwards, so you minimize overlap.

    I'm Boared - PoTactics Glykus Helmir don't kill him,

    Aggro Glykus and pull him into the closest barrack room. Keep that person healed. Slight possibility of a single roamer add. While doing this (no damage to Glykus) the pen near his spawn point will continue to spawn war boars at a quick rate.

    VoA => Piggies at he bottom of Resplendent Temple
    RoF => Gelreth's Palace, static and instances.

    Catnipped In the Bud - Shar'Vahl clockwise around city to a training camp

    Grimling forest port in loc/camp. There's maybe one NPC that will give a faction hit but can be avoided. One of the best spots.

    BBBBBAAAARRRKKKK - South Karana, Brother Hayle's guards

    TSS => The Steppes

    Table Flipper - Tutorial Mushroom Barrel (6sec), Nektulos, TSS SSCoL (30sec)
    DoDH => Undershore At /loc -1480, -666 there are 5 mushrooms that respawn every 40 seconds (surrounding the NPC Freemind Cipher)

    TSS=> at -670.88, -2107.63, where you can stand between two "a hollows mushroom" and be in range of both

    Dragon ones (not TRUE dragons) => Skyshrine, ToV, Skyfire

    Living Stone I presume - Wakening Lands

    PoP => PoEarth

    Herbicide - Dawnshroud Peaks
    TSS => Blightfire

    Domo Arigato - Ak'Anon
    SoF => Fort Mech, MMM, Gyro Beza and Zeka, S.H.I.P., Steam Factory

    Planes, Trains and Element-iles - Lavastorm
    PoP => PoFire (multiple slayer updates also)
    OoW => RSS + king/queen event
    DoN => The Curse of Ju`rek (drop and repeat)

    A Sight for Sore Eyes - Qeynos Aqueducts

    Denizens of Fear => PoFear
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  4. Brickhaus Augur

    It looks to be about 4% if you have Banestrike 4/4 over Banestrike 0/4. Only you can decide for yourself if that's enough of a boost for you to do something.
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  5. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    There are definitely ones that could be "adjusted" There really aren't that many Kerrans in any/all of EQ to warrant such a huge kill count.

    50% or more of these just happen naturally through game play.

    I think 10% overall damage boost would be extravagant. Banestrike was a low damage boost, having 1.5-2% overall damage boost feels just about right, once you remove the current Banestrike.

    I know I was in the group who thought 10% overall damage increase when I read the patch notes.. but still.. It should be minor and if people want that small edge, they'll do it. If they want to increase the overall boost, the tiers of obtaining a given % mod should have their own achievements added, and be expansion-locked.
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  6. Zarkdon Augur

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  7. Mithra Augur

    Don't Bug Me - Field of Bone, crypt with 20 spiderlings that respawn in 10 seconds.

    Foreign Affair - Grimling Forest, start camp 4 of the grimling war and kill only a grimling fleshsoother for instant respawns.

    Might They Be Giants? - the original Frontier Mountains giant fort has about 15 spawns every few minutes.

    Swordfishmermaid - pond in Rivervale has about 10 spawns every 10 seconds.

    We Are the Dead! - Paineel gate guards instant respawn or you can get up to 6 decaying skeletons every 10 seconds in the Paineel newbie yard.

    Strange Weather - Field of Bone newbie yard trash or Crescent Reach puma cave.

    Domo Arigato - Find Fibblebrap 5: The Rescue mission or Manaetic Behemoth doorways can get you 8 spawns every 30 seconds.
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  8. MischiefTLP Augur

    Right and Bonzz and Wyre suggest killing Steepes for Gnolls where if you kill every mob as soon as it spawns you will make slower Slayer progress than I did with a Level 65 Mage in South Karana and you have limited usefulness of additional boxes and/or group members.
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  9. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Feel for the people that have to decide whether to do cloak or slayer.
  10. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    Steppes has Giants, Goblins, Spiders, Gnolls, Cats, Bears, Snakes, Centaur, Lizards, Wolves, rabbits, treants, and elementals. There is no "limited usefulness of additional boxes and/or group members."

    As for speed... Speed is only a thing for unchallenged locations. PoTactics Boar killing is one of the fastest routes.. but if it is taken, then the speed there is Zero. I simply added other options/alternatives.
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  11. MischiefTLP Augur

    There is only unchallenged locations, /raidinv
  12. Zarkdon Augur

    Both. Sleep is for the weak.
  13. Tour Augur

    SoD Blackburrow Raid: Stop the Ascension. Continuously leash / don't kill mundunugu to spawn adds. Easily the fastest especially if you have multiple groups to cover multiple totems.

    Might They Be Giants?
    Doldigun Steinwielder is located in Iceshard Manor in Kael Drakkel (location -850, +1150). He can be spawned by saying "The Dain shall be slain for the peace we must obtain." Put it in a hotkey. Attack him, several giants will spawn, respawn, repeat.
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  14. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    This thread is $$
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  15. Sirene_Fippy Okayest Bard

    Old Field of Bone - kill the big dragon armies for drakes/wyverns/etc. There are a few true dragons but it's not the best place for them. Also good for Iksar and possibly undead, just large piles of mobs in that zone.

    Dragonscale Hills is a great slayer zone in general - the big brownie camp area, there are a ton of minotaurs, nightmare horses, plants as well. Fairies if you are so inclined and a small clockwork camp by the zonein.

    Stoneroot Falls - Good for shiliskin (ugly ach), orcs, werewolves. Witherans, though I'm not sure which ach they count for.

    Loping Plains - orcs, worgs, nightmare horses, a few wolves. I haven't tried the previously mentioned spots so they might be better for orcs.

    Kod'Taz is good for discordians, hynids and cragbeasts also count for other ach (animals?)

    Clockworks - Manaetic Behemoth - Stand outside either door with an AE song or a /pet attack key for the little spiders. Can do this in an AoC now.

    Giants - Frostcrypt is also great

    Magic Horses - Arcstone by the zonein for kirin, Dragonscale Hills in the middle/south area of the zone for nightmares and plants. The plants there split when you kill them so lots of kills. Loping Planes also has nightmares.

    Fish/Mermaids - Kedge Keep has low lvl non-aggro fast respawn fish.

    Kuua (OoW) - In Anguish, have someone offtank Keldovan the Harrier and aggro the pit chimera/ferans.

    If you need wolves and the DA clicky there is a DoDH task that has a rare drop of one (Feral Guardian Channeler). It probably isn't the fastest way to get wolves but DA clickies are nice.

    It was mentioned above but the best place to get fairies is the LFay fairy camp.
  16. Ishbu Augur

    If you are talking about the 1000 kill count one, check out tox forest
  17. Swiss Augur

    Anyone know a good spot for "Invaders In a Strange Land"?
  18. Brickhaus Augur

    Ferubi, assuming no one else is there. Over 250 mobs in close to a circle. F8, /attack on and repeat.
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  19. Riou EQResource

    The 1000 includes Vah Shir too which you can faction lock potion and kill Shar Vahl, or create a f2p toon (a throwaway Heroic 85 toon of a bard, if you still have any of those free from HoT era works decent) that can aggro them and have your main toon have a dps merc and kill them with no risk to your own faction

    The 50 kerran one you can do in barren coast the north side has a village of Kerran that don't have faction hits (like 19ish mobs per set)
  20. FrankTheNotTank New Member

    Im personally fond of the vah shir fort in Grimling Forest. Decent respawn rate - not instant tho - and all but two or three of them are not factioned. So faction free vah shir cat kills.

    Also, if you're adept at controlling the races that "own" Devastation, you can force spawn the zone over to vah shir and just go to town