SK's still need love

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Zantor, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. Angahran Augur

    No, that's paladins. Every expansion you and moan when any other tank class asks for anything until you get it as well in addition to whatever you were getting. Then you and moan some more to nerf anything that the other tank classes ask for.
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  2. Allayna Augur

    ...still waiting on alliance (covenant) and harmonious upgrades, a new AE hate AA, an AE hate spell....that would make the hate equal. Distort the facts tho, it's a theme with SKs vs. me.

    If the devs want the paladin to be the weakest AE hate/single target hate, weakest DPS tank....I'm cool with it...

    As long as they come out and say it.
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  3. Angahran Augur

    Sure, you can have an AE hate spell, just as soon as SKs get splash, cures, slay undead, stun, or basically any reason to be wanted on a raid.

    But no, you just keep on moaning on how overpowered SKs are.
  4. yepmetoo Augur

    You must be a just terrible shadow knight. Sad. Sorry for your situation.
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  5. Angahran Augur

    If you're the only class that didn't get an upgrade to alliance and/or covenant this expansion how about asking the devs why ? Instead of trying to get another class nerfed.

    Why do you think paladins should be equal to SKs for agro when you already have so many other tools ?

    "Distorting facts" ? That's you, you want to have the same DPS as a warrior, the same agro as an SK while keeping all your other abilities.
  6. Allayna Augur

    Actually, I never said equal, you did, in your previous post:

    But let me get this right.

    Me asking for (SOME) abilities for which are drastically lacking on a paladin, ones that are readily available to an SK, makes you think I'm asking for a nerf to SKs? Is that because you know that those abilities make the game drastically easier?

    I already posted it, but you obviously either didn't read it or can't read, jury is still out...

    You know what...nevermind, you're the same who runs out of mana with reaver's running. I've already responded to your terrible abilities on the SK. No wonder you think they'll equal to that of the paladin, you don't understand your own class.
  7. Seldom Augur

    Days ago you claimed Paladins have had the same aggro tools as Shadowknights for the past several expansions.

    Now you are asking why do Paladins think they should be equal to Shadowknight aggro since we have other tools. FYI: That’s the definition of “purposely” distorting facts.
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  8. Angahran Augur

    You said you wanted AE agro abilities for the paladin.

    Why do you think that a Paladin should have the same abilities as an SK plus your own abilities ?
    It sounds like you basically want to combine all the tank classes and just have one class.
    Seems pretty damned boring.

    Which abilities, specifically, that SKs have and Paladins don't, make the game "drastically easier" ?
    Since you are obviously such a great SK and apparently I am not, please pass on some of your vast knowledge of the SK class.

    OMG, finally, you admit that SK abilities don't come close to those of the Paladins.

    And Seldom, I never said Paladins have the same agro tools. They have the same single target agro spells.
    Unlike some others, I don't claim to know everything about a class I don't play.

    If you honestly think an SK's AE agro is equivalent to Paladins Splash, and stun, and cures, and slay, you are sadly misinformed.

    But what's the point.
    Talking to you is like trying to have a conversation with a flat earther.
  9. Seldom Augur

    Seems you have Paladins on your mind so hard you even copy their metaphors near verbatim.

    Yes, there is definitely zero point in talking to me when you make statements like this. We are definitely on different ends of the flat Norrather debate.
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  10. Sathayorn Augur


    This is satire right?

    Edit: I'd post something more substantial, but I can't possibly take a "buff SK" thread seriously while at the same time, don't want your class to get the treatment it actually deserves.
  11. Allayna Augur

    It must be hard playing an SK so terribly that you think it’s the same as a pally....

    So you listed Splash, Stun, Cures and Slay as the paladin “advantage”.

    Abilities the SK have over the paladin:

    Instant cast fixed invis
    Feign death
    1/2 timer refresh of all AA AE hate
    1 additional AE AA
    1 AE damage self heal
    1 line of AE spell hate
    1 AE dmg hate spell
    Instant cast single target hate
    The DPS ~ 800K on LIVE mobs.....pally is ~ 400K against undead in comparable groups.
    Reavers Bargain, there is no equivalent or comparable disc on a paladin....that equals a longer disc uptime.
    An up to date and far superior harmonious and alliance spell.
    An epic that defines the SK ~ 80% of dmg returned as health, 2 h tanking actually improves survival
    Mortal coil ~ basically SK epic for 4 min on a kill shot, no restrictions

    I’m not even listing out all the advantages.

    Let’s look at our LEET pally abilities, “splash, stun, cures and slay”...

    Splash has fallen behind on heal amount, has an amazing cure component, but the devs LOVE to put negative cure mechanics, see UEE.
    Stun, was a benefit this expansion, but for the past 2, almost every mob was stun immune.
    Cures and splash are a bit a pally loads an actual cure spell.
    Slay....such a niche, remind me, what was slayable in TBL?

