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    Looking to start a 3 box. SK and SHM will both be Ogre's and to stick with the theme, I thought of adding a warrior as the third. Both because it provides some "off-tank" ability while also being a pretty simple "set it and forget it" type of DPS. Problem is, I just feel the lack of utility a warrior brings will be a real issue, especially come mercs (currently playing on a TLP). I'd love to stay with the Ogre theme, so I could be convinced, but I think a caster type might be best.

    So, I'm waffling now between Druid and Mage. Druid obviously provides a TON more utility, has DS, can put out similar DPS to a mage, mana regen/skin line, wolf form, etc. Ports and evacs can also come in handy, even though ports slowly lose their usefulness. Charm is also an option in some zones for added DPS. My fear with the druid is because SK/Shm is already pretty busy, a druid might be too much to manage well.

    Mage offers superior DPS, a possible "off-tank" with the pet, is another simple, "set and forget" type of box to run, and has DS. Plus, CoTH always comes in handy and the ability to hand out pet gear to the SK/Shm weapons is some added DPS. My fear with the mage is more from losing out on all the utility the druid provides.

    These are the 3 classes I'm most conflicted about. Warrior/Ogre is the direction I most wanted to go thematically, but I just think warrior is going to be a real waste come each new expansion pack. Anybody have any thoughts/experiences with any of the combos above? I'm also willing to listen to alternatives and appreciate the feedback.
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    Ogre zerker to keep with the theme, It seem like a waste to add a caster dps when you already playing a Shm. Can just add a monk for now till zerker unlock.
  3. Neale Povar Lorekeeper

  4. Vumad Augur

    Could do ENC and illusion as an Ogre.

    Can do BRD and get a Visage of the Brute from the Cragbeast Queen (can be very hard to camp).

    Can put ENC on one of the accts with the Ogre and project illusion onto the other toon.

    Can do Ogre Zer or BST instead of War.

    Can play any class and farm mats for Ogre potions. Mage or Druid is the most utility. CotH is wonderful when boxing. Druid can port and track.
  5. SecondStage New Member

    Yeah, I thought about BST as well, but it seems like there is just too much overlap with Shaman? At least for quite a few expansions. I'm leaning toward mage and then swapping to BER when they unlock.
  6. Vumad Augur

    I think the question is not how much a BST overlaps with a SHM but rather how much a WAR overlaps with a SK. War does nothing for the other 2 in the group. Ultimately you should play whatever you enjoy despite some differences in efficiency. Warrior probably requires a lot less effort to box DPS than a BST.
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  7. Nolrog Augur

    IMO, you want some DPS. I would go mage.
  8. Roxas MM Augur

    beastlord and sham actually stack pretty decent. yes we both slow and haste, and the beastlord focus is useless, but other then that, it works pretty well. Sham has better slow, better haste, his own dots, and later on very nice melee adps which helps the beastlord and his pet a lot.As mentioned though, over the expansions, if you want to dps with your beastlord a bit over auto attack, it needs a lot of attention. ( but then, it's really worth it ).
  9. SecondStage New Member

    Well, ultimately I'd like something that is relatively "easy" to box. I'd love to stay with the Ogre theme, but that isn't quite as important to me as "passive dps", if you will. That's why I originally landed on Warrior as the third, since it can be played pretty passively and fits with the Ogre theme. I'm just concerned with the lack of utility it'd provide (yes, I understand anything with significant utility is going to be a "busier" class, which I'm somewhat trying to avoid), other than whatever "effects" it gets from its weapons and the ability to off-tank in an emergency.

    I'm concerned about BL not just from an overlap standpoint (of which there's a fair amount), but also from a "busy" standpoint. Especially since, as you said, it needs a lot of attention to get meaningful DPS.

    Zerker seems very appealing since the class seems able to put out solid numbers somewhat "passively" and fits into the Ogre theme, but the issue is that they aren't released yet on my TLP.

    I'm honestly starting to think about adding a Ranger as the third. Kind of splitting the difference between my two toss-up choices right now of Warrior or Druid.

    It seems track could be very valuable with a boxed crew(not sure why, but folks seem list it as a perk), solid utility in the form of melee buffs/emergency heals/thorns/emergency tanking/etc. as well as a period of time where they can literally just turn on /autofire and still put out respectable DPS. I realize that this goes away and they eventually turn back into a mostly melee class (I think? I could be wrong) that has to again be somewhat "busy" to put out decent numbers, but by then Zerkers should be out and that problem might fix itself. And hey, if I end up loving having the Ranger as the third, I can just stick with it.
  10. Alnitak Augur

    I'd start with your prefered mix and add a magician for utility and ease of boxing: SK/SHM/MAG
    Then, when classes become available I'd add second toons: BST/BRD/ZRK
    This way you can mix-and-match a variety of 3-box combos. MAG, BRD, ZRK are relatively easy to box, SK and BST will require full attention to play well, and SHM is situational (in terms of ease of boxing)
    BST+MAG have an excellent synergy and boost each other in a group. SHM+ZRK with BST attack buffs have a massive dps. BST+BRD+ZRK is just a dps-machine etc.
    There is just a handful mission in the game when you can't tank with a BST warder, or need extra dps to assist your SK (yup, those are OP). MAG utility is great , spare off-tanking by pet, provides summoned gear to all the pets, uses aura to boost pet dps, does coth as a major logistics convenience and is actually middle-of-the-game dps. BRD would give you CC and excellent adps and become very good past 110.
  11. code-zero Augur

    Half Elf Bard that worships Rallos Zek. There's your them
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  12. Tucoh Augur

    Ideal party setup on TLP depends on current expansion. Most questions in this forum are for live, you might get different answers in the tlp forum.

    Which expansion are you on and how willing are you to switch as expansions release?

    Generally you'll be fine with a druid, mage, monk or bard and when berserkers are released you can swap if you still want an ogre dream team. I wouldn't choose a warrior. A monk would be great for early TLP but would be less fun to replace with a berserker later on.
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  13. SecondStage New Member

    Currently on Kunark and I'm absolutely willing to switch as expansions release, AAs, mercs, etc. In fact, I had planned on the very real possibility of even dropping the SK/Shm when mercs become a thing.

    EQ changes/evolves at different points in its life and I'm not necessarily "married" to a particular idea/combo. SK/Shm is one of the better combos/duos that can plug in a lot of classes as a "3rd", while also maintaining relevancy for quite a while. That then evolved into, "Well, maybe I'll make a team of ogres, actually..." as ideas started to evolve. Especially since I've never played a Warrior or Zerker, I thought it might be fun to create an "ogre squad".

    But no, I'm not necessarily dead set on a particular trio. I mostly try and stick to one character, but the 3-box is something I decided would be fun for farming, when I just want to chill out and do my own thing, when I can't find a group on my "main", and even for "future-proofing" myself against the population die-offs that typically happen on TLPs around/after certain expansions.
  14. Dilquan Elder

    Stick with that 2 box combo imo.
  15. Ketzerei84 Elder

    You want a relatively easy box, that'll enhance the utility of sk/shm and has the ability to be an ogre?
    Bard. Get the ogre mask from cragbeast queen in GoD.
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  16. p2aa Augur

    If you want to keep the "ogre" theme, your best answer is Ogre Zerker. This way, you have tank / healer / DPS , and your group is set.
  17. Eldrian Augur

    If you are determined to stay with Ogres then wait for berserkers. Do not think of a warrior as DPS especially in the early eras. That and with an SK and a Warr you would face the problems of dividing gear. If you added in an off race class for a third I would say Bard or Ranger. Bard is going to bring in a lot of utility and adps. Rangers can easily be an offtank and also bring in utility and buff lines that stack with shaman buffs.
    Best option, go Iksar SK, Shaman, Monk and rule the world.
  18. SecondStage New Member

    My only fear with Bard is that they have absolutely awful DPS. I understand they add "ADPS", but it just seems like almost anything else would provide better "passive" DPS.

    Plus, with the Shaman, melee stats are going to be essentially capped, making the bard songs somewhat of a waste from that standpoint. My Ogre SK has 233 STR with just strengthen(first Shaman str buff)and siphon strength. That's in Kunark with basic stuff like Kylong armor.

    The Bard just seems like it offers a lot of the same things the Shaman does, minus the whole crowd-control, charm, etc. shenanigans, but that requires a lot of attention that I won't be able to give while also controlling the SK and SHM. Sure, there is the whole mana regen aspect, but there's Canni dancing and the fact that Luclin isn't that far away. KEI makes a lot of the mana regen moot.
  19. Eldrian Augur

    It saddens me that you must have only known awful bards and not know just how inaccurate that statement is.
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  20. SecondStage New Member

    Please explain to me how a class that doesn't even get double-attack until PoP era (and even then it's an AA) is just a product of "bad bards". About the only classes that parse lower than them is Paladins and Clerics on non-undead targets.