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    I'm trying to find information about pottery, smithing, and fletching skill ups over 200. It has been awhile on the recent posts and was wondering what was the best way to get to 300 today. I'm doint pottery now, will do smithing next, and finally fletching. If anyone has any suggestions, it would be appreciated. Thanks
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    dagon05 wrote:
    This is a pretty darn good place to start:
    (Complete Tradeskill Guide 5.0 Revised May 13, 2009)
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    As far as smithing (and tailoring) goes, look into your race's "Culteral" armors. You get a greater chance to skill up and the dropped components often are common enough to get your hands on for up to the mid 200s.
  4. ARCHIVED-Hidron Guest

    Make sure you buy the New Taanan Crafting AA too or you won't be seeing skill ups on most of the skills.
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    Hidron wrote:
    Wish I could say something sarcastic about that one, but, um, I've done that.
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    As posted above, go to eq traders and look at the trivial list for each. I recently started working from 250 to 300 (I had skilled to just over 250 for the erons quest last expansion).
    Smithing and tailoring the easiest way to go is collect ores, silk and pelts and make cultural armor templets. If you want you can then make the armor but that requires more droped components and the templets sell back for the standard slight loss.
    Pottery is a bit hard, I think best bet is steins, idols and power sources though i think all require some enchanter items.
    Fletching after you max out store bought arrows, you can go to GoD arrows if you farm the taelosian rocks and then acrylia arrows, once you max acrylia you can farm treant branches and make bows and if you do a lot of korofax and bloodfields camping you might have parts to make the high level arrows.
    Jewel Craft you can make store bought gold platinum and velium up to almost 300. Suplement that with any uncut gems and nihilites you have collected. Also if you have raw faycite from SoF you can make Dwerium.
    Baking you can make GoD tuna and crab food up to just over 250, then you can farm mephits, Jord and other PoP stuff. If you have a stash of Chronal Resonance dust you can make Timeless Sausage stuff.
    Brewing make minotaur hero brew till it maxes out then make a dwarf box and sit him in the mushroom farm in kaladim and collect all the mushrooms and make Kaladim constitutionals.
    Don't forget to do your Trophy quests so you can skill up your trophys, the lower skill you start your quests the easier they are usually (as in less exotic droped items you need to find).
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    Thanks for all the suggestions.
    I already am:
    300 in tailoring and used cultural
    300 in baking and used picnic baskets and minotaur meat pies for 250+
    300 in brewing-- any easy way to get to around 188 is shar vahl essences-- just pick up the fruit in shadeweavers and add water. and kaladim is the best for 250+
    300 in jewel craft-- used raw faycite, platinum jewelry, and chronoal resonance dust
    And yes, I had remembered to buy the AAs although that is a good reminder to all.
    Wish all tradeskills were as cheap to skill up as brewing and baking but sony apparently thinks not.
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    I was aware and have bookmarked the page you referenced however, it has not been updated with several expansions. A less expensive way (or at least no more expensive) to get to 250 and above are the various energeiac orbs from the Katta expansion. A lot of these are also bazaar saleable.
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    All of the basic trade skills are fairly easy to get up now. The key choise is how fast do you want to get them up, and how much are you willing to spend to get them up.
    Some skills are more expensive to get up then others, but that is based on what the sell back value of the resulted item is. Pottery is one of the more expensive ones in that aspect, while jewlery, smithing, and tailoring are fairly inexpensive.

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