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  1. dreadlord Augur

    I think tanking what you're asking with no healing is a big ask. I (115) can tank trash all day with no discs and just a HoT. HoT is great imho for exactly the spikes you describe. Your disc usage sounds fine; but I wouldn't have made that grp set up - shm or clr would have been better than the dru
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    I saw those spells, but never tried them out. The healing I'd need is mostly tank rather than group, I cover a lot of group damage with enchanter runes so that hasn't been too much of an issue. But it is interesting to know that some folks actually use them.

    Yeah, I'd heard druid healing was bad but it's kinda worse than I was expecting. I'm OK with the group being on the fragile side, though, since it's a 2nd team and having huge burn potential is pretty amusing.

    Anyway, thanks everyone for the inputs! I feel like I have a better understanding of the class and the "flow" of SK tanking now.
  3. Wulfhere Augur

    You should try at least one, if not both, in your box druid situation. The reason a sporali pet is good for boxing is because it provides (both) passive damage and group healing, as each of those nukes triggers a group heal. Neither effects are focused because the pet is the caster.

    The sporali nuke has decent aggro and can get some swarm pet tanking action. It's also mana efficient for the druid. A druid can keep both pets up 100% of the time and that can make fights easier or winnable, especially when you're mostly afk on the box druid.
  4. Szilent Augur

    quick test (very quick, since there's no randomness to "parse"), rk2 of the top level (109) version

    7 hits of 16263 (actually one was partially resisted on the combat dummy cause dru can't debuff poison resist, but we'll pretend 7 full hits) was 120841 damage. So the damage of the shroom was less than the druid's procs added to the base 1pt nuke of the spell.

    7 group heals of 8132 for a total of 56924. Contrast with Blessing of Ro AA which heals the tank for ~50k (non-crit. crits 100k a pop, 200k+ I see sometimes I expect are based on Pal Armor of Inquisitor) up to every 6s. Reptile procs 6-8k each (crit 15-25k) can come in multiple/tick

    …over the course of 48s, the mushroom doesn't feel either powerful or efficient. I suppose you're describing them as better than not-casting-spells, so that's a thing. And druids don't have great repeating group healing options, I suppose. Having those gobble up two precious-precious spell gems is a long ask for me.
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  6. Somany New Member

    If I read that correctly you said 3.5-4k AA’s at lvl 111? Much of SK’s self-healing is proc based and melee- based from our self buffs and innate AA’s. At 115 in mixed T2and T3 group gear I can 2h tank ToV T1 trash with no healer and 2-3 without using cooldowns with a healmerc - but that’s with close to 40k AA’s and full augs (and a bard in group adding some sweet AC and healing boost I should add). I think you stand to see massive survivability gains as you fill in your healing and offensive AA’s. Other than that - get those last AC augs slotted, make sure you’re fully self-buffed and grind on!
  7. Bontrager New Member

    You have around a 4k AC deficit vs an endgame SK. Even with a 2her out its around a 3k difference.

    I recommend the following weapon augment -

    Add this burn into your rotation, especially for larger pulls / survivability outside of other disc usage.

    Melee/Zombie Burn:
    Lich Sting (Epic 2.0 click)
    Visage of Death
    Cerise Blade
    DPS Glyph (if you can afford glyphs)
    CoP IV (PoWar clicky item)

    During zombie burn you can hit Rending Blade 2x

    What is your reasoning for running your SK with so much caster dps?
  8. aozs Elder

    It's a second box crew that's something different from my melee group, and I liked the idea of doing big burns. Got a couple of sub-10sec Griklor burns which beats my melee group pretty handily.

    I only played for a few hours at 115 before moving on to other things. I still use the group to farm ToV missions here and there, but haven't really worked on gearing or pushing limits or anything.

    At 115 with t3 ToV group gear, the SK does quite a bit better, but not nearly at the level of my warrior. I think a lot of it has to do with the group being oriented toward offense and not providing much in the way of survivability.
  9. Blastoff Elder

    You could always just beat the mission with your main crew and pass the instance off to your second set for the xp bonus.
  10. Griggson New Member

    There is so much involved in SK survival and tanking. My little input (some mentioned already in previous posts)
    • With your box team also maybe look at the nukes your chanter uses to provide rune proc for your SK
    • Mixing in more terrors and lifetaps than you have listed. (Keybinding your taps might help)
    • Terrors proc runes also if you have the AA. Looks for weap with rune effect also.
    • Spam key for: Vicious bite - Rending blade and Thwart
    • Shield flash is good - short-ish timer (useful for add pops on the KD mission)
    • Keep up provocation - stick bond on all mobs if using and keep it leeching life for you from multiple targets
    • Don't slack on self buffs, keep up short duration also like Skin, Stance and i even use harmonious
    • Rotate through clickies; Epic, blood drinkers coating, BP etc etc
    • Like mentioned combine smaller disc like carapace with Reavers if need, Leechcurse and Visage of death or epic etc.
    • Overall AA and gear will actually make a huge difference, from snowbound to the T3 Velium infused gear. Good augs etc.
    • As a group geared SK (no space in raid for SK in my guild /cry) i can get through KD missions mostly without having to pop defensive discs much at all. Generally save them for getting mutiple adds or for the burn at the end. Once geared and AA you will be able to rip through mobs with 2hander without much thought tanking. (with the basics above)
    • You can always be casting or clicking something with an SK
  11. Zaltan Journeyman

    I have played an SK quite a bit pre ToV and i found spamming the terror line procs the rune from the Sk's AA all the time which boosted my defense by a decent amount.

    If you load up x3 terror spells in a spam key you essentially have no down time on aggro + it procs the run really quick. (Tip i got from a decent raid SK at the time)
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    Probably a dumb question but what's the CoA robe's actual name ?
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