    Play another class before you speak about how equal they obviously have never ever played a paladin, and your SK ability is called into question by your own posts....
  12. Lyquid New Member

    Abilities Paladins have that I want:

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  13. Axeknight New Member

    I don’t get what’s so hard to understand. A pally should never want Agro or try to tank anything that isn’t undead they are a holy class. A cross between a warrior and a cleric. If anything they should just pacify mobs and heal all day and only pull out a weapon when encountering something undead and unholy. If they fail they can always Rez.
    Sk’s on the other hand are a evil class almost everything hates us so it’s natural we should be able to hate everything back. I can’t go into nearly as many starting cities as a pally without guards attempting to kill me so I need a way to defend myself in a swarm type of environment as we are evil and hated just like the Necro. This is why we can FD and invis it’s an ability we got from out necro brothers and sisters.
    And I have no idea what you are all talking about as sk’s are the favorite knight I can’t ever get a group when I go LFG I just end up boxing or sitting in the ggh.
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  14. Krazzi Lorekeeper

    I feel bad for the paladins on this thread, clearly they dont know how to play their class. This expansion has been one of the best ever for paladin agro and they are still crying. VoT at one point was a 75% agro buff, paladins cried and SKs got nerfed to 25%. Which is still 10% better then the paladin buff, but then paladins cried and devs tuned all our spells so we needed the 25% just to be even. Harmonius came out, paladins cried, it got nerfed, to the point i dont even cast it. Mindless hatred came out, paladins cried until it got taken out of the game completely. Looking at sk and paladins 110 spells on eqresource, there are alot more hate mods and hate over ride on paladin spells then sk spells, plus ae heal agro. And seriously if you paladins want reavers bargain so bad, i said it before, i'll say it again, you can have mine, it was broken initially, and now its just another useless thing i never use.

    SKs arent great at dps. We are better DPS then paladins (that's a low bar) but we should be though, we got 50% of our dps from melee like paladins and 50% from our spells. But, paladins get a heal they can cast on others, we get our lifetap that we can only heal ourselves with, but for that limitation it also does damage to our target, so there is the difference in our dps. As for our dots, yeah they are instant cast and still useless to cast, even after like 10,000 dot AA. Good luck on the dot revamp necros, we sk are pulling for ya, for real, we dont just try to get others nerfed like... ummm you know... /points at the other knight.
  15. Sathayorn Augur

    To all you calling for a Shadowknight buff... Saying that SK are in a bad place is objectively false. Trying to say Paladins can DPS like SK's just makes me think you aren't casting, like at all.

    Paladins should do less damage than Shadowknights, and they do. But it seems like every SK thinks because they use a two-handed weapon, wear plate, and have a mana bar, they should DPS like Berserkers, mitigate like Warriors, DoT like Necromancers, and retain all their unique abilities including, but not limited to, the (subjectively) best epic in the game.

    Shadowknights are a hybrid class, not a gestalt class. If you all had your way, raid guilds would look like they used to on TLP: Solely rated by how many SK were on the roster.

    Complaining your class sucks when it's so near the top in so many categories betrays your ignorance on not only your class, but your concept of balance.

    TL;DR to the OP: SK are "fine" - and if this thread does anything, anything at all, it will not be what you intended.


    I've grouped with you before, though I never see you actively LFG, on the LFG window, in general chat LFG. 10/10 would group again. If you were actually devoting any time to finding people to group with, you'd find them. I box a warrior, druid and cleric myself. Any time you want to tank for me, hit me up.
  16. Drogba Augur

    I have little desire to post on/bump this thread, but if SK's keep posting silly stuff, well.. in before a paladin beats me too it. Seeing as you aren't including any deep reasoning to your assertions, and are just posting statements, for my own sanity i'll limit my response to the same kind:

    VoT is castable on paladins in raids, so we could be arguing for an increase to % aggro on the holmein line possibly.

    both for aggro and dps purposes, harmonious is still very useful. If you don't want to use everything in your toolkit, that's a you problem.

    That's unique to you then, Reaver's Bargain is one of the best defensive measures available to you.

    While I agree on the last bit, saying that 'SK's aren't great at dps' simply isn't true. If you're playing a tank class and wearing raid gear.. unless you are a paladin, you will be frequently topping parses when you go out grouping, obviously depending on the group makeup, and how much you can afford to abuse 2hander usage.). You can push a lot more out of your dps if you try to increase your luck, go with a full set of type 18/19 proc augs, the accuracy augs, and re-aug to get Hdex to 2300-2400 range.

    This part i think pretty much every SK would agree on. I agree with this statement as a sentiment, though disagree on it if meant true literally. Our dots are pretty awful, but it's still *technically* worth casting dots if for pure min-maxing dps in some situations over some lower level taps.

    I agree with some of your sentiments, but there's just too many statements that are flat out false, and it just serves as ammunition for Allayna or someone else to come back and say that you're wrong, which keeps this silly dumpster fire burning.

    AFK to stab myself in the eye with a pencil.
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  17. Sathayorn Augur

    I won't lie, I used to have Paladin envy myself. But I had to go back to warrior, maybe it's the familiarity. Maybe it's the mitigation. Maybe it's being able to kill an enemy in twenty minutes rather than working in shifts for days. I'm still pretty envious about your heals, but having played a paladin at 110, the class isn't for me.

    But this is great advice. I read up some things about druid before making one, and I thought that was good enough. Read some article claiming they were the second best healer (Hint, they're not even the third best, but how was I to know?) and thought he'd pair well with my warrior. Had I known what I know now, I probably would have made a cleric, for the heals I wanted, or a wizard for the ports. But hey, hybrid classes are complex. I love my druid, but it's not what I had expected. It's a lot more versatile than what could easily be called its parent classes: Cleric and Wizard.
  18. Repthor Augur

    I agree sks needs love.

    So when you run past one thats soloing. Give the sk a hug as your running past with you box team or on the way to your group. This way it will brighten their day
  19. Act of Valor Augur

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  20. Zurril Lorekeeper

    Act of Valor needs nerfed, anything over a Minor Healing proc is just over powered

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