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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by phattoni, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. phattoni Augur

    this needs to be looked at, i was against this change for the longest time due to the fact that i usually would level with no mercs or power leveling, but after leveling with a merc from 1 - 50 i am finally seeing what people are complaining about.

    i am forced to stop leveling in order to get my skills caught up, this wouldnt be a problem if the skill ups came faster, as it is i can sit and spam a spell for a while and get maybe 5 skill ups, if im lucky.

    leveling with no merc this is not a problem because exp is so slow that you have time to raise the skills just by killing stuff, with a merc it is a huge problem.

    not many people are leveling with no merc now that i have seen, so i think its time this got changed.

    if i didnt stop and sit in qeynos and spam dots and invis on myself i would have a useless character, the fizzles are bad, and the skill ups just are not coming fast enough.

    i have to stop every couple of days to sit and spam spells to get skill ups, this lasts usually all day.

    i even tried stopping every 5 levels to do the skill ups but after 150 skill in anything caster wise, the skill ups come so slow its not even funny.
  2. wingz-83 Augur

    So you are complaining because you're not actively playing your toon enough?
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  3. phattoni Augur

    not really, it is because of that, but the problem shouldnt exist, almost noone is leveling without mercs or powerleveling now, so the skill ups need to be adjusted...
  4. phattoni Augur

    i dont afk level at all if that is what you mean, im 100% casting and doing stuff on the toon entire time, the skill ups need to be fixed.
  5. Yther Augur

    It shouldn't take a whole day to skill up unless you're 65+ and got 0 in the skills. <5th level spells work the best and low mana and short recast time. Or unless you are working on hard to skill up skills, like begging, disarm, etc.

    And while leveling, if you are fizzling alot, use lower level skills that don't fizzle as much but same rate of skill up for less mana. The tank merc doesn't require you to cast your highest level spells while leveling.

    Yther Ore.
  6. phattoni Augur

    that is exactly what i am doing now, but when i switched from merc leveling to normal leveling with no mercs to try and get the skills caught up, i was useless.

    the skill ups just are not coming fast enough after 150 skill, its going to take days to get caught up in skills.

    ive been casting low level dots and stuff due to mana cost/fizzles, no mount(tlp player), lich for regen.
  7. phattoni Augur

    and i realize it shouldnt take days to skill up, but it is.
  8. wingz-83 Augur

    So you made a choice to take the shortcut and now you found out there are negatives in taking the shortcut?
  9. Yther Augur

    TLP has a guild lobby. If you're running low mana, go there. Get a Bst to paragon you, if you really need it. Shouldn't basic crack or lich should be plenty using low level spells. I assume these are the spells you are using:
    Sense the Dead Divination
    Coldlight Conjuration or
    Disease Cloud Conjuration
    Minor Shielding Abjuration
    Lifetap Alteration
    Ward Undead Evocation - This is a tough one, but there's undead in Befallen that have healers associated with them, that will keep healing them, so you can chain low damage vs. undead spells on them.

    Make a macro to cast all five types with appropriate pauses, and you can switch windows while the macro goes off (taking about 20 secs depending spells total). And yea above 150 skill ups start slowing down, but that's still a good start if you're not casting the highest level spells, or not 65+ level. Get Intellectual Superiority buff to help, if need be.

    Yther Ore.
  10. phattoni Augur

    you guys are missing the point, i shouldnt be forced to level skills on a toon that was being 100% played the entire time, just because i chose to level with a merc.

    this is not something i did by choice, the skill ups need to be fixed for leveling with a merc, they are not coming fast enough just by sitting and spamming low level dots non stop all day.

    there isnt a moment i am not casting spells...
  11. Yther Augur

    I get it. But that's the game. Either take months to level to 50 and practice all your skills all the time (Makes me think of skilling up Sense Heading ... Sheesh!), or level fast and only maintain your core skill(s) and have to practice the others. Be a hybrid with 5 casting skills, with 7+ combat skills, several defensive, and more. Even back in the day, if you weren't spending time working on them (i.e. Conj. for Rangers - Dance of the Fireflies) while not fighting and leveling up, they'd fall way behind.

    As a nec, you should have kept Conj. up. I have no problem keeping 2 spell skills up on almost every toon, even using a merc. They may not be maxed, but very close to it. It's the long duration spells, like Abjur. buffs and less used like Divination spells that fall behind.
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  12. phattoni Augur

    i have no problem keeping them somewhat up, the thing is, when i hit 150 skill in most of the stuff, the skill ups are now taking 20+ casts per point. evocation is the worse, i spam it non stop and get maybe 1 skill up every 20 minutes, sometimes it is taking longer...

    i realize that is the state of the current game, but its time to change.

    this is the first time ive leveled entirely off of mercs, and now i see what other people posting about this in the past were talking about, i would say it was their fault for leveling with mercs and power leveling, but its not, powerleveling is 100% their fault, but leveling with a merc shouldnt hinder your character in such a way...
  13. phattoni Augur

    i would be more then happy to generate 4+ hours of logs and post them if thats whats needed...
  14. wingz-83 Augur


    Look, I understand what you're saying, you leveled up too quickly for your skills to match and you want them to go faster than what is currently in game. I get it, I do but that's the reality of the game and leveling up a took faster than it was intended.
  15. Yther Augur

    They have an alternative, buy a Heroic character, and get all skills maxed to 85, even those pita ones like Begging. Heard of many people doing that just to get maxed skills.

    EDIT: Other alternative, fight light blue cons and put merc on assist and not aggressive if All Access so you take some of the beating. You're paying SC for the HC or time and some beatings (merc not main tanking so only dps) so you can keep your skills up.

    Yther Ore.
  16. phattoni Augur

    im on tlp not sure heroics are allowed there... :) ill look into it though.
  17. Yther Augur

    Oh yea. Shouldn't be yet, but soonish. What expansion are you on?
  18. phattoni Augur

    they are on underfoot, me im still on veksar lol :p
  19. Mulerien Elder

    Nice list Yther, but for evocation skill ups, macro cast the ward undead spell on the necro pet.
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  20. Yther Augur

    I new Ward was better, but I couldn't remember what you casted it on. Duh, pet is undead. I was thinking back to skilling up my Paladin.

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