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    Guild Name: Silent Redemption

    Schedule: While Farming we raid: Sunday :: 6pm EST - 11pm EST (3pm-PST / 8pm PST) Monday - Tuesday (as needed) :: 7:30pm EST -11pm EST (4:30pm PST / 8pm PST). During Beta and Expansion release, our schedule changes slightly. At that point we add days as needed to compete.

    Loot System: Raid participation points (RPP). Points are accrued based on time spent in raid. Items have set costs based on tier and expansion. Last expansion we set up a Decaying points system that has worked excellent for us this year. More info Here or Contact an officer in game to explain it.

    Content: Currently pushing through EoK T2 flagging for T3. We finished TBM First in progression on CT and 9th Server wide. We will be farming TBM and occasionally some older raids to complete quests (Shawl aug, etc..) as needed. Our guild progression history can be tracked Here.

    Recruiting: Currently looking for Solid High Attendance players of the Warrior / Ranger. However, we would never turn down an exceptional applicant. If you feel you are one of those, Contact us anyway! We have a 28 day (4 week) application period. Application requirements can be found Here.

    In-Game Contact: Jumvapace, Maxxbuff, Stell, Syvia, Chalter, Spiffy, Rorcex, Dartaniun or any member with an SR tag.

    Other: Silent Redemption is one of the oldest guilds on the server founded in October 1999 on Brell Serilis. We have raided all the content Sony has had to offer up through Tier 2 of EoK.
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    It's clobbering time!
  3. Bemia New Member

    I updated the information since I forgot to put our app period is 28 days (4 weeks).
  4. Bemia New Member

    Updated for current needs
  5. Maxxbuff1 Elder

    EoK T1-T3 on farm status. Could use a few classes: Warriors, Beastlord, and Necromancers.

    As always, any exceptional players.