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  1. Durbah Lorekeeper

    I am so confused by this AA, I want to buy it to find out what it does but still need a few other defensive AAs, so that being said, can anyone tell me what this AA does? What is at a 90% penalty? It isn't very clear what this thing is intended for or really what it does. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    I am also confused by what "with an 80% penalty" refers to. I reviewed my log from yesterday and here's what I saw (I have rank 6/6):
    • I never once noticed anything in actual combat. Without the logs, I would not have known anything was happening at all.
    • 129 mobs total, 83 minutes of parsed fight time (10 fights in the Talendor group mission, the rest in Skyfire or Gorowyn).
    • Presence of Fear proc'd 29 times, all procs were on trash mobs.
    • I received 10 "Your target is immune ot fear spells" messages from (mostly trash mobs):
    1. The oozes (dark blue) in the Talendor mission
    2. Elkikatar (named Goro mob)
    3. Karzok Scourge (goro trash/ph)
    4. A Krellnakor beastmaster, A guardian chokidai (either or both, goro trash)
    5. A Fereth lord (goro trash, not positive)
    So, from my perspective:
    It is a completely random and unreliable 2 second stun/mez
    that procs VERY rarely
    and only lands on a limited variety of trash mobs
    and has no noticeable effect
    and is completely mana- and hassle-free.

    I would not spend any AAs on it until I had all of my other, more reliable, defensive AAs.

    In its previous form, when it had a true Fear component, I never even considered using it (who wants randomly feared mobs running away from you in the middle of a fight?). Frankly, I think it was probably an experiment that the devs don't know what to do with now :) No reason not to enable it if you have AAs to burn, but I'm sure it was one of the last ones I bought (besides the completely useless AAs like Innate Eminence).
  3. Dzarn Developer

    Descriptions for AA abilities that allow you to trigger spells (proc) on offensive and defensive actions now list the "proc chance modifier" as part of the description. These descriptions take the form of 'grants your Action a chance (Chance Modifier) to trigger Spell, Spell Description.

    Since procs that don't have a 100% chance to trigger are variable on several factors there's not a clean way to currently display how often the effect is going to trigger, so including the Chance Modifier was the best way I had to convey the difference between two ranks of an ability that only increases the proc chance.

    I can see where the confusion comes in because Presence of Fear is the only ability with a reduced chance to trigger (as opposed to most abilities which have an increased chance), Ex:
    Rabid Bear Rank 6
    This ability, when activated, grants your melee attacks a chance (with a 150% bonus) to trigger Feral Bite III...

    Rabid Bear Rank 7
    This ability, when activated, grants your melee attacks a chance (with a 180% bonus) to trigger Feral Bite IV...

    Hopefully that helps clarify the meaning of the parenthetical bonus/penalty listed in AA ability descriptions.
  4. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    Thanks for the info!

    I think the confusion lies in not knowing what the "Base Chance" is. Seeing the "Chance Modifier" in the description is nice, but it seems useless without being able to determine (or know) the base "Chance" that is being modified. Would it be possible to share the formula that determines the proc chance, before the "Chance Modifier" in the description is applied?

    I refined my previous parse to just mobs in Skyfire, where I didn't receive any resist messages, and gathered the following (34 mobs):

    Tanking summary: Total Melee
    | Damage: 15336983
    | Avg hit: 7363
    | Attempts: 3796
    | Riposted: 196/3796 [5.16%]
    | Parried: 225/3600 [6.25%]
    | Dodged: 203/3375 [6.01%]
    | Blocked: 87/3172 [2.74%]
    | Defended: 711/3796 [18.73%]
    | Missed: 631/3085 [20.45%]
    | Hits: 2454/3085 [79.55%]
    | Absorbed: 371/2454 [15.12%]
    | Real Hits: 2083/2454 [84.88%]

    If I want to figure out what the effective chance of this ability activating (on a mob that can be affected), I used the following. Somebody please correct my maths below :)

    Assuming procs only have a chance to occur on hits that aren't defended and that procs will occur on hits that are absorbed:

    17 procs out of 2454 hits = 0.0069 proc rate = 0.69% chance on any hit

    And taking my 80% penalty (rk. 3 AA) into account, the "base chance" would be:

    0.0069 / (1 - 0.8) = 0.0345 = 3.45% base chance

    And with a 90% penalty (lower rank AA?):

    0.0345 * (1 - 0.9) = 0.00345 = 0.35% chance on any hit

    So what factors into that "base chance"? Is it a firm number, or does a toon's dexterity or other stats affect it, and how? :)
  5. Dzarn Developer

    Defensive procs factor in your agility, the attacker's melee speed, and sometimes a level difference, with the theoretical normalization somewhere around 2 procs per minute with a 0% chance modifier.
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  6. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    Thank you, again!
  7. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    Just for posterity and completeness: My agi is 1971/990, with 1552 heroic agi (not record-setting, but higher end). I had about 17.7 minutes of fight time in my parse above, which equates darn close to 1 proc per minute. This seems to indicate that, for my specific toon, the 90% penalty, after normalization, amounts to about a 50% reduction in procs (from the expected 2 proc per minute base).

    I really appreciate your input, Dzarn!
  8. Daedly Augur

    So, theoretically speaking, if i have say 5 mobs hitting me for 1min, only 1 mob is slowed. Does that mean i have different chances of it procing for each mob that should normalize to roughly 2ppm? Which would mean i would actually have the chance to proc it 10 times during that 60 seconds?

    Or does it somehow combine mobs? Maybe its based off the mob i have targetted? Or there is an actual hard cap on its ppm?
  9. Barallron Journeyman

    So what does this AA proc? stuns , fears? Is it beneficial in any way? If it is, how?
  10. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    It appears to be a 1-2 second (depending on rank) mez on fearable mobs that are up to 3 levels higher you.
  11. Riou EQResource

    It's a Stun that checks Fear for immunity rather then Stun immunity
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  12. Password1234 Augur

    Its seems to proc "Your target is immune to fear spells" in your chat window every few minutes.