Silver Membership Lost?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by RoeFox, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. RoeFox New Member

    Bear with me here.

    About two months ago I purchased two krono to play with All Access for a little while, quit playing about a week before it ran out, and just recently came back.

    When I came back I apparently had a Silver Membership, which everyone said doesn't exist anymore and I can't find anything else about it that isn't from 5+ years ago, and now I logged on today, tried to resummon a tier 5 merc and couldn't. Because apparently my silver membership is now gone.

    Does anyone else have any idea what the hell is going on with that?
  2. Thomaz New Member

    Silver members do not have access to journeyman mercs. Try buying an apprentice merc.
  3. CatsPaws Augur

    The Silver membership only is no longer available to BUY for the $5 like it used to be. But any old returning account comes back as Silver and if you pay a recent account with a Krono you will come back as Silver. That is how you got it, you paid with Krono.

    Like Thomaz says you can get a tier 5 Apprentice merc but not tier 5 Journeyman merc. You can always tell what you are by looking at the label above your characters on the character select screen.

    It says "All Access" in Gold

    It says "Silver" is in Silver

    And of course "Free" is in green.

    If you ever don't see what you expect then log all the way out and log in again. Sometimes the server hiccups and makes you Silver or Free when your not.

    This is pretty current: scroll down to the end of the page where the chart is
  4. RoeFox New Member

    I know. I didn't have a journeyman I had an apprentice that was tier 5. I never said I had a journeyman. Free accounts cannot have above a tier 2. That's why I couldn't summon it, because I was no longer a silver member which, again, is not supposed to exist anymore, even though I have been the past two weeks. And, when I logged back on today, the Silver member banner was still above my character select. Then it was gone when I camped.
  5. RoeFox New Member

    I know what the banners look like. I am neither blind nor stupid. When I logged on today it was a silver memebership and, yes, I know I can't have a journeyman merc on a silver account. Tier 5 journeyman mercs don't even exist as far as I know.

    I did not have one, I had a tier 5 apprentice and this is neither here nor there.

    On top of that, the wiki article, nor did the store description of krono, say anything about bumping a gold account, that WAS a free account, down to silver
  6. CatsPaws Augur

    Silver does exist. The old way of getting it is what does not exist.

    If you create a free account now and decide to pay for it for a month with a krono, then go away for a while then when you return the account will be Silver. Because you paid for it with a Krono. If you used a CC then when you return it would still be a regular free account.

    "Tier 5 journeyman mercs don't even exist as far as I know." These are called J5 and the best mercs in the game. You can get one only on a paid account. There are two quests, 1 at level 75 and the other at level 85.

    "I did not have one, I had a tier 5 apprentice and this is neither here nor there." It is here and there because only Silver accounts can get an Apprentice 5. Free can only get Apprentice Tiers 1 and 2.

    "On top of that, the wiki article, nor did the store description of krono, say anything about bumping a gold account, that WAS a free account, down to silver" Because it is not 100% for sure that it will happen every time. This has only recently been discovered and it would not be listed on any info for going to Silver since it is not a benefit that EQ lists as one that you get. Its like the doors players used to illusion thru. A nice little bonus for 10 years but was taken away cause too many people didn't want it and considered it a cheat.

    We are trying to help you understand the fluidity of the game. No one was calling you stupid or anything else. There are many many players who never notice those header banners.

    It was a suggestion that if you see your account flopping between Silver and Free then you have a server issue. It is a known bug that usually goes away in a day or so. Or perhaps you need to run your file verification.

    So to answer your post, Yes we know what is going on.
  7. Pudljump New Member

    You came here for help and you have people genuinely trying to help you, yet you sound like a jerk when they're trying to help. If it were me, I'd say you're on your own buddy... Game is better off without the attitudes.
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  8. KermittheFroglok Augur

    What everyone has said about the Silver memberships still existing but not being attainable anymore is true. At this point accounts are either flagged or aren't flagged and there isn't a way to change that.

    I want to point out that Silver status is actually a separate flag from AllAccess subscriber. e.g. I'm an AllAccess member but all of my accounts still have the Silver flag. Your subscription lapsing should not impact the Silver status flag regardless of whether you used cash or Krono to pay.

    To check whether or not your account is still has the Silver flag, use this link:

    The link will show you a list of your account flags/entitlements. The Silver flag shows up on the list shortly after the expansion entitlements as "EverQuest Chat Token (formerly Silver Membership)".

    If you see that flag on your account, it's a Silver account. If you do not see that flag you're not a Silver account. If you see the flag but not seeing the Silver banner in login or losing the benefits in-game there's likely an issue with your install or login process. in which case:

    1) Re-install the client (make sure to backup things like your hotkey & spell set settings)
    2) Stop bypassing the patcher if you're doing that.

    Surprisingly, the issue is generally #2 for most people, but I don't skip the patcher & I've run into the issue myself. The reinstall fixed it in my case, so I suspect that should work for you in the worst case scenario.
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