SKILLS and what the numbers mean?

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  1. bobokatt Elder

    I apologize if I have not worded the subject properly.
    This is probably a useless question but how exactly do the "SKILLS" and their respective numbers apply to our toons?

    Simple example: My baby Monk has a current skill for Dragon Punch of 292 but their max is 540 based on their level. I get it, the HIGHER the better... in due time as I have not played him in a long while.

    BUT WHAT exactly does 540 GIVE ME OVER 292? Is it a BETTER chance of executing a Dragon Punch? Or does the effect of Dragon Punch hit better/harder? Same thing for Double attack or Triple attack or Kick or Offence or Defense... etc.

    What about swimming? It's 252 out of 400. Yes yes I will max it soon but what does that mean exactly? That at 252 I do not execute a fast speed "SWIN" motion often enough? Or simply that I do or do not swim faster? Which would be totally different than the other skills.

    I can easily understand something like haste. It's either this or that and higher means I HIT FASTER, up to a cap.

    At the end of the day the goal is to max EVERYTHING. I get it... just wanted to know the "funs" behind it.
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  2. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    All of that is going to depend on which skill you are talking about as in some cases it increases the chance of it to fire, others can increase the chance to hit or increase damage. Something like swimming would just increase how fast you swim.
  3. Randomized Augur

    Usually with melee activated abilities, the higher the “skill number” the better the accuracy (so less chance of missing/failing), and increased damage.

    Take 1hand blunt for example. The better your skill, the less likely you are to miss and the harder you hit with said skill since it also increases your attack power (in accordance to skill levels)
  4. demi Augur

    swimming skill just increases the how fast you can swim thru water or lava(which can be deadly if you swim too slow )
  5. Wulfhere Augur

    Yes and in the case of weapons skills: hand-to-hand, 1-hand-blunt, 2-hand-blunt, etc., higher skill raises your ATK power and accuracy. You can see these values change on your character page while equipping said weapon.

    Anecdotally in classic EQ era, i.e. level 40 circa 2000, 10 weapon or offense skill points parsed out to be about 1% more DPS. I'd bet that 10 skill points today is still <=1% improvement.
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  6. Froglok Augur

    Keep in mind, that the increases are actually teeny tiny increases, really. Think decimal points, not whole numbers. Even so, any increase is better than no increase.

    Additionally, I am not sure, but I think there are also game maximums that play into things as well. So, your skill may result in "Z" -- but the game cap will default that to the Game Max "Y," so to speak.
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