Since you made riposte worthless, let us turn it off.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Dewey, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. Dewey Augur

    Since now riposte is worthless and it doesn't work, allow us to turn it off. It's super annoying to have to put on non-damage weapons when running through lower level zones. This is the only way to turn off riposte. Even if you remove all weapons you'll still use hand to hand.

    Anyways, now that you've nerfed Riposte to be useless; just let us turn it off. With an ability like /riposte off. This would make it so that we don't have to equip non-damage weapons.

  2. Sancus Augur

    If riposte is worthless, why not delete the skill entirely? Oh, that's right, because it's actually still really powerful in current content.

    /riposte off may have some utility, but extreme hyperbole is unnecessary to support adding such a command.
  3. Laronk Augur

    Well people still riposte 2x% of the time so uhh, You can live without it maybe but it's not worthless to me. It also still does some damage.

    Super annoying to do the non damage weapon? You don't just use a bandolier?
  4. Raccoo Augur

    That would help with the TBL named with the debuff that kills you when you melee them, maybe.
  5. Funk Augur

    In the realm of forum quest I found it to be a fairly mild overreaction.
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  6. Dewey Augur

    You must be a caster to not understand.

    There's nothing worse than running through pulling mobs and then getting summoned. All because you "Riposte"... Since now it wouldn't be as missed if you forgot to turn it back on. For my warrior I would like to turn it off and leave it off all of the time. Mainly because that is who I pull with.

    This is not the first time that this has been mentioned. It's not extreme hyperbole. The thing is before this last patch; riposte being off actually meant something. Now riposte is nothing but an annoying mechanic.

    My real preference at this point from a rogues point of view is to remove all riposte from the game. Then change backstab to not care if one was behind the mob or not. Right now riposte is linked to backstabs. This change hurt rogues bad, and I'd rather just have the ability to turn it off all together now.
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  7. Bigstomp Augur

    I like the idea of being able to turn riposte off.

    Saying it's useless now is just wrong.
    2019-09-19 (day after the change):

    I riposted 18.64% of attacks over approx 250 modern mobs generally tanking with a 2h.
    mostly orcs with the occasional dog or clockwork in GMM static zone.

    A small amount of that probably would have been me popping furious to add some extra dps on a larger pull but not much.
  8. DaciksBB Augur

    What's the difference between having a bandolier with a non-damage primary and a hotkey with /riposte off?

    What does that last paragraph even mean?
  9. Smokezz Augur

    You forgot to add -- Let's get this over with. Your post will go nowhere at all.
  10. Twizt New Member

    So let me get this right, people. Riposte was nerfed because tanks were tanking a lot of mobs so one of you bitched and complained and ruined it for tanks across the board. Tanks dps was derived from riposte, it’s ok though for you to hit for 10 mil on a mob but yet we do 200k max hit with a riposte and you screamed for a nerf. Or to lessen it. At 110 and slaying gods following RPG logic and lore don’t you think that’s fundamentally flawed. Riposte by definition is

    In fencing (a combat sport), a riposte (French for "retort") is an offensive action with the intent of hitting one's opponent, made by the fencer who has just parried an attack.[1] In military usage, a riposte is the strategic device of hitting a vulnerable point of the enemy, thereby forcing him to abandon his own attack.[2]

    Riposte [General, Fighter]

    After deflecting your opponent's blow, you quickly attack while they are over extended.

    In sabre and foil, the priority switches when the parry is successfully executed; the defending fencer now has right of way and may immediately attack with a riposte. The riposte may be direct, or may include compound footwork. If the riposte is delayed, the original attacker's remise gains priority. Riposte is analogous to kaeshi techniques in kendo.


    That even a missed attack can be responded to with a riposte as well as forcing a miss. You guys screwed it up by turning it into a counterattack thereby voiding the definition of riposte.
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  11. Smokezz Augur

    No, that's not why Riposte was changed. Someone explain, so we can get this over with!
  12. menown Augur

    My humble opinion is that the riposte nerf did not go far enough. How on earth does a fighter riposte 2+ fighters in a single second. Obviously swarming abuses riposte with 5-10 pulls or in even lower level zones with 60-80 pulls. The 3 tank classes who are proficient can constantly pull groups of NPCs and top the DPS parse for the group over long durations.

    Just as an example, before the darkness howls changes, my zerker would sustain about 500k DPS when he was not tanking in the group. The same zerker was sustaining over 800k DPS when moloing the mission or tanking it with others. These numbers are a bit more inflated than tank classes, but you get the idea of how much riposte can contribute. Real tank classes can do a far better job at surviving current content, while reaping the benefits of riposte.

    This change to hit/miss-riposte order is well deserved.
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  13. skabe Elder

    deleted original reply ... tired of trying to educate the ignorant.
  14. AcemoneyFV Augur

    Idk why people are crying. I love it and it still works for me. Just because it doesn't work on low level mobs doesn't make it worthless anymore. I seemed to even do okay with it in SoD zones today farming.
  15. Beimeith Augur

    So you're saying that riposte should only roll AFTER you successfully parry, because that's what a riposte really is?
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  16. Dewey Augur

    Rogue dps is nerfed big time. Our backstab only hits once from the front. If it is in the back it can hit multiple times.

    To balance this the devs made it so that rogues can backstab from a reposte. With this change it severely reduces a rogues dps when attacking from the front. Because first we have to make the reposte check and then we have to make the check for the backstab.

    The devs have made many raid mobs where as a rogue can't hit the mob in the back. This nerfs our dps on raids. It also nerfs our dps on moloing mobs.

    Anyways the request is simple.

    Make an option to turn off reposte. I mean this is logical.

    If the devs are claiming that you can't riposte a missed attack. Then they should also understand that one should be able to choose if they riposte at all. Like oh im pulling, if I damage that he'll summon me. How about I don't hit him as I run by so that he can't summon me.

    The nerf hurts as of right now. I know they were going after the tanks, but the nerf hit rogues hard.
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  17. Bigstomp Augur

    You could use your better stats on your weapon without ripostes. Not amazing, but it would be a nice feature.
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  18. DaciksBB Augur

    oh, like if you're no-damage tanking something, you could at least have your primary weapon out instead of the orb from Seb? that is a good point.
    Against raid mobs, you wouldn't be riposting anyway unless a tank died. Turning off your ability to riposte would change nothing in your non-tanking dps, what is your post even trying to say. Most mobs in current content don't fail their accuracy check often anyway.
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  19. Bigstomp Augur

    No comment on the rest of your comment dealing with rogues, (out of my area of knowledge). But I could see it being a useful option for a tank to turn riposte on or off at will.
  20. kyong Elder

    As a rogue who logs in occasionally, infrequently gets a group and enjoys doing my own mission progression, soloing etc. this change just plain sucks.

